10 Unique and Cheap Smartphone Gadgets to Buy

You can buy many things from internet these days. But lets take a look at some incredible gadgets to buy for smartphones.

1. Monocular Telescope

Kicking things off with the smartphone telescope which has a magnification far more powerful than any standard smartphone telephoto lens. What we’re talking about here is the ability to get 40 times closer to objects. And whilst this isn’t the most intuitive bit of kit to use. It’s a little bit fiddly there’s a little bit of setup involved and it doesn’t fill the whole phone’s display. Nonetheless it is an incredibly impressive effect that you’ve no doubt not been able to achieve thus far with any other smartphone gadget.

2. SEAWAG Universal Waterproof Case 

The see wag which allows your phone to become completely fully immersive in water up to 25 meters. So really this is a glorified plastic bag but a gives you peace of mind. And peace of mind comes from the straps at the top. Which when they’re locked into its place. Completely air lock the bag so no water can get into.

Your touch screen is completely usable while it’s in the bag. And because of the high transparency of the plastic you get some really clear footage. Much better than you’d spent an equivalent amount of money on some cheap disposable waterproof camera.

3. Smartphone Umbrella

The smartphone umbrella, to which you might be thinking. Wait for a second what is this genius design bit of handiwork? So from the outside, it looks like any other standard high-quality umbrella. You’ve got two layers of material to help it last for longer. You’ve got a painted interior, it even actually opens in reverse which is cool. But the crux of it is this handle which allows you to use the umbrella while still keeping both hands-free. Which you guessed it means you can still use your smartphone. This is a real 21st-century product.

4. AR Gun

The augmented reality gun which ended up being quite a bit cheaper than I was expecting. It’s not the most polished or necessarily the most well rounded product. But there’s definitely some fun to be had. There’s a proprietary application which has quite a few different built-in games. Nothing too deep, nothing you can really get your teeth sunk into. But it’s quite a nice novelty and the hardware itself is nice. Its strong plastic construction feels good in the hand.

5. Karaoke Mic

The unusual side of the products in this review. This is the karaoke mic there’s a set of earphones which admittedly are the best. And even for $10 you can get better sound quality. But you get this condenser microphone which you’ve been raised to your mouth. When you’re trying to talk to someone to get much clearer audio quality. It’s better than its diminutive size would suggest. And because of its plug-and-play nature. That means that when you get the product you can just plug it in your smartphone. And you’re good to go no extra software or faff required.

6. Smart Wallet

Okay, there is a certain kind of person who is gonna want to tech out every single aspect of their life. I’m one of those people so you can imagine when I found a smart wallet that can be tracked by a gps across the globe. That has a built-in buzzer which you can activate remotely from your phone. I was pretty happy and just generally as a wallet I think it’s pretty nice to look at. It’s got a slick slim interior and a faux leather finish.

7. Headphone Stand

Headphone stand which does not sound like the most interesting item. But there is a twist so you’ve got your desk. This headphone stand has one side with adhesive on it. Which allows you to stick it to the underside of your desk. But the thing I’d say really makes this product are the cable routing stickers that come with it. Which also use adhesive to stick to the underside of your desk. And they keep the cable needs you can thread the cable through them. And it won’t hang down at all and it has the three port charging station on the front.

8. Phone Holder

I promise this phone holder is a little more interesting than it looks. As opposed it almost has to be it looks like a folding piece of plastic. But it does solve a very real problem where your socket is placed too high up your wall. And anything you plug into it literally is hanging in the balance. So you grab this phone holder and you actually fit it around your phone charger on the wall. And by giving your device a tray to rest on.

9. Screen Cleaning Ball

When I was digging around on the internet a couple of weeks ago. I think I found a pretty great alternative to a screen cleaning cloth. This pack of three cleaning balls is not something I’ve ever seen anyone use out in the wild. But it is a viable alternative each ball has two sides one of them being microfiber. Which used to remove stubborn marks and the other being a terry cloth. Which you use to remove dust fingerprints and smudges.

One of the balls comes with a keyring attachment which is nice and there’s nothing more to say apart from the fact that it leaves your screen lighting in the light.

10. Spider Stand

This is my favorite this is a gigantic almost intimidating looking stand over here. But with its clever rotating holder, it can hold all manner of devices. Your phone, your tablet, even an e-reader if you wanted to. And because the legs are so far apart and so stable it means that you can use it in challenging situations. Such as when you’re in bed or when you’re shuffling around on a sofa it’ll hold itself in place.