Amazon Fire Tablet (2019): How Good It is Considering Its Price?

I’m here with Amazon’s all-new fire seven tablets fresh for 2019. it’s the ninth generation.This is just $50 so it’s the cheapest Amazon fire tablet and indeed one of the cheapest tablets out there right now.


It’s all pretty straightforward in box you do, of course, get the tablet itself there and a three-pin plug and the micro usb charging cable as well. It is still micro usb unfortunately rather than the reversible type c.

This new ninth generation model basically doubles the storage up to 32 gigabyte. It’s got a faster processor in it and also comes in a range of new colors as well. So that’s what’s changed for the 9th generation fire hd 7 compared with previous tablets.


The first of the actual design of the tablet hasn’t changed much beyond that the fresh new color palettes. It’s quite chunky monkey still reasonably light that sort of three hundred gram thing. I hand it to a kid even like a three-year-old/four-year-old and they’ll be able to just like sit there with it all day no worries at all.

It got a plastic shell of course as you’d expect for a $50 device nor you know metal sheet or premium design or anything like that. But you know what? It looks and feels quite nice it’s definitely compact enough to hold in one hand. So despite the pretty chunky bezels surrounding that display.

Fire UI

You’re gonna want to have an amazon account and preferably a prime account as well to get the most out of your fire tablet.

Into your fire 7 ui and they changed up much from the user interface on previous amazon tablets

On your home screen you’ve got fast access to basically the stuff that you use the most it’s fully customizable. So you can ditch any apps that you don’t use swap them around and everything.

As you start to use the tablet any apps and books and things like that will appear there on the very front.

You got fast access to games on amazon’s own app store. It doesn’t use the google play store it uses amazon’s own. But it is well stocked because of course amazon it’s a pretty big deal these days.


Now that seven-inch display isn’t exactly huge for a tablet. So the nothing compared with the ipad pros of the world things like that. This ips screen has a 1024 by 600 pixel resolution so it’s not high definition. You can get fire hd tablet but it will cost you a bit more and it is pretty basic to be perfectly honest with you.

However if you want to for instance really graphic novel or something like that that’s when you’ll really start to notice that those visuals are quite sort of low res. The pictures don’t have that gorgeous crispness that you will do if you, for instance, plump up for the fire hd tablets instead.


As far as the audio goes it’s a single mono speaker down on the bottom edge. It’s reasonably sort of loud. The clarity is absolutely fine again it will do the job if you’re just gonna be just watching a tv show something basic on this thing no problem whatsoever.

And at least because it is mounted on the bottom rather than on the sides. If you are going to be watching videos and things like that on public transport hour in there in general public transport. I would of course recommend connects and headphones.

You do thankfully get a headphone port here on the fire seven tablet and full bluetooth support as well. Because one of my primary beefs with the amazon fire tablets sitting down and the more budget end of the range.


The performance is usually very stilted,very stuttery which just makes the whole thing that’s not very pleasurable.

So as far the fire seven ninth-generation 2019 edition seems absolutely finally has got a faster processor than before and there haven’t got specifics on the exact chipset but I’m guessing it’s a mediatek it’s a quad-core 1.3 gigahertz. You do still just get the one gig of ram in there.


I have the basic 16 gigabyte model of the new fire 7 table but you can now pick it up with 32 gigs of storage as well which I would definitely recommend. If you’re going to be download a lot of netflix things like that to enjoy on the goal. Though thankfully you do still get micro sd memory card support and that gives you up to 512 gigs of extra storage if you can actually afford.


To be honest, if you’re going to be streaming video things like that you’d probably expect no more than about five to six hours of use. And it does take quite a long time to charge back up again as well.

Alexa Support

The fire seven comes with full alexa support. All you need to do is say alexa and then like an obedient slave the fire seven will listen to your commands and basically perform whatever you ask of it be it just like gather some information online or whatever I’m not really entirely sure what a lecturer is doing on the likes of.

To be honest because obviously your primary interaction with this sort of thing is via the screen it’s perfect for the likes of the amazon echo speakers things like that works really nicely but yeah for the tablets and stuff I don’t really see what the point.


If you are looking for something to entertain you for a long plane journey. Some sort of epic trip and then again the fire 7 might not perfectly suit you.

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