Nikon Coolpix P900 Review: The Zoom King

We can’t release one of the most insane built in zooming cameras for the average consumer. The Coolpix p900 feature is the ability to zoom in 83 times it makes. It equivalent to a 24 to 2,000 millimeter telephoto lens and it’s only priced at 599 dollars.

Now this review is for the average consumer looking for a good camera to take on their family trips or vacations. So we won’t be going too deep into the jargon but letting me the viewer.

General Information

The physical build it weighs in at about 2 pounds which went held. It does have some weight to it but comparing to the Canon t5i or a Nikon d3100. This coolpix is just slightly heavier due to the huge lens inside it’s really not too bad but grabbing this has been great though as it does offer a very deep and contoured grip not to mention very sticky contact surfaces. Now on top you have of course your a trigger button with zooming in and out slotting either way now slightly below that is your mode selection like auto aperture and shutter priority. Now to the right is your scroll wheel for going through your menu options and use to adjust your settings. Now going to the back of the camera you have your LCD display to turn on and off display options and the video record button.

Now below that are your very standard features that you basically see on most cameras today. Now one thing we wanted to talk about is the electronic viewfinder. When the camera is on and you have your LCDs foothold out and facing you now if it’s too bright outside or if you want to see where you’re aiming at a little bit better you look into the viewfinder and it turns the external LCD off automatically and basically the viewfinder on but looking through the electronic viewfinder it’s not optical the real-time image in the viewfinder is lacking because it’s digitally processed. Now some details of the image is lost and the colors are a bit washed out it’s not a deal-breaker but we felt somewhat of a downgrade going from looking at the LCD and then into the viewfinder itself.


Moving on here indeed the LCD can swivel out it’s perfect for aligning the camera for a group photo or getting in frame basically and having the camera timer essentially go off. The LCD is not a touchscreen and it does offer a plastic-like feel that flexes ever so slightly nonetheless the screen still performs as it should and serves its purpose.

Now going to the right side here you have not a many but a micro HDMI port for connecting this to your TV and above that is a micro USB port for exchanging data and files but even better it’s also used for charging your camera’s battery. No special proprietary cords or charging docks needed but still.

It also has a NFC sensor it’s abbreviated for near-field communication. Now if you have a smart phone with NFC capabilities you basically just download the app and then afterwards you just tap on this side of the camera and this will create a wireless link between the two devices. Basically creates the ability for you to beam your selected photos from the camera and set it directly to your smart phone and it’s ideal for those who wants to basically upload their photos to Twitter Instagram or Facebook etc and it’s ideal for those who basically don’t have a good camera on their smart phones themselves but the connection is fast since it’s over Wi-Fi and we didn’t encounter any issues with syncing data as long as both devices are in the same house obviously or in the same area and on the same network.

Now looking at the very bottom very underrated here but very important is a tripod mount and then to the right hold your battery and full-size SD card slot.

Camera Lens

Talking about the lens here on the line of Quebec’s cameras there is not a manual or focus ring on the barrel of the lens to zoom in there’s a lever on the side though or you can use the one near the trigger button as mentioned earlier and although again there’s no focus ring you still do have manual focus though but it’s basically inside the menu options at the guitar go through the settings. Now you have to be in another mode besides auto and then when you press down on the directional button you select MF instead of AF basically for manual focus and autofocus respectively.

There you can spin the dial and basically change the depth of where you want to focus but We’ll mitt this method is cumbersome and it’s there if you need it but I think this camera is really geared towards the average consumer who won’t be using manual focus for these kind of shots. If you aren’t looking for this specific control another DSLR would be a little bit more ideal for you but overall the Coolpix p900 feels well put together and durable despite some areas where you can tell Nikon went with a lower-cost material but more importantly here how are the photos.

Sample Shots

We’ll start with the main selling feature the ability to basically zoom in.

Here’s an overall picture looking at a construction site. There’s two guys here that We’ll eventually zoom upon again at yellow construction vest and the other is on the roof in a orange vest.

Now here’s the first photo and it’s crazy. How close this thing gets and keep in mind this is all optical not digital zoom which would have degraded the picture a bit here.

Now here’s the second photo and this time on to the construction worker on the roof. Now this is pretty impressive again for a six hundred dollar camera. Now keep in mind if you’re thinking of buying this be sure to have a tripod. Now if you’re zoomed in this close and then holding it with just your bare hands its ultra sensitive and the image will basically shake everywhere you’ll need something to keep this camera stable.

Should buy this camera?

Now for non super zoomed in photos if you do have somewhat shaky hands the image stabilization helps tremendously and keeping the image where you want it to basically snap your photo but at the end of the day you are paying a bit more in the coolpix line for that zooming feature and as you’ve seen in the photos and the samples you can see it does very well it’s the main selling feature of the P 900. So hope this review helped you in some way.

Of course yes, you should buy this camera, You are getting awesome features in just $600.