Reviewing DJI Mavic Air: The Drone to Buy in 2019?

This is the Mavic Air, the newest addition to the DJI family, and another great leap forward for the industry. The Mavic Air takes cues from all of DJI’s landmark drones of the past and yields something unique and new in the process. From the sleek chassis to the incredible technology inside it, it’s a work of art that produces works of art.

Unboxing content

Inside the Flamel combo there is a lot of stuff included you’ve got two extra batteries two different cases propeller guards are charging hub and even a USB battery bank adaptor they’ve really left nothing out here with the fly more combo you get this convenient little shoulder bag which fits the drone itself up to three extra batteries charges and the controller and has additional pocket the outside for SD cards and cables believe it or not it’s actually easier to transport the Malek air than it was to transport the spark thanks to the way that it folds down and how everything fits in this one shoulder bag it’s absolutely insane.


The Mavic Air’s optimal flight performance means more time in the air to get all those incredible shots. With 21 minutes of total flight time, 4 km of transmission distance, and a max speed of 19 m/s, you can go farther, faster. The Mavic Air’s striking industrial design is the perfect union of form and function. And even with its compact size, Mavic Air remains stable in unfavorably windy conditions and at higher land elevations, something that was once only possible with larger, more expensive drones.

The Mavic Air is easier than ever to fly. The new APAS system allows the Mavic Air to detect obstructions in real time and fly around them without stopping. Multiple environment-sensing cameras ensure the safety of Mavic Air while flying. With front and back obstacle avoidance sensors, the Mavic Air sees more obstructions faster.

ActiveTrack now allows multiple object detection, which means more flexibility for object tracking. QuickShot modes like Asteroid and Boomerang get you professional camera moves automatically. The controller is as sleek and compact as the Mavic Air itself. Removable sticks stow right inside for an ultra-low profile.


It is incredibly compact so you can take it everywhere. It’s exceptionally light, making it nimble in the air without sacrificing stability. The Mavic Air’s powerful camera is housed inside a compact, 3-axis gimbal system and is the only drone of its size to have one.

Capture slow-motion in full HD at 120 frames per second, and take still photos at 12 megapixels with low latency. The new and improved Panorama mode captures stunning 360° photos at push of a button.