Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones Review: The King Of Noise Canceling

For years Bose’s made the best noise canceling headphones on the market. But then in 2016 Sony came along with the 1000 x-series and suddenly Bose’s position was a lot less certain.

The Sony 1000 X and 3 are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market now 330 pounds will buy you some very competent alternatives such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 Mach 2 or The Bowers & Wilkins px but neither of those offer the Sony’s all-round appeal the 1000 X and threes noise cancelling performance sound quality and Features lists are an unbeatable combination now They’re not a huge departure from the 1000 XM – from 2017 but they happen a huge number of small tweaks all of which add up for a Significant upgrade


They’re quite familiar. They’re not all that different from the original one That’s an X or the 1000 X and 2 from 2017. That’s not a bad thing because we have always found the design to be Somewhere between elegant and ergonomic they’re very nice They’re certainly more stylish than the Bose QuietComfort 35, although they’re not quite as nice as the Bowers & Wilkins px

Let’s talk about the new stuff and the most obvious addition is the coloring in around the logo and The noise cancelling microphones the black version has bronze accents. And while the sober version uses brass highlights There’s a new headband which bends more acutely and is less of a circle which means that there’s less of a gap between the headband and your head you don’t get that Mickey Mouse effect where the headbands kind of form a big circle or on your head The padding is thicker and make up for a bigger surface area. And also there’s more room in there for your ears so these are definitely unarguably over ear headphones They’re also 20 grams lighter than 4 which takes them a lot closer to the Bose QuietComfort 35 s the Bose are still a little lighter, but They’re close


The chassis is still primarily plastic which isn’t as nice as the aluminum and ballistic nylon on The Bowers and Wilkins px or the aluminum and leather used on this in hyzer momentum Wireless But those two are heavier than the Sony’s and for what they’re worth The Sony’s have a new quieter and smoother hinge as well as more solid buttons the one change I’m not so sure about is the plastic on the back of the ear cups. Now the 1000 X m2 from last year had a tougher more textured back This time it’s a sort of soft touch slightly rubbery feel which is more delicate now. Sony tells me that’s to make the operation sounds More quiet so you won’t hear yourself tapping on on the ear cups But I’m worried that they’ll get scratched up quite easily


So if you intend on throwing these into your bag for travel use the case the battery system has been upgraded Gone is the old MicroUSB system for charging and replaced with the new USBC standard That’s great. If you’re the owner of one of the new Android smartphones because you could basically use the same charging cable There’s a new improved fast charge feature So if you plug them in for 10 minutes, you can get 5 hours of playing time. Total battery life hasn’t improved But that’s fine because 30 hours is more than enough. And actually that’s 10 hours more than the competition. We think that bows and the Bowers & Wilkins offer around 20 hours.

The touchpad is more responsive than ever, which is great because it’s very useful you Tap on it to pause or play you swipe forward and back to change tracks you swipe up and down to change volume You hold your whole palm over it to meet the music and let in the world, which is very useful for Hearing train announcements or hearing the flight attendants serving. You drinks. Make sure you download Sony’s headphones connect app which is very useful. It’s very clever what it does is it uses the motion sensors in your phone to work out what you’re doing and then it’ll tell the headphones the appropriate level of noise canceling so it will know if you’re sitting still or Walking or running for the bus or if you’re sitting on a plane I’ve set the walking option to 50% noise cancelling which gives me some situational awareness Walking around town and it means I don’t get run over crossing the road.

Noise Canceling

The most significant addition is the new qn1 Processor which boasts a massive upgrade in noise cancelling and music by performance Once canceling headphones tend to work best with low concert sounds such as offers air-conditioning Or the engine of a plane It tends to work less well on transient higher frequency sounds such as voices or the clattering of a keyboard that’s where these headphones come in because the qn1 chip is supposed to be four times more powerful than the predecessor and It’s supposed to be a lot more effective at handling in the mid to high frequencies the qn1 chip really does this job because the noise cancelling on these headphones is Eerily effective. The noise canceling performance on these headphones is simply unparalleled There’s nothing on the market that can perform this well at shutting the world out

Audio performance

Audio performance has also been improved. Thanks to the qn1 chips new analog amplifier which cuts down on noise and distortion Last year’s 1000 xm2 were known for a slightly flabby base But the 1000x entries have fixed that what you get is a tighter more engaging performance It’s a really entertaining sound and the only thing we have to complain about is kind of a nitpick we would say the boughs and wilkins PX offer slightly more detail at the top end but they’re also kind of mid-range Focused and we think the Sony’s here offer a more rounded sound.

Should buy or not?

To sum up the Sony 1000x and three offered the best noise canceling performance on the market. The sound fantastic The features list is comprehensive and they’re a bit more responsive than before for 330 pounds.

Yes, they are expensive but if you can afford them then you should buy them.