Vizio SB3621 Review: Best Budget Sound bar of All Time

Now when you’re trying to decide which sound bar to get there are so many options on the market and it can become a little overwhelming deciding which one to pick in which one is right for you but the Vizio definitely does stand out and it’s very unique in our opinion but is it the best budget soundbar. Let’s find out.

Sound bar

So first up we are gonna talk about the design starting from the side it has a silver plate which has a really clean finished look in our opinion and then from there it’s mainly fabric all around the soundbar and it definitely doesn’t come off as a cheap look to it or anything and definitely maintains a very high-quality look and looks like a very premium sound bar and right in the middle we have the power button the different modes Bluetooth connectivity and the volume controls you know but overall I’d say this is a very sleek looking and sound bar and looks really nice.

Sub woofer

As far as the subwoofer goes it has a really clean finished silver plate as well. It looks very sharp and then down at the bottom there’s a power plug in the pairing and also the on and off button. On this side as well as the top it’s all black and whenever we come to the back again it has a really clean finished silver plate and definitely looks very very sharp with the V logo in the middle and definitely comes off as a really high-quality subwoofer. As far as the inputs on the back up in the left hand side we have the aux cable and then the USB right below it which supports high-quality wav files and then on the right here we have the power input. Lastly on this side of the sandbar we have the digital input as well as the optical input.

Remote functions

Tthe remote with all the buttons it has a little screen on the top which is really nice because for example if you want to switch inputs you can press this button and go from aux to digital and all your other options and then right next to it is the menu button and when you press it you can adjust things like the bass and treble for the sound bar as well as the bass level for the subwoofer and things like the EQ for music to movie and you have a couple of other options also.

Audio performance

Let’s talk about the sound. It produces such great clarity with a lot of details in the mids and highs and has a really tight punchy base a little bit on the leaner side but that’s where the subwoofer kicks in and it does such a great job the bass sounds really tight and organized and I wouldn’t say it’s too bass heavy or it’s too little it’s right there in the middle.

Should you buy it or not?

There’s really not much to complain because for 120 dollars you’re getting such a high quality setup and it really sounds like a $250 sound bar because it produces great sound and very very enjoyable. We would say if you’re trying to upgrade from your TV speakers or your computer speakers and you want great sound spreading around the room and bringing the room to life then this would be an absolutely incredible option and definitely the price of performance is great but if you want to upgrade and you’re not on a budget and you want a very wide surround sound especially if you have a really large room then you might want to consider a different sound bar but we do want to mention those are going to cost anywhere from five to six hundred dollars or even higher so that’s why this sound bar does such a great job when it comes to price of performance and for 120 dollars you’re getting great sound and a really high quality setup.