Hp Omen 15: Is That the Best That You Can Get at $1200?

Meet the hp omen 15 and you’re getting one heck of a better machine in nearly every single aspect so let’s start this.

Overview and Build

Inside we have the i7 9750h, the RTX2060. We have 16 gigabytes of Samsungmemory running a dual-channel 2666. For storage, we have the Samsung NVMe 512 gigabytes. There’s also an empty two and a half inch storage. So feel free to fill that as you see fit. The network interface card is the new wi-fi 6 it is the ax 200. The battery is a 70-watt-hour unit expect anywhere between three and a half to five hours unplugged and the power supply is 200 watts.

The laptop weighs in at around 5.3 pounds and the overall build quality is mostly plastic with an
Aluminum deck


Now the reason for the shorter runtime with a 70-watt hour battery is simple. This laptop does not feature Nvidia Optimus so it is always running on the dedicated GPU. From a performance standpoint and from a usability standpoint that means you can treat this as an actual desktop. You’re gonna have a lot more options in the Nvidia control panel. You will have a very nice gaming experience with this as well as being able to enable fast sync. Except for the improved battery life with Optimus.

Input and Output

The I/o on the left-hand side has a USB 3.1, separate headphone and mic. The card reader okay not the fastest but at least the card will insert itself to the slot. Makes putting this in and out of a laptop bag nice and convenient and it will not snag.

The rear features a LAN port, a USB 3.1, an HDMI, a mini DisplayPort, and a four-lane thunderbolt 3. And of course.

On the right-hand side are a single a USB 3.1 and a power port.

Keyboard Deck

The touchpad is small. Its Synaptics drivers and is plastic but it does have well-dedicated buttons.

The keyboard has an easy-to-use layout with a number pad. The deck, of course, is aluminum and the keyboard temperatures during the heaviest loads are between 40 and 50 degrees celsius.


Now the display here is a full HD ips panel by LG. It’s the same display used in many laptops including the aero 15. One of the nicer 144-hertz panels put in 15-inch laptops. Now, this panel has not been certified for Nvidia g-sync. So you should not expect that on a laptop like this. But all of these displays featuring this exact part number usually have brightness between 300 and 310 nits. At 98% standard RGB and usually right around 74% adobe RGB this is a very pleasant panel. But it does not come factory calibrated.


720p webcam and microphone located at the top of the bezel. It’ll do the job for skype, not anything extravagant.

Omen Command Center

The omen command center will monitor system vitals. Allow for some network boosting capabilities.

In RGB lighting where you have three zones, a separate zone for the WASD keys. You have your performance control center here as well as offering comfort, default, and performance.

The default and performance settings changed the way the CPU and GPU behave as far as wattage goes. And it also changes the acoustics of the laptop.

FPS and Thermals

Running battlefield 5, you’re gonna see CPU temperatures easily into the 90s. The GPU will max at 78 degrees celsius. And because we’re hitting a little bit of thermal throttling at this point. You’re gonna see the frequency average around 3.2 with wattage right around the mid-40s.

Now in apex legends, we’re gonna demonstrate the performance difference in default mode versus performance mode. It’s only worth about 5 maybe 10 percent at best.

Apex legends, in performance mode averaging around 80 fps. Overall this is a pretty strong performance for 2060. It’s in line with most 2060 laptops out there.

Far cry 5, the difference between defaults and performance mode once again right around 5 frames per second. With performance mode usually yielding around 90 fps average on high settings with the HD texture pack installed.

Rage 2, default versus performance again only worth about 5 fps the per frame.

Laptop benchmarking using cinebench 20 we’re scoring over 3,000 points and the stock fire strike score of around 14800 with a 16100 physics score. But when we run this in performance mode that’s gonna take a bump up to 15600 and 16500 on the physics.

So with a little bit of performance and thermal tuning. You can get better thermal performance out of this machine.

Fans Acoustic

In idle it’s around 32 DB maybe one or two decibels louder than some of the best examples out there. Expect you always hear just a slight little woosh sound from the fans regardless of what setting you have in your omen command center.

The average gaming acoustics however in default mode is right around 43 to 45 DB, pretty much
Class-leading at this point. In the maximum decibels, underperformance mode was between 47 and 48 decibels. Again absolutely matching the best class-leading laptops out there.


This is a great laptop but not because it has the latest parts inside including the RTX, not because it has a gorgeous 144-hertz display. Not because it offers a reasonably well-equipped storage solution without compromising the battery. Not because it’s doing without Optimus which is something I’m a fan of, not because it has the wi-fi 6 or a thunderbolt 3 port. It’s because of all of those things for $1200.