Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+: Top 5 Best and Worst Things

Welcome back to the five best and five worst series. S10 is considered by most to be the best smartphone you can buy. Yet there are still a few shortfalls you should know about even some of them are nitpicks.

By the way, I wanted to focus on the best model Samsung has to offer. So most of these results are based on the galaxy s 10 plus. But most of the things on this list will apply to the regular as 10 models as well.



I like to start it off on a positive note. So the first best feature about the s10 plus is the battery life. You can’t go wrong with a massive 4100 mah battery capacity. You’re bound to get an amazing screen on times and the s 10 plus is no exception. Even with that gigantic quad HD display, I was getting around 5 to 6 hours. I know in 2019 those numbers by themselves may not seem that impressive.

But I’m a really heavy user to put in perspective. I constantly use around 5 to 6 gigabytes of ram so I never close any of my background apps. I also have wi-fi or mobile data always on, plus Bluetooth, location and the always-on display enabled at all times. Along with the screen brightness set to near max with all that in mind considering how powerful the hardware is and how many pixels this display drives.

The battery on this device is well.

The Screen

This next best feature shouldn’t be a shocker, the screen is the best on the market. The regular s10 has a 6.2-inch display. While the bigger brother has a 6.4-inch display. It’s quad HD OLED, a better screen to body ratio than the note 9 and s9 plus. It comes with hdr 10 plus and now has gorilla glass 6. How’s that for cutting edge technology besides the hole-punch camera cutout. It’s incredibly close to being a bezel-less at the display. I’m completely in love with consuming content on this huge screen. Since the colors are so natural and not as saturated when compared to some of its predecessors. It can also get extremely bright or dim without totally crushing the blacks. And viewing angles are incredible.


Samsung also jumped on the bandwagon of including more than just two cameras on the back and one on the front. It’s now has three rear sensors and two selfie shooters if you get the s10 plus.

Around the back there’s a standard wide-angle camera for your regular shots and ultra wide lens for landscape or scenery and the familiar telephoto lens for close-ups. All three of these cameras perform amazingly with good lighting. Colors are vibrant and vivid. Details are sharp and clear and saturation is well balanced. It does have a tendency to make certain shots look brighter than they actually are by over exposing a bit. And contrast does look boost it into the post-processing but at this point, I’m just nitpicking.


Speaking of video this thing is a beast. You can shoot in up to 4k at 60fps with the main camera or 4k at 30fps with the ultra wider telephoto plus the audio it records is very clear and sounds.

One UI

The fourth best feature is the software that Samsung calls one UI and it’s running Android 9.0. First off props of Samsung for thinking outside the box. And making the entire interface easy to use with just one hand. When holding this massive device my thumb can barely reach two-thirds of the screen. But on one UI that’s not a problem. Since most of their stock apps and menus have been dropped down towards the bottom.

On top of that this is one of the first few android skins to support system-wide dark theming with a true black background to take full advantage of that power efficient AMOLED display. So thanks to night mode I’m saving a lot more battery.

I also enjoyed that they followed the recent trend of including a gesture style navigation system. And the one they provided is amazing. Samsung calls it full-screen gestures and all they did was replace the regular back, home, and recents buttons. With three bars that you can swipe up on, they all do the same actions as before just in much less space.

The Bigsby routines is a very useful feature that lets you customize your phone’s behavior. Based on where you are, what time it is, how much battery you have, and more. If you download a Samsung app called good luck 2019 in the galaxy store. You can customize the crap out of the system UI

Samsung nailed the software this year and I would even crown it as the most feature-packed.


The performance is incredible. That seven-nanometer snapdragon 855 chipset does wonders. Even on an aggressive animation, a heavy interface like Samsung’s one UI navigating throughout this interface as fast. Both application loading and resume time are snappy. And animations and transitions are buttery smooth. If you like to game, the s10 is the way to go. It is packed with the Adreno 640 GPU, the most powerful graphics chipset Qualcomm has to offer.

In other words, nothing about this phone is slow. I’ve never experienced a hiccup or any sort of lag. But that’s not to say, that can change in the long run we’ll have to wait and see for now.


Worst features about the galaxy s10. Just a heads up some of these complaints could be seen as nitpicks. They are undesirable features but nothing that ruins the phone, in my opinion.

Fingerprint Sensor

Now don’t get me wrong, the scanner on this device recognizes my finger well. But the performance just isn’t there yet. I’d say the unlock and speed is just as fast as the fingerprint sensor found the first generation google pixel or galaxy s7 and those are two-year-old devices. But there’s room for improvement with the technology being relatively new, I wouldn’t even blame samsung for being so slow. They are pushing in the right direction because I do think in-display fingerprint sensors are the future. And I do love that I can unlock the phone even when the screen is turned off, unlike the oneplus 6t. But this needs to get faster in the next release considering how expensive these flagships are.


With the s 10 being a month old, there’s been a good amount of people saying that their signal strength hasn’t been good. Now those affected are mostly customers of t-mobile, at&t, and sprint but it also seems to be a combination of the frequency you’re connected to the location and going caseless.

Personally, I haven’t experienced this issue to quite the extreme that some users are reporting. But in my testing while going caseless, merely holding the phone in a certain way will make the signal strength drops significantly. That’s something I haven’t experienced on any recent Android device.

Low Light Camera

On low light performance for any of the cameras on the s10 is not that great. Sure the shots you’ll get at night aren’t terrible but it does feel like a step down for some of the top competitors like the Pixel 3, iPhone xs or even the mate 20 pro.

For starters, for whatever reason, the camera tries to overexpose the most of my shots at night. Highlights get blown out easily, details are grainy, exposures are sometimes too long. And sometimes photos get over smooth and to the point where some of the objects in the picture look like a painting.

Software Updates

The next worst thing about the s 10 is likely to be something that Samsung has been struggling with for years. And that is consistent software updates. It took Samsung 7 months to finally officially update the galaxy s 9 to android pie, 2 months before the first android q got released.

Sure they went above and beyond with one UI but it’s still something to consider. If you get an s10 you’re most likely not going to get android q until every other OEM already has it.


Lastly, I wanted to talk about the price since it’s probably the biggest reason why most people won’t be choosing to get this device early on. The starting price for the regular galaxy s 10 is $900. While the galaxy s 10 plus is $1,000. Yikes, the price tag is much more justifiable for someone who has a two-year-old smartphone and wants something juicy to stick their teeth into.

But it’s not going to be attractive if you’re rocking a galaxy s 9, one plus 6t, or any other top-tier flagship in 2018. Since most of those phones were already pretty expensive. Well except the one plus 6t.