Xiaomi A3: Should You Ignore This Phone or Not?

Today we have xiaomi a3. It is the successor of  a1 and a2 by xiaomi. Which were good value for money. Let’s see if this is also a good value for money.

The a1 and a2 were two of the best selling android phones in its time. And there were 3 things that people loved about the mi a series.

Number one amazing flagship-like cameras. Number two android one software. And the number three very good pricing. And when I saw the pricing on this thing and of course the specs. I was simply blown away. This is one of the more exciting unboxing reviews I will ever do.

Overview and Build

The phone has an android one and is four gigs of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. The specs snapdragon 665. 4030 mah battery first time a mi a series phone getting a huge battery. And don’t forget it has an AMOLED display. The most noticeable specs right here is that snapdragon 665 processor. For some, they say that processor is not very powerful but yeah I’m gonna tell you right now that processor is super powerful.

You only get a 10-watt charger and of course a USB type-c cable and that’s pretty much it. At the back, you have that glossy steel grey reflective finish.

Now the xiaomi me a free has 3 colors. The grey, the most simple design. The blue color which is a lot cooler it has that rainbow aura effect. And of course the pearl white.

Now the back is gorilla glass 5 that is top-notch durability. But the thing is the frame is not metal, it’s only plastic.

At the bottom, you get a microphone input, a USB type-c port, and a speaker grille. At the top, you get another microphone, the headphone jack, and their blaster. On the right side, you get the power buttons and the volume rockers. And on the left side, you get the sim-tray. It’s got one dedicated nano slot and a hybrid micro sd card for expandable storage.


The phone is pretty small I was surprised when they put out this kind of size. This is the smallest phone they put out this year. Every other phone they put out this year we’re like six point three, six-point four, well this is only a six inch phone. The feeling of having a small phone on my hand is pretty nostalgic.

I could easily reach the other side. So it’s great for one-handed operations that feels so good. I don’t know I just missed the whole small phone thing it’s something very rare these days.


At the back, it has a 48-megapixel triple camera setup accompanied by an ultra-wide-angle lens. And of course a bokeh lens. It does not have a telephoto lens by the way. You got an led flash.

As expected the xiaomi mi a3 delivers the photos I got from a3’s 48-megapixel camera is just phenomenal. It is using a flagship sensor the same one as the xiaomi mi 9 and the k20 pro.

With mi a3 cameras, you are gonna be able to get some sharp, really detailed looking photos. The main take here is that it’s able to bring flagship-like pictures on a mid-range priced smartphone. Now the thing that I like most about xiaomi cameras is that the colors are very natural.

Now coming into selfies, 32 megapixels selfie camera and yeah it’s pretty good, it’s very sharp. For the pro modem, you can change the white balance from 2,000 to 8,000. The aperture to a hundred shutter speed from 1000 to 32s. Iso from 100 to 1600 and finally you can change the lens from ultra wide to wide-angle.

Android One

Android one is the cleanest android experience on the planet of earth. The main selling point of android one is that it only has google apps pre-installed. But guys if you’re coming from the old android one phones and this is going to be a very different experience. Because they have updated the software it works pretty different now. No longer will you get that 3 button layout. Well for starters you only get a bar at the center, no recent button, no back button.

Well, the back button comes up when you open an app to go to the next page. And of course, just like your ordinary back button, it goes away when you go back home. When you swipe up the first time it’s gonna show the recent apps. Swipe up again to show the app drawer. It’s a different experience if you want to see the app drawer immediately you need to pull up straight. Else if you do a quick swipe it’s just gonna show recent screen. You need to double swipe just to see the app drawer so so yeah it’s gonna take some time to get used to. But it is still an android experience.


There is only one thing that fans were angry about and it was the 720p display. Another thing is the display is actually very small and that is good news. The smaller display means that the pixels are a lot more compressed. The quality and sharpness that I’m seeing are equal to that of a 1080p display. The icons they look very sharp if they made the display any bigger. Everything that you will see will look a little bit faded. But it did make up for an AMOLED but according to the gsm arena, this is a super AMOLED display. This is just a big deal this is xiaomi’s most affordable super AMOLED offering display.

The display is very vibrant better viewing angles look at that and the color reproduction is very good. But of course, the bezels are very thick, from the top, the bottom, the left, and the right sides. What’s not state of the art but you get what you pay for.


Playing on this thing is such a joy because if it’s small very compact form factor. I kind of realized that playing on big phones such as the oppo reno, the k 20 pro. They strain my hand at the top portion of my fingers.

The mi a3 because it’s small it’s just perfect. I mean I can play games on this thing for hours and without feeling some strain. So yeah this is the way to go.


This fits the bar for people who want one hand usable phone and a better than the average camera. But for heavy users, this might not be an idol for them. There are many things here, right now this phone is in beta. Most of the things will get updated over time, till then it’s just a good phone nothing more, nothing less.