EUROCOM Nightsky RX15: High-Grade Oled and Performance Beast

Today were taking a look at the night sky rx15. Now, this laptop targets creative professionals that want an OLED display with a high-performance chassis. So today we gonna see if it worth the buy?


Let’s take a look at the specs on this laptop. We have the i7 9750h that is the laptop processor in this or you can also get the I 9 9980hk. Which is an eight-core processor versus the 9750 h is 6 core processor. Now as far as GPUs go you can get the rt x 2070 or you can get a 300 discount if you go with the gtx 1660 ti. The laptop I have here has the RTX 2070 in it.

By default, this thing comes with 16 gigs in a single channel memory and I recommend dual-channel memory for maximum possible performance. Then this laptop has three physical drive slots you have 2 m.2 nvme PCIe SSD, and you have 1 two and a half inch HDD slot. It has a 62 wh battery that is claimed to have up to seven hours of battery life. Not being able to get that so far but we’ll talk about that in a second.


Let’s take a closer look at the ports, on the left side we have a headphone, mic, and USB type-a.

On the back, we have a bunch of ports a power adapter port, USB type a, USB c, mini DisplayPort, HDMI, and an ethernet port.

On the right side, we have another USB type a, another USB c, and one of the two USB c’s is Thunderbolt 3 compatible. And interestingly enough they also threw in a full-size sd card reader down in front. This laptop has a fantastic selection of ports two giant thumbs up. Now the port selection and these storage options are two of the major advantages that the night-sky is going to have over other laptops.


Let’s go ahead and take a look at a bunch of benchmarks. Taking a look at the gaming performance on the night sky RX 15. You can see that we’re getting excellent frame rates and all the games at the highest possible settings. Keep in mind that since this is a 4k display, it only has a 60-hertz refresh rate. So really we’re just looking to hit over 60 frames per second in these benchmarks in this particular laptop.

Now for far cry 5 benchmarks, we had 98 frames per second which are good.

The apex legends the training steps benchmark we had 226 frames per second which is very good. And out scores almost all of these other laptops.

Then we have the witcher 3 cities run on ultra 84 frames per second

The last game we have for today is a shadow of the tomb raider on the highest possible settings. And we averaged 83 frames per second in the benchmark there. And you can see it’s outperforming a lot of these other laptops which is a solid performance for our RTX 2070.

Keyboard Deck

Now the keyboard, backlight this machine is very bright and very vibrant I’m impressed with it. And the feel of the keys is good I wouldn’t say great but it’s good. I will say that the layout is good overall. You have a full number pad on the right side though that number pad is a little bit scrunched and a little bit more narrow than normal. But it’s perfectly usable once you get used to it. There is some keyboard flex so if you’re someone that’s bothered by that. You might want to pass on this laptop but for me, I didn’t even notice it when I was typing.

Now the touchpad on this machine is excellent, it’s super smooth. I love it it feels just like you’re using as a smart phone display glass. It’s a nice touch pad and there’s also a built-in fingerprint sensor right in the middle. It’s kind of a mixed bag because it only logged me in about half the time.


Now the OLED display on this laptop is made by Samsung. Samsung is the only one making 15-inch OLED displays right now. So no matter what laptop you’re getting you’re gonna get the same OLED display. This is rated for 600 nits of brightness which is just obscenely bright. A hundred and twenty thousand to one contrast ratio and 100% of p three-color gamut. Now I do not have the tools to test the actual stats on this display but I will say that this display puts all other laptop displays to shame. When it comes to color it is just absolutely incredible, the brightness is insane, the contrast is insane and it’s got a fairly quick response rate. Even though its refresh rate is only 60 hertz so I mean it’s still a reasonable gaming display especially for a 4k display.


This includes a 62-watt-hour battery that they rate for up to seven hours of use. The main thing to keep in mind here is this does have Nvidia Optimus or Microsoft graphics switching. Which allows you to switch from the Intel GPU and the Nvidia graphics card back and forth. Depending on whether you’re doing a game or whether you’re just like browsing the web. And it will switch to that integrated graphics to save power. Unfortunately, in my battery tests, it wasn’t switching the graphics properly. So I only got about two hours of web browsing at 50% brightness with this machine. But if you were to get the graphics switching working. You could probably get that five-six hours of reasonable use out of it.


You’re gonna pay anywhere from about 2300 to about $2,600 for this laptop and at that price point, it’s a fairly expensive laptop. So when it comes down to it why would you consider night-sky RX-15 over something like the razor blade 15.

Well, first of all, you have the full performance RTX 2070 graphics card. So if you’re someone that wants to play games or utilizes the graphics card for your professional creative use. Then this is going to be a really good option because you’re gonna get a lot more power out of that non-max-q version of the graphics card.

The second main reason to consider this laptop is that you are getting more CPU performance than you would in, for example, the razer blade 15. Because you’re gonna be a lot more limited on the power throughput to the CPU which is going to result in a lot more CPU throttling.

The third major reason to consider this laptop is that you’re getting three storage slot options. Including a two and a half-inch drive bay which is gonna give you a lot more storage for a lot less money. Overall I cannot say whether this is the best high-performance OLED display laptop out on the market. But you certainly have a lot of additional versatility with this one.