Hp Envy 13 2019: Premium Ultrabook Student Must Have

I know the back-to-school season is coming up in just a couple weeks. And a lot of you guys out there are probably shopping for a new computer and have different needs. Whether it’s portability, durability power, and some gaming stuff. Today I’ve got a laptop that I feel like suits the premium ultrabook class. (hp envy 2019)


This right here is the hp envy 13 and it comes in at a price point that I feel like is relatively reasonable for what it has inside of it. It isn’t the cheapest out there but at the same time, there are more expensive options. But this right here has all the great fundamentals as well as some security features that you might appreciate.

You have a 13.3-inch display that has options to upgrade into a touchscreen as well as 4k. You have an i7 processor, you have SSD that is nice and fast, as well as, bang & Olufsen speakers. Some great io on the side.


Starting with the design I think this computer looks good. It’s very simplistic, the good machine is made out of aluminum and overall just feels like a very premium built a computer. I think the silver version looks pretty good but it also comes in gold as well. And just looking at the side every little edge about it is just very well cut out.

One thing that you are going to notice is a hinge design, which is a little bit different than what you might be used to on other computers. And that is the fact that it folds to the bottoms. So if you go ahead and fold up the display. The first thing you’re going to notice is that the computer itself kind of goes on a bit of an incline. And there are a few reasons for this and I think it’s pretty smart of an idea. The only real drawback is the fact that you have to use two hands to open up your computer. This allows for a much nicer typing experience being on a natural angle as opposed to completely flat. But it also allows for airflow to float down the bottom give you better performance through ventilation.

Keyboard Deck

When it comes with a keyboard and trackpad, this is essentially a full-size keyboard. And it goes all the way to the edge of the computer which is a pretty good use of space with the speakers on the top. I think the key size is pretty good, the letters are nice and large and easy to see. You also have background illumination when using it at night. The only thing that I would complain about is that, they are a little bit mushy but for the most part a pretty good typing experience. Everything is nicely spaced out and the keys are nice and large.

The trackpad built-in is a decent size and for the most part, navigates nicely but I will see it as on the louder side. Next, to the keyboard, you also gonna find a fingerprint sensor that is green for security and overall it was very fast and responsive.


On the I/o side of things, you’ve got USB type-c as well as USB a and a headphone jack. And on the other side, you have a USB type a, the power port which looks a little bit like a headphone jack. As well as a webcam kill switch and micro sd.


A couple of things that are unique about this computer though are the security features and there are two major.

The first one is that it has a privacy screen built-in, so by pressing a button on keyboard you’re only able to see the computer from the front angle. But if you tilt it even a little bit, you’re not able to see anything. And I think if you’re in a busy classroom with tons of people sitting around you. Then this is a feature that you might want to use. To make sure nobody copies your homework or your notes. And just like that, you can go ahead and just have the display on the regular setting and that is all with just a press of a button.

The second feature is a webcam kill switch. A lot of times you see people in class put a piece of a sticker on their webcam. It leaves, residue and stuff, it doesn’t look very good. But the hp envy has a physical kill switch on the side. And you just go ahead and enable that and it kills the power that goes to the webcam. To ensure that it’s never gonna get hacked or anything, I think for a computer to still looks very consumer-friendly. It’s nice to have these security features built right in.


So the display that I have on the computer in front of me is a 13.3-inch full HD IPS screen. And for the most part, it looks pretty good, it is sharp and the colors are decent. But I will say the viewing angles could be a little bit better. The display brightness, for the most part, is pretty good in indoor situations. But if you’re going outdoor on a very sunny day then you might struggle in some cases.


So now on to the performance side of things, this is essentially a premium ultrabook. So it has good specs and can handle all of your everyday tasks and a little bit of production. But it isn’t made specifically for gaming. It’s very portable and light it has a good battery life and this model right here has a quad-core i7 processor. Paired with 8 gigs of ram and a 256 gig SSD is an NVMe drive that gets you performance with read speeds over three gigabytes per second and writes speeds of over one and a half. In a lot of cases, the speed of the drive contributes as much to the performance. As some of the other specs in it with all of your files and applications loading very fast for the most part.

With this specs, it should handle all of your everyday tasks whether it comes to word, note, emails, web browsing, and all media consumption as most computers should. But I think beyond that it’s able to do a little bit more weather, it’s some photoshopping, some light graphics, some coding as well anything for a portable ultrabook. It’s very capable and it’s the reason why I think this is a great option for students. You might be able to do some light gaming or some light video editing but I think if you’re looking to do that specifically then you might want to go with a larger computer.


Now that I’ve talked a little bit about like the build quality, the features as well as performance, display, and everything. I think the biggest question is, how is the battery life on this computer? And overall it was pretty good, I was able to get through an entire day. They claimed up to 14 hours on like optimal settings whether that’s like 50% brightness or video consumption. But I think for like a general student doing notes and stuff takes you around here and there. It should last you a full day, no problem. I think what’s great about it is that with just 45 minutes of charge. You can get 50% of the battery.


So at the end of the day, I’m gonna kind of wrap up the experience with this computer. And what I’d like to about it as well as things that I think you should consider.

Drawbacks that I noticed the first thing is that I have no complaints about the build quality. It is so well put together it is well machined, I think it looks good. The keyboard is a good size overall, very comfortable and the trackpad, for the most part, is sensitive and nice to use. But I do still prefer to use a mouse and I found that the clicks were a little bit too loud for my liking.

The security features are things that a lot of people are going to appreciate. The webcam killswitch especially. The battery life is also decent and the performance of the price and size ratio was around where I expected. And I also found that the speaker quality was very good.

So I think at the end of the day if you’re a student that’s willing to spend a little bit more than the mid. Then this computer is one that you’re gonna be very happy with for many years to come. Otherwise, if you guys want to check it out I’m gonna drop a link down below.