Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Is It An Upgrade Over Note 9?

Now that the Samsung galaxy note 10 is out. Let’s compare it with last year’s galaxy note 9, and is it worth upgrading from the note 9 to the note 10 plus. Well, that’s what we’re gonna try to answer in this review by breaking down all of the key differences.


So initially looking at the design, we do have similar design language. Samsung’s usual metal and glass sandwich, we’ve got a metal frame with curved glass panels on the front and back. So both devices do feel very very premium. Both are also ip68 water and dust resistant which is great.


Now size-wise they’re actually very similar so the note 10 plus is slightly larger in terms of the height and width but it is slightly slimmer. And it also weighs less so when you’ve got them side-by-side in hand then they do feel very similar. Now, this is quite impressive because the note 10 plus has a larger 6.8 inch display compared to the 6.4 inch display on the note 9. Now the main reason for this is that we’ve got much slimmer bezels on the note 10 plus. And we’ve got a punch out in the middle for the front facing camera. With the note 9, we do have those top and bottom bezels which some of you guys may actually prefer. But this way by having those minimal bezels on that punch out, you do get more screen in a very similar size.


Now both displays are really good. The note 9 was one of the best displays last year but the note 10 plus does improve on that. We’ve got a super AMOLED on the notes 9. We’ve got dynamic AMOLED on the note 10 plus and it is also hdr 10 plus certified. It’s a little bit brighter compared to the note 9 as well. Although the resolution is the same on both devices so in terms of sharpness they are going to be quite similar. You are getting an overall better display on the note 10 plus.


I’m moving on to the internals we do have some big improvements here as well. The note 9 has the qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset or Samsung’s 9810. On the samsung galaxy note 10 plus snack an 855 chipset or Samsung’s Exynos 9825. So these are newer generation chipsets the 7 nanometre and they are gonna perform better compared to last year’s chipset.

You also get more ram on the note 10 plus you have 12 gigabytes as a base. On the note 9, you have 6 or 8 gigabytes of ram, it depending on the version you go for. So speed and performance you’re going to be getting a better overall experience on the note 10 plus. It’s also got the world’s slimmest vapor chamber to cool the phone down if you are gaming for longer sessions as well.


Now when it comes to software the notes 10 plus does have android pie. With samsung’s new one UI which is a big big improvement. Compared to the previous version which we’ve got currently on the note 9. It’s the version that I’ve currently got on my note 9, anyway it’s the Samsung experience skin and one UI is just so much cleaner. It makes it so much easier to use the device with one hand.

With the note 10 plus you also have lots of new additional features. So you’ve got screen recording and screen recording also allows you to use the front-facing camera. So if you’re gaming it record your reactions or anything like that then you’re gonna be able to do that on the note 10 plus. on the software side of things as well you’re getting lots of improvements here on the note 10 plus.

For storage, the note 9 comes with a base of 128 gigabytes, the note 10 plus doubles on that and you have 256 gigabytes as a base. Not only that this is ufs 3.0 storage, so this is much faster compared to what you’ve got on at note 9.


Now let’s talk about the cameras so the note 9 has a dual-camera setup primary camera with a variable aperture. And then you have a telephoto camera which is gonna give you 2 times optical zoom. The note 10 plus has 4 cameras in total, so you have a primary camera which seems pretty similar in terms of the hardware with a variable aperture.

The telephoto camera has been improved so you’ve got a wider aperture of f/2.1 vs  f 2.4. And then you have the ultra wide camera this is a 16 megapixel ultra wide camera and this is gonna let in a lot more into your shot. This is something that I use a lot and you have a fourth camera as well and this is a true death sensor. This is gonna help with depth
Information and because of that as well you do have live focus video. So when you’re taking video you can have that blurry background effect, this is something that you can’t do on at the note 9.

There are some further additions on the note 10 plus, so you’ve got zoom in mic if you do zoom in it’s also gonna isolate the sound better. And you’ve got super steady video at 1080p but it gives you almost action camera like stabilization.

Front Camera

Now for the front-facing cameras, the note 9 has an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with a wider f/1.7 aperture compared to the note 10 plus which has a 10-megapixel front-facing camera with an f/ 2.2 aperture.

One advantage that the notes 10 plus do have is the fact that it can record 4k from the front-facing camera. You can only record at up to 1440p from the front-facing camera on at note 9. So if you are somebody who does lots of videos and does lots of vlogging and things. Then the notes 10-plus might be appealing.


The note nine does have a physical fingerprint scanner at the back and it’s also got an iris scanner. So you do have two methods of security it’s got intelligence scan which uses the iris scanner as well as facial recognition. The note 10 plus has an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. So it is definitely more convenient because it’s on the display. But it’s definitely not as fast and as accurate as the physical fingerprint scanner on the note 9. The note 10 plus no longer has the iris scanner so this is something that you’re missing out.


Samsung has finally said goodbye to that 3.5 mm jack, unfortunately, it’s not here on the note 10 plus so that’s just something to bear in mind. The reason for getting rid of it is to create more space within the device to give you a bigger battery. And that’s something that you do have a bigger battery on the note 10 plus. 4,300 mah versus 4000 mah on note 9. And you’ve got lots of improvements in terms of the charging as well. So the note 10 plus comes with a 25-watt charger out of the box and on top of that if you do get a 45-watt charger which is not included. you have to buy that separately you can get a much faster speed. So you’ll be able to go from 0 to 70 percent in just around 30 minutes

You also got faster wireless charging up to 15 watts on the note 10 plus. And you’ve got a wireless power share which you don’t have on note 9. So this is where you can use your note 10 plus to charge maybe some wireless earbuds or another device.

S pen

Now let’s talk about the s-pen so of course, both devices do come with the s-pen. But the s-pen has been improved on the note 10 plus. Firstly it’s unibody, so it’s a much more contained and then it’s got some additional features. Note 9 initially introduced the s-pen where you’ll be able to use it remotely to take pictures and maybe like flip through slideshows and things. But the note 10 plus improves on that and you’ve got air actions. So not only can you take pictures with it. You can also wave it around so if you go from up and down if you’re in the camera is gonna flip the camera from front to back. If you go left to right it’s gonna go between the different modes of your camera


Now finally looking at the pricing so the note 9 initially started at around $1000 on release. But now you can’t pick it up much cheaper because it is now between six or seven hundred dollars where I’ve seen it. You might even be able to get it cheaper if you buy it secondhand.

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The note 10 plus is going to be starting at around eleven hundred dollars. So that’s only $100 more to what the note nine released that. But if we do compare it at the current price, of course, you can be paying a lot less for note 9. So if you’re in a bit of a budget and you still want a really good phone. Yet you can’t afford the note 10 plus then the note 9 may be a really good deal for you. So to answer the question that starts this review.

Should you upgrade from the note 9 to the note 10 +? Well, you are getting some additional features on the note 10 +. Such as the improved performance with the newer chipsets, ufs 3.0 storage and also the improved camera. So you’re getting better cameras you’re getting that additional ultra wide camera as well as the depth sensor. And quite importantly you’re getting a better display, better screen to body ratio as well as the improved s pen features.

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