Samsung Galaxy Note 10: The Gaming Beast of 2019

Alright, guys, we are going to talk about gaming on the galaxy note 10 plus, a ton of new features.


The galaxy note 10 plus is a behemoth of a device this packs in a 6.8-inch display which has the same body ratio as the galaxy note 9. Its a lovely looking display but it’s got a centralized front-facing camera which will be important in your gameplay sessions.

Design and Build

As I mentioned 6.8 inches display, the ten the galaxy note 10+ comes 12 gigs of ram. And either 256 or 512-gigabyte variants plus a MicroSD card expansion. Now other things to note are got fast-charging up to 45 watts. So you can charge on the top of your gaming sessions right there. This doesn’t have a headphone jack, so you’ll be using wireless audio. But it’s got, built-in speakers, stereo speakers that are Dolby atmos there to give you, of course, some really good sound.


So what about gaming? What’s so important with this device in gaming? Well, 855 processor gives you some really solid performance. But it’s got some new gameplay features it’s got that new game sensor we saw on the galaxy tab s6. That gives you better ai features so monitor how you game. So it adapts the processing and system to your gameplay.

Screen Recording

Now the other cool feature on this is the screen recording. Now you’re gonna say other devices have screen recording, this is different. With the galaxy note 10 plus, you record, your gameplay up to 1080p but you can record your face. So when you’re talking in front of that front-facing camera because you can capture that while you’re gaming as well.

What I loved about it is that this thing didn’t heat up. When you’re doing those two things gaming and also recording screen and capturing my face in front, which is pretty cool.


Let’s focus on gaming on this device. We install pubg, we got to play at its max setting. But I gotta tell you I was thoroughly impressed, it’s impressive. This is an impressive device that displays gorgeous it is a q-HD display, games look vibrant on there. And the ability to of course the 855 to max out, everything ran smooth. You are pubg fan? This is a mobile you’re gonna love using this device because it just totally maximizes your gameplay. Plus the ability to screen capture and record your screen plus. Of course, you use the front-facing camera it’s awesome.


Overall I think this device is awesome it comes in multiple colors. All of them are called aurora so there’s aurora glow which is that shimmery silver. There is a roll of white, black and the special edition blue which is available either at best buy or Samsung’s online store. Internationally you get the red and the pink, which look amazing. I’m jealous I want that red color here in us but this is the colors you get for the galaxy note 10 +.

I think this is an awesome device, so a lot of gamers should be impressed with what you get with the galaxy note 10 plus.