Eluktronics Mag-15: The World’s Lightest Laptop

Sometimes you stumble upon a product that just doesn’t make sense and this is one of them. This is a gaming laptop that honestly like it almost shouldn’t exist because it’s better than a lot of other gaming laptops out there. Yet it wasn’t made by like a huge brand, well it kind of was.

This was developed by Intel in collaboration with a few other laptop brands. And the purpose of this project was to make a gaming laptop a thin and light gaming laptop that was different from what was out there. To make something that they thought was gonna be a better experience for the consumer and I mean they did it. So this is the world’s lightest gaming laptop yet it has one of the biggest batteries on the market. And it has amazing thermal performance possibly the best thermal performance I’ve ever seen in a thin and light gaming laptop. And it comes out at a reasonable price.


Now the way they were able to achieve this title of the world’s lightest laptop is because of the material they’ve used. This is using a magnesium alloy for the entire thing like the chassis. The top panel, the bottom panel all magnesium alloy and it is very noticeable it’s a lot lighter than you expect at the moment you pull it out of the box. And in terms of just gaming laptops it is quite rare I think. This is the only one I’ve ever seen that had magnesium all over.

We’ve seen this material used on some of the surface devices and some of the thin and light ultrabooks. But to see magnesium used throughout the entire process of a gaming laptop this is a first for me. The build quality seems pretty good there is a couple of things I’ve kinda want to draw attention to at the bottom of the device. You’ll see the speaker grille and I mean the location of this speaker grille isn’t great but you’ll also notice beside the speaker grille.

There’s like a plastic tab or like cutout and maybe in the development process, this error was going to be used as a speaker cutout. And they just didn’t end up going with it so they just covered it up. But I think this plastic bit here kind of ruins the design line in this area it just makes it look less clean. And I honestly think it has this effect to make this product look cheaper than it is. Just because of the plastic bits there it’s not something that’s gonna affect anything other than just like a visual aesthetic thing but it is something I noticed.


The design of it is more generic-looking I wouldn’t say that I love the aesthetics of it but intel did work with a few brands. So I guess depending on which company you purchased it from you’re gonna have a different logo up at the front. This particular one is from eluktronics I’ve covered a couple of their products on my website before. But they also worked with dbrand I think intel collaborated with them so they have their skins available for this laptop.

Ports and Inside

Ports so there’s three USB a’s and then there’s a thunderbolt three in the back as well as your ac adapter. So you get to keep your power lanes out of your way, there’s also an sd card slot which is nice to see. A lot of thin inline gaming laptops are leaving that out these days.

Okay on the inside we have access to a bunch of stuff you have your two ram slots. You can get up to 64 gigs on this thing, NVMe drives, your wi-fi card they include intel’s latest wi-fi six-card.


A big 93-watt hour battery this is the second biggest battery I’ve seen in a fin online gaming laptop. The aero 15 that has like a 94 or 95-watt hour battery this is close to the legal limit. I think it’s like a 99-watt hour limit if you bring it onto a plane. Like you can’t fly with a bigger battery than 99-watt hours. This is like this is right at the cusp of that.

So it’s cool that something this light has such a big battery. And in terms of battery life got a little bit more than 7 hours of my regular tests. So internally this thing’s done great jobs got easily access components upgraded components I mean they did a good job.


This thing the screen and they have a 144-hertz IPS panel, it’s pretty bright. And they’ve kept the webcam up top and the bezels pretty thin on this thing. This type of screen is not new it’s kind of the standard at this point for high-quality gaming laptops. But keep in mind the games look really good at this refresh rate.


The keyboard this is a mechanical keyboard but don’t let that fool you into thinking. That it’s somehow like the best keyboard in the world or anything. It’s an ok keyboard but you do have to get used to it. Now I’m going to spend a little bit more time talking about this keyboard than most of my regular review. Because this type of laptop isn’t going to be readily available at like your best buy or something to test out. So I’m gonna try to convey what this keyboard experiences like through this review.

The keyboard layout is fine, I don’t think there’s anything weird about it. I think most people will enjoy the layout it’s the mechanism for each key. That makes this experience a little bit harder to get used to. When you’re typing on the keys, there’s a little bit of play on each keycap and it’s not abnormal. Every laptop keyboard has a little bit of wobble on your keycaps but because of how this keyboard is designed.

You feel the adjacent keys a little bit more than you would on a traditional laptop keyboard. And I think it’s because it’s not a chocolate style keyboard. Like when you’re typing you can’t depend on any framing to guide your fingers. You have to hit each key accurately and you’ll eventually just touch the other keys around you. So it just feels a little bit different I’ve used keys like this before but this one was harder to get used to.

Now that being said I don’t think this is a bad keyboard I think most people will get used to it over time. But it’s something you have to spend time with to get comfortable with.


Let’s talk about performance this unit is running at RTX 2070 max q with the 9750h. It’s a very powerful combination, excellent frame rates, and games. And I believe there’s a cheaper version that’s running a 1660 ti. But the thing that’s most special about this laptop is the thermal performance. So this thing has very low temperatures and until it’s configured this unit with a negative undervolt.

I don’t know if this is like a final unit. Or if that’s the number that they’re gonna stick with for retail units. But I’ve tested this thing out a little bit you can push it’s like 120- 130 pretty comfortably. I think this possibly has the best temperatures of all the thin and light gaming laptops on the market. And you can even bump up the wattage of the CPU in their software comfortably. So I mean they did a really good job intel knows how to design a CPU. And they know what they’re doing when it comes to thermal performance.


Now, this is an abnormally good product but just because it’s so unique. It doesn’t make it perfect like I don’t want to oversell this thing. By saying like you know everyone should go and buy this thing. There are issues particularly with the keyboard like I don’t know how much this is gonna affect the average user. I mean for me it’s not a big issue but for some people that are more particular or picky. But those keyboards I could see this being a bit of a deterrent. But I think most people will get used to this pretty readily.

Overall though I think intel did an amazing job on this device like they just they nailed it, all the important stuff. They got it done right now the speakers I didn’t mention them but real quick they’re located on the bottom. They don’t sound particularly good if you’re expecting amazing speakers this ain’t it. But otherwise, if you’re looking for the other stuff that I mentioned and you don’t mind a keyboard. That you do have to kind of work to be comfortable on definitely check this thing out.

So this one is the meg 15 by eluktronics it’s going to be available from other companies as well. Under different names and stuff but this one’s gonna be available on Amazon and there you have it.