Hp Zbook 14u G6: a Laptop for Your Business Needs

This is the hp zbook 14u g6 meaning generation 6, so this is a refresh of their mobile workstation. They say this is the slimmest 14-inch mobile workstation on the planet.

Not that there are a lot of 14-inch mobile workstations. It might be a little dull on the outside but once you open it up and take a look at what it has to offer. It’s pretty cool we’re gonna look at it now.


So from the outside, the z book 14u looks like well your average 14-inch sort of businessy ultrabook. It’s understated it’s fine if you want flashy hp has the specter and specter x360 lines for beautiful looks. It’s not bad to open it up and it looks pretty pedestrian mostly because it has a very big display bezels.

But then you take a look at what it has to offer and I’m like you know there’s more than beauty is just not everything when it comes to a laptop. The option of getting a 600 nit 4k display which we happen to have and that’s full adobe srgb coverage.

It’s a 14-inch ultrabook that’s pretty thin and pretty light but yeah you’ve got AMD Radeon pro wx 3200 graphics inside. So that’s mobile workstation graphics on the lower end side because let’s be real it’s a small 14-inch laptop.


We’ve got thunderbolt three here not just that. But we have a lot of ports you usually won’t see on a 14-inch laptop. Including ethernet, a micro-sd card slot, HDMI 1.4 be optional 4g LTE onboard. I’m like okay this is starting to get pretty interesting.


So like most small mobile workstations, this does not have your typical mobile workstation 45 watts 6 core, not even eight-core CPUs. It has the latest until 8th gen whiskey lake 4 core CPUs inside but it performs very well. And it benchmarks significantly above some of the competitors with the same CPU inside.

That in part is because the cooling here is let’s put it this way you got a business-class performance here going on. The cooling is very effective so the chip can run at higher clock speeds for longer. For very good performance and benchmarks and in real-world stuff so I’m starting to like this.


The keyboard on it also is quite good a lot of consumer ultrabooks have compromised keyboards. To make them so thin and all that sort of thing, you know low key travel not a lot of tactile feels. This one has a comfortable keyboard, I know they’re going after the thing pad line particularly with this. And it’s a different feel from a think pad keyboard in a different design. But it’s a very good feel to it I like it.

You’ve got a Microsoft precision trackpad and you have their version of the track point or a cystic pointer. That Lenovo has been using on thinkpads just in case you happen to convert over from a think pad. And well I’m not a big fan of that pointer stick kind of thing I know some of you love it and it seems to work fine to me.

Specs and Configurations

Business laptops typically are expensive, this one’s not too bad. A core i5 with eight gigs of ram in a 256 gig SSD starts at around $1299. If you want to go to town and get a core i7 the 4k display you got your AMD graphics sort of thing. You can hit $2,000 with it obviously if you’re it shop you might be getting discounts for volume buys.

And if you’re not it shop person hp does have sales on their website. Again because it’s a business-oriented laptop, of course, you have a TPM 2.0. You have an optional fingerprint scanner, optional windows hello IR camera, hp’s self-healing bios. That’s something that I really like a lot and bios guard as well and there’s also an optional privacy screen if you want.

So this is available with core i5 and core i7 CPUs both the standard and the v pro editions of that. Again give us a business laptop and an AMD Radeon pro WX 3200 graphics. That’s a 14-nanometer Polaris architecture for those who follow AMD GPUs. And they do gear it towards the mobile workstation krab, not the gaming crowd. So much it’s a shall we call it an entry-level dedicated GPU. So it is enough to amp up the performance a bit if you aren’t doing 2d cad work.

It may be a little bit of photoshop that sort of stuff too. You can get anywhere from 8 to 32 gigs of ram which again is more mobile workstation. Like most ultrabooks top out as 16 gigs around which is nice and fast that to NVMe SSD inside. That keyboard is backlit in white like I said 4g LTE is optional with this.


So when it comes to displays there’s a lowly entry-level model that always exists for its departments on a budget. 215 nits full HD that’s a matte display, there is a touch screen option available if you want a touch screen. Also in full HD resolution, there’s a privacy guard screen. But we got the 600 nits nominally 4k display again full adobe RGB coverage.

The metrics on this in terms of color accuracy and tuning out of the box are pretty good. This is a nice looking display and it’s a matte display non-touch sorry about that. You’ve got the clarity here if you are doing things like working in AutoCAD or something like that. And you need to be able to see your designs up close and personal and without doing so much zooming.


So how about battery life we have a 50-watt hour battery inside. That is pretty typical for an ultrabook of this size and a 65-watt fast charger on board. It’s gonna depend on which display you get obviously if you get one of the super-high bright displays. And you’re running it at high brightness well you’re gonna tank your battery life. By the way, our 4k display has auto-brightness enabled in the windows settings.

So if you don’t see it doesn’t look that bright that’s why you might want to turn that off and adjust the brightness to suit yourself. But anyway if you get the base model of the 215 it full hd display. I would imagine you should be able to do eight hours easily perhaps even nine. If you get the 4k display are that super-bright, privacy guard display. Then it depends on how bright you’re gonna run it.

But it could be as short as six hours or if you’re running in at low brightness it will be higher. Also if you’re doing high-end work on the go unplugged. You’re gonna take your battery life a lot faster than if you’re just doing word or excel.


So Who is This Laptop for? It isn’t meant to replace a 15 or 17-inch mobile workstation. With much beefier graphics and CPUs inside. This is for business users who care about keyboard typing experience. This is also for those who are doing some 2d can work maybe some web design work.

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It is a very good mobile workstation for the price. Now as long as you don’t confuse it with big beefy mobile workstations that have 45 watts six and eight-core processors that are. But for something this thin and this light, the cooling is very good on this. The performance is very good if you keep your expectations in line with the kind of graphics it has.

That means yes it’s good for 2d cad work on the go. The display on this nice, the ports on this excellent and I’ll forgive the big bezels. Because just about everything else it’s quite good.