Lenovo Thinkpad P52: a Mobile Workstation That is Not Mobile

Many people want to travel with a high-end laptop. The reason can be many ones might want a high-end laptop all the time maybe because of his/her profession. Maybe he/she is just a heavy user or video editor or just a gamer. Today we gonna look at Lenovo ThinkPad p52 mobile workstation and conclude if you buy this.


So what’s inside the box? We have our safety and warranty guide. We have our setup guide for the p50 to put this to the side. It has our power brick now the power brick is 170 watts pretty strong. And we have our power cable you know plug that guy in and that’s it awesome now put this guy to the side.

Build and Design

Then we have the beautiful ThinkPad p-52 workstation laptop right here how awesome is that. It is a very solid laptop weighing around 5.4 pounds. If you want to measure it if I get the measure right here the width of the p52 is around 14.86 inches and the def of it is about 9.93 inches. That is a pretty solid machine. It is pretty heavy again weighing around 5.4 pounds is one of those machines that I don’t consider traveling a lot. You’re just placing on your desktop plug it in and you’re good to go.

One of the cool things I love about this laptop that I hardly see in a lot of laptops nowadays. Is that it has a removable battery that’s a huge plus. Because that means that I could purchase an additional battery. And when this dies I could just plug in another one and continue going.


So let’s open up the Lenovo ThinkPad p-52 let’s take our sweet time opening up this guy up beautiful now. Now the display size on the p52 is 15.6 inch I was lucky enough to get the ultra HD version. That is a 4k with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 you can get the p52 with a full HD 1920 by 1080 resolution.

But the 4k works well with this machine so if you have that extra money goal for the 4k model. Lenovo is advertising 400 nits on displaying it is IPS multi-touch. I don’t like to use the touchscreen a lot but it’s there. I did find myself using it occasionally but not all the time.

Behind the scenes that display is being run by an Nvidia Quadro p 3200 six gigs graphics card. That is good when gaming or when you’re rendering stuff with 3d max or Maya. Now Lenovo does advertise that the display is 100% adobe color gamut. When I did my testing within photoshop it’s not 100% it didn’t look 100%. So it looks like I might have to do a little bit of configuration on the display and create a color profile for it to be 100%.

Keyboard Deck

All right so let’s talk about the keyboard on the p 52. Now it is a full keyboard layout which means it provides you a keypad on your right-hand side. On the upper right corner, you have your power button. And also at the very top of the keyboard, you have your speaker system. One of the cool things I like about the p52 that right here on the display it gives you a wi-fi indicator. And also a hard drive indicator.

The keyboard is backlit for those individuals that like to work in the dark. One of the things I do not like about this keyboard layout is that. The control key and the function key is in the wrong no spot on the keyboard. They do provide you a fingerprint scanner which is an additional thing to log into
Your machine.

The trackpad you want to know the measurements of the trackpad. It is 10 inches by 6 inches which is a nice size I didn’t have any issues using the trackpad at all. I didn’t have issues using the keyboard itself if you want to know the measurements between each key. If you take a nickel and a dime that is your distance when I was using the keyboard. It just felt super nice I never have a lot of problems with the ThinkPad keyboards. Because it’s just it just works.


Let’s look at the specifications on this particular review unit that Lenovo sent me. So I logged in to the desktop let’s right-click the taskbar, let’s go to task manager. I’m gonna open this guy up real quick and let’s go-to a performance. And within performance I’m gonna right-click on the CPU and let’s go to view let’s go chain graph, two logical processors.

So this particular machine the p52 is specked out with an intel core i7 8558 CPU. Where for a clock speed of 2.60 gigahertz it is a monster one socket, 6 cores 12 logical processors. I think the max speed is around 4.94 gigahertz. The memory looks like it has 16 gigs but I know that this machine can go higher to maybe up to 32 or 64 gigs. We’re gonna go over some of the action specifications on how you get this machine speed out.

For hard drive space, you have a c drive which is a solid-state drive this one is 512. And your d drive which is a SATA this is your raw storage which is about a terabyte. And for your graphics card, you got the Nvidia Quadro p 3200 with max q design with 6 gigs.

Now, this graphics card is great when you’re playing video games and when you’re rendering. Especially with premiere, illustrator, and photoshop it just works well.


Now with these specifications, I had a lot of fun playing with league of legends. But also this is the type of machine that I was purchased personally if I need to build a virtual lab on the go. I like to use VMware workstation or VirtualBox to like create my you know my lab environment.

When I’m testing out doing windows or Linux stuff for you guys and pushing it out to the website. And when I was testing this stuff out. I was capable to run VirtualBox I was able to render 4k and also play 4k videos without creating proxies. And it just works well this machine is capable of handling a lot.

It’s wonderful as if you’ve got a task manager right now and you look at the performance. It’s not even being hit hard it’s only 27%- 26% of the CPU. The memory is only about six gigs of usage and the graphics card is only 20 to 18%. And it’s running super smooth I was capable of running this google chrome, adobe premiere or at the same time. And it just is a great machine.


So we just spoke about the performance on the p52 I mean great performance it’s overall it’s a great machine. I would purchase it for myself but one of the things that I do not like about it is the battery life. Now don’t get me wrong I like I said earlier you can just place this guy on the desktop. And just plug it in and forget it.

That’s the whole purpose on this workstation laptop it’s not a traveling laptop meaning that. You charge it for 100% and you would get eight hours straight without charging it. That’s not the case on the p52 I ran a pc mark 10. I ran for tests the first test was modern office applications like excel, word, powerpoint. And it was constantly running until the battery dies out. Now it lasts around 3 hours and 42 minutes.


In the second test, I ran the video for 3 hours and 34 minutes. On the third test gaming, 1 hour in 35 minutes and I could speak with experience. Because I was playing like league of legends without this machine plugged in. And the performance on the frames per second went extremely down. You have to have this guy plugged in if you want to take advantage of that Quadro graphics card. When you’re gaming because you would get up to 200 frames per second if you don’t have this guy plugged in.

When it reaches up to 28% you can see a huge decrease so yeah 1 hour and 35 minutes is definitely what I got around there. And then but last but not least I got the idle test, it’s not doing anything. It’s just running in the background for 3 hours and 45 minutes. When I was using this machine at home regular usage I got around 3 hours if you tweak the settings like the display, you lower the resolution, the display, the lightness, the brightness and all that. And you make sure nothing behind the scenes is running like windows updates, iTunes, or dropbox. If you don’t have all those services running in the background taking the juice. You could probably get 4 hours on this machine.


Now one of the cool things about the ThinkPad p 52 is the ports. It has a lot of ports and I love that I love having multiple ports on. On your right-hand side if you’re facing the laptop straight on when it’s open on your right-hand side. You have a display port, you have two 3.1 USB ports. And you have your combo audio jack which allows you to hook up a headphone or have fun with a mic. On your left-hand side, you have an additional 3.1 USB which is always-on charging. And right next to that you have an sd card reader at the very back of the p-52. You have your rj45 port, your home, you have to type c on thunderbolt 3 ports, you also have your power port.


So the thing pat p-52 from Lenovo is a solid sturdy laptop. Ok, I don’t recommend this laptop to be placed on your lap because it does get really warm. Especially if you’re rendering or if you’re using like heavy programs like 3dmax. Or they’re doing like rendering out 4k videos it gets extremely hot around keyboard area as well as the display.

Buy Here

So no using this on your lap if you’re wondering about the price on the p52. The price is pretty reasonable let’s go inside the Lenovo site. Starting prices around eleven eighty-nine close to $1,200. The Lenovo does have a back to school kind of cell. So take advantage of it for tech specs you can get it customized. With an Intel Xeon processor wow that’s nuts. Primary operating system windows 10 like I said before if you get two types of display. But depending on which one you get it’s going to cost a little bit more money.

The one that I’ve been reviewing for you guys is the 15.6 UltraHD version. The graphics card up to an Nvidia Quadro p 3200 and six gigs. Optional to get their camera but it is really up to you if you don’t want to get the IR camera. Just go with the 720 HD with the dual ray microphones and the thing shutter. From memory, you can get up to 128 gigs of memory or you could get for the Xeon processor it only caps up to 64 gigs. So just definitely go for the intel and max it out if you’ve got that money. To get all the memory that you can get for storage up to one terabyte 7200 rpm that is your raw storage. And you can bump it up to 2 terabytes but your RPMs go a little lower.