Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Best Smartwatch of All Time

Apple Watch Series 5

I’ve used a lot of different smartwatches in my life, and Apple Watch Series 5 is the best. If you have an iPhone and you can afford the $399 starting price, there is nothing better.

I know, I gave away the whole review at the top of the article. But keep reading because I do want to tell you what’s new in Series 5.

The 4 Main Roles of Apple Watch Series 5:

Apple Watch Series 5 roles

1. Wrist phone

The Apple Watch is essentially a smartphone attached to your wrist. What I have here is the Apple Watch Series 5 with seller supports which means that it’s always connected even when you’re not on Wi-Fi or close your iPhone. This means that I can receive and even make calls directly from the app watch itself I can navigate maps I can check my emails and constantly get notified whenever I get any new messages on social media.

It is not a smartphone replacement. Why? well, it’s because you need an iPhone to set it up first and it does not work on Android in any way.

2. Personal doctor

The series 5 just like series 4 before it features the second generation of heartrate monitor which is faster and more reliable than the first generation that the first three Apple watches had. So your heart rate is measured every few minutes and constantly whenever you’re doing a workout. And then on top of this, the series 4 and the 5 can also take your ECG or electrocardiogram you know the graph that shows you exactly how your heartbeats.

According to multiple tests and studies, the heart rate monitor and ECG meter on the Apple watch are as accurate as of the actual medical devices used in hospitals which is really impressive.

3. Gym coach

You have the famous activity ring where the blue ring represents the time you stood up, the red ring represents how much movement you did during the day, while the yellow ring represents the actual workouts and heavy-duty exercises that you’ve done during that day. The idea here is filling all three every day in order to stay in shape and be healthy. When you go to the gym you actually have a built-in workouts app that has a ton of different workouts.

4. Timekeeper

You get thirty-one watch faces to choose from with more and more being at it in every watch West update in September every single year. Not only that but whenever you select a watch base you can customize it even more. So you can change the style of it you can change the size of the actual clock on some of them you can change the color of the second hand the color of the entire watch face and way more.

On top of this, you can even add complications that are basically widgets onto the watch faces themselves to get not just quick access to things such as workouts or music but also have more information displayed on the watch face.

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4:

Apple Series 5 vs 4

Honestly, it’s not that much, just four things.

Apple’s offering more material options for the casing. You can get it in aluminum, steel, titanium, and ceramic.

They have larger screens than the older models of the Apple Watch, and the screen is the second thing that’s really new with the Series 5.

Both the Apple Watch Series 5 and 4 have a special kind of OLED screen that Apple developed. It’s a low temperature, polycrystalline oxide, or LTPO for short.

The Series 5 has a bunch of other chips that let it have a variable screen refresh rate, so the Series 5 can change the pixels on the screen as often as 60 times a second or as little as once per second. That lets this use radically less power than other screens.

Always-on Display

This is something that has played many smartwatches over the last few years. Something that the consumer has been craving now we have it with series 5. All it means is that you have your standard turn to wake and it will of course brighten but then when it dies down you can still see the watch face it’s just a bit dimmer which i think is fantastic. For this one reason alone I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people that are wanting to upgrade. Also in terms of that tilt to wake it works flawlessly, I’ve used sort of many Android smartwatches in the past and that has been a feature that has let down a lot of different models.

You can turn this always-on display function off if you want to conserve battery for example but I would personally always leave it on.

Does that always-on screen hurt the battery life?

My answer is that it doesn’t seem to hurt much. Apple claims that this still gets the same 18 hours of battery life that every Apple Watch is supposed to get. And it does for me, even with kind of heavy usage. But it doesn’t get much more than that.

Last year, Series 4 actually outperformed that 18-hour claim. The bottom line, you should plan on charging the Apple Watch every day. And yes, I know that there are smartwatches that last weeks or even months, but none of them can do what the Apple Watch can.

Built-in compass

Apple Series 5 compass

It works well and even gives you this neat thing called a confidence cone that gets narrower as it becomes more confident in where the north is exactly. Now, if you have a magnetic watch band, that can mess with it a bit.

More cellular bands

There are more cellular bands on the cellular version, which means that it can do emergency calling internationally. Now, you should know that it doesn’t mean that it’ll work for regular cell phone Apple Watch stuff, though. Apple still needs to make carrier deals for that to work.

Processor and integration

Apple is just way better at making processors for smartwatches than anybody else.

Apple lets the Apple Watch do Apple stuff with the Apple iPhone that it won’t let other companies like Fitbit or Wear OS or Samsung or Withings do, like replying to iMessages. Only the Apple Watch can do that.

The watch runs on the new Apple s5 chip. It’s a 64-bit dual-core s5 processor and it’s apparently up to 2 times faster than series 3. It runs with watch OS 6 and on the whole, it’s a really nice interface to use. It’s very easy negotiating between the different menus and different apps and you can respond to notifications either using your finger or using your voice and I tend to use that sort of dictation mode probably a lot more actually especially on chat apps etc. It just is really easy and hands-free.

WatchOS 6

WatchOS 6

New watch faces:

The new version here is watchOS 6, and it’s gonna land on every Apple Watch except the first one. Now, inside this, there are new watch faces, as usual.  I do wish that there were more watch faces, or, really, that there were third-party options. I could get a pretty good face on this watch, but I can’t get the perfect watch face for me.

App Store:

The biggest new feature in watchOS is the App Store, which lets you install apps without having to, you know, pull out your phone.

And then sometimes, you install apps on the Apple Watch, and it needs its, like, parent app on the phone in order to work for the first time. It’s not completely independent yet, is what I’m saying.

Now, it is nice to be able to install an app in a pinch directly on your watch, I guess, but this big-deal feature is not really a big deal to me. Maybe when the Apple Watch gets a little bit more independent from the iPhone, it’ll matter more.

Cycles app:

Then there’s the cycles app, which lets you log and track menstrual activity. Now, this app isn’t for me, but I will say that I wish Apple had paid more attention to women’s health sooner.


Siri is here, and it can identify songs. It can also bring up search results from the web and lets you click into the webpages. And my favorite thing ever with the Apple Watch is still that you can load little tiny webpages on it. It’s kind of fun.

Sleep tracker:

The main thing that’s missing for me is sleep tracking, which for me and my health is much more important than closing a standing ring or whatever.

Why is the Apple Watch so far ahead?

It’s not that it has an LTPO screen or a noise meter or really any one of the features that I just mentioned in this review.

It’s the fact that I’m talking about features in this way at all. With every other smartwatch, and I’m not talking about the Garmin, Wilderness, Hiking, Sporting, Mountaineering, whatever watches. I mean, like, wrist computers.

With those things, I usually have to check whether it can last more than 12 hours or whether it can open apps in less than 10 seconds or respond to a text message or if the software is buggy as hell. All that stuff was actually pretty bad in the very first Apple Watch, but it quickly got turned around, so now, Apple gets to work on filling out more advanced features.


That’s it for the series five Apple watch. The series 4 was fine for me I’m not a huge watch guy honestly but I really like the look of this titanium Apple watch. I’m not sure it’s worth the cost to go from series 4 to series 5.

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