Alldocube iPlay10 Pro Review: Should you Buy?

Alldocube iPlay10 Pro Review
Alldocube iPlay10 Pro
Alldocube iPlay10 Pro
Good display.
Vanilla Android 9 Pie.
Micro SD card slot.
Slow multitasking performance.
Short battery life.
Weak speakers.
Bad cameras.


ProcessorMT8163 Quad-Core (ARM Cortex-A53x4 @1.5GHz)
Display10.1″ (1920×1200) 225ppi IPS
CameraFront: 2MP
Rear: 5MP
OSAndroid 9


The quality of the design is good and the back is made of thin layer of aluminium. It leaves a few fingerprints on the back panel too. There is also a plastic bar at the top that can be removed if needed and there is also a microSD card slot which is expandable upto 128 GB.

At the top of the device we see a 3.5 mm jack, input power jack, and there is also a micro USB port that can be used to charge the device, or it can be used to connect a peripheral as well. On the right side of the device we see power button, volume button, and just below the volume buttons there is also a microphone. Two speakers are at the bottom of the device.


It is a 10.1-inch IPS display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution and this is not a laminated screen that we will only see on certain pricey devices like iPad Pro.

As it is an IPS screen, we get better viewing angles and hence it also helps to view the show from the edge. When you are looking for a device for multimedia consumption, this is a decent display. The brightness is good enough and is certainly going to be a challenge to use under direct sunlight.

I also played video in 1080p 60fps, but it just started to get lags and I had to stop playing the video. I tried the video in 1080p 30fps as well and it worked perfectly with no problems.

However, there is no anti-glare technology on the glass so if there is too much light reflected on the screen, it will be a little difficult to watch the videos.


As I mentioned above, I played a YouTube video and the speakers are bottom firing, so the audio experience is not that great. I would recommend you to use headphones to listen to music, movies or anything else to get good sound quality.

When I was using the device, I found that it gets a little slow sometimes. If I my playing a Youtube video then it takes a 2-3 seconds for the lag to go away. There is no feature like split screen which is kind of disappointing.

Like I mentioned above, I was playing a YouTube video and the speakers were firing at the edge, so the audio quality isn’t that great. To get decent sound quality, I would suggest you to use headphones to listen to music, movies or something else.

As I used the device, I found it often gets a little sluggish. If I play a Youtube video, it will take 2-3 seconds to get the lag out. There is no such feature as split screen which is somewhat disappointing.


The back camera on this device is not that great and when I took some images it looks very blurry. The images were not sharp or clear. The front camera on this device is decent. It is really quick for taking images.

This device has got 6600 mAh battery and it could easily last half of the day with just a single charge. In my battery life test, I watched videos continuously and it was able to last for almost 6 hours which is good but I expected it to last a little longer. It took 3 hours to charge from 0-100% which is normal for this device.


If you’re someone who needs to use this device to browse the internet, read books or watch videos then this device is a perfect option for you. You may also use this device without any big lags for office or productivity work, but don’t plan to use this device for editing because this is a tablet in the budget category. It is not for someone who wants to do heavy gaming.