Alldocube X Review: A Tablet to Buy In Budget

Alldocube X Review
Alldocube X Review



This design really looks good and the quality of the build is great too. It is a unibody design and the device weighs 496 grams and is 6.9 mm thin. The back edges even have a sort of metallic finish. In short, this style really looks luxurious at a cheap price.

On the top of the device, we get to see two top firing speakers, a microphone, and there is also sim card slot. There is 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint reader, and USB Type-C port on the right side of the tablet. Volume buttons and Power button are placed at left side.


This display has the 10.5-inch super AMOLED screen from Samsung and is a completely laminated screen which means that there is no gap between the glass. The side bezels are small than the top and bottom which gives the device a bit of premium touch. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and this device has a maximum brightness of 600 nits which is very good and I love it.

It could get a little over-saturated though, and there is also no white balance in the settings. A blue light filter mode is also available which essentially protects your eyes. There is also a mode for reading in black and white. Overall, this is a premium screen at cheap price.

If you thought that this is a perfect device to use for watching Netflix at HD then you will be disappointing to know that just like the other Chinese tablets, it also does not have DRM certification. You can check out the best tablets for watching Netflix in our dedicated post here.


The speakers have decent audio but this isn’t so perfect. Here the fingerprint scanner is a little slow and by slow I mean unlocking the device takes a second or two.

This device has Mediatek MT8176 processor and there is 4 GB of RAM available on this device. There is no option for RAM but there are two option for storage which is 64 or 128 GB. This Mediatek processor is already four year old and it’s not the fastest processor in the market.

Things like multitasking work well though, and it’s also good to execute everyday to task without any problems. Yet don’t expect this device to be used for heavy things like editing videos or playing high end games.

You could play pretty well most of the games but not without finding some stutterings. I’ve played games like PUBG that works pretty well when the graphics setting has been properly balanced. Games like Zombie shooter can be played on medium graphics, but if you set the graphics to high, you’ll see a lot of stuttering. In short, this is a decent device for gaming but it’s no better than rivals like Samsung Tab A 10.1.

If you want you could also use this device for productivity work like using Microsoft word, excel or apps like this. I would recommend to not to use device like this to do heavy work like video editing or photo editing as the display is a little bit over-saturated and the processor.


The front and back both the cameras has a resolution of 8 MP and both of them are just OK even though there resolution is good. The other bad thing about the front camera is that it could only record up to 480 pixels which is really disappointing. But on the other side I don’t think that camera is the main reason for anybody to buy tablet.

This device has got an 8000 mAh battery which quite large. The output of the deivce is 18-watts which means it could charge the device in 2 hours which is very fast for a tablet. The battery life disappointed me as it only lasted for a little bit over 7 hours, I watched HD videos at medium brightness.


If you ask me, I would definitely buy this tablet as it is really nice device if we consider it’s price. The biggest disappointment is the battery life. The other thing that is not good are the camera and the speakers but those are not that big of a deal for me. The best thing about this device is the design and display which feels really premium. The display here is the major highlight of this device and it is a really nice display in an inexpensive tablet.