Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 vs 9310: Which One You Should Choose?

dell xps 9310 vs xps 9310 2-in-1

This is the comparison of the Dell XPS 9310 and Dell XPS 9310 2-in-1 laptop. There are some minor changes but they may change your decision. So, check out the review before you buy.

Dell-XPS-13-9310-2-in-1 (1)dell xps 13 9310 (1)
Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1Dell XPS 13 9310
16:10 display which is great for media consumption.
Solid performance.
Clear audio quality.
Compact chassis with great build quality.
The design looks beautiful.
Solid keyboard and touchpad.
Low keyboard travel.
Fewer ports.
Poor port selection.
Average quality webcam with no privacy shutter.


DISPLAYDELL XPS 13 9310 2-IN-1DELL XPS 13 9310
Diagonal Size13.4″ 16:10 FHD+ WLED Touch Display, 13.4″ 16:10 UHD+ WLED Touch Display13.4″ 16:10 FHD+ WLED Touch Display
Resolution1920 x 1200, 3840 x 24001920 x 1200, 3840 x 2400
LCD Backlight Technology WLED-Backlit
Monitor Features16:10 aspect ratio
CPU11th Generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 Processor, 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor, 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor11th Generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 Processor, 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor, 11th Generation Intel Cor i7-1165G7 Processor, 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1185G7 Processor
Clock SpeedUp to 4.1 GHz, up to 4.2 GHz, Up to 4.7 GHzUp to 4.1 GHz, 4.2 GHz, 4.7 GHz, 4.8 GHz
Cache6 MB cache, 8 MB Cache, 12 MB Cache6 MB Cache, 8 MB Cache, 12 MB Cache
MEMORYDELL XPS 13 9310 2-IN-1DELL XPS 13 9310
Size8GB or 16GB or 32GB Memory Onboard8GB or 16GB or 32GB Memory Onboard
Storage256GB, 512GB, 1TB256 GB, 512 GB, 2 TB
Spindle SpeedPCIe NVMe x4 Solid State Drive OnboardM.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
AUDIO & VIDEODELL XPS 13 9310 2-IN-1DELL XPS 13 9310
Graphic ProcessorIntel UHD Graphics with shared graphics memory, Intel Iris Xe Graphics with shared graphics memoryIntel UHD Graphics with shared graphics memory, Intel Iris Xe Graphics with shared graphics memory
SoundHigh Definition Audio Stereo speakers professionally tuned with Waves MaxxAudio Pro; 2W x 2 = 4W totalStereo speakers (2.5W x 2 = 4W peak) professionally tuned with Waves MaxxAudio Pro
CameraWidescreen HD (720p) 2.25mm webcam with dual array digital microphonesWidescreen HD (720p) 2.25mm webcam
TypeWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home
Ports2 Thunderbolt 4 ports with Power Delivery,
1 headset (headphone and microphone combo) port
2 Thunderbolt 4 ports,
1 headset (headphone and microphone combo) port
Memory cardMicro SD card readerMicro SD card reader
Wireless ProtocolKiller Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.1Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.1
Wired Protocol
BATTERYDELL XPS 13 9310 2-IN-1DELL XPS 13 9310
Capacity51WHr (Integrated)52 WHr (Integrated)
Cells4-Cell 4-Cell
Width11.69 in11.6 in
Depth8.15 in7.82 in
Height0.56 in0.58 in
Weight2.9 lbs2.8 lbs
ColorPlatinum silver exterior, black interiorPlatinum silver exterior, black interior
KeyboardBlack English Backlit Keyboard with Fingerprint ReaderBlack Backlit English Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader


This is about the key differences between these two laptops which are Dell XPS 9310 and the Dell XPS 9310 2-in-1, and decide which machine is right for you.



The main difference is obviously a 2-in-1 laptop with a glossy screen and another one is just a standard laptop with a matte screen. So because it’s a two-in-one form factor, it does change the size a little bit because we’ve got a different hinge layout. You can see with the standard XPS 9310 got a basic face strip, very tiny compact 13-inch machine and the 2-in-1 still has very compact and light solid feeling but you’ll notice, you’ve got these hinges on the top. Now, these hinges sort of elongate the laptop very slightly, so you’ll see it is actually a slightly larger laptop only in the length. The width of the laptops is pretty much the same but the length is slightly bigger just because of the 2-in-1 form factor. If you had one on its own, you don’t think you really noticed but only when you’ve got the two side by side can we really see the difference.

Now, when you open the laptop, the big difference is pretty much the form factor. The 9310 is your typical laptop, the screen goes back to a maximum angle which is perfectly normal for typing on your lap using a normal laptop. The display is great outside but there’s nothing else you can do with it. With the 2-in-1 on the other hand, we’ve got a glossy screen that does have some negatives that come with that. If you are working outside you are going to get a bit of reflection and glare off it, but you have these hinges that allow it to flip right around and it’s pen-enabled, so you can get Dell’s pen and you can actually draw on the screen as well. So, you can have it in tent-mode, when the display is folded back the keyboard is disabled, you could have it sitting down on the desk leaning back or you can work on your own mechanical or dedicated keyboard in front typing away with a screen or also, a bit of drawing on the screen or you can fold it flat pick it up and use it pretty much like a tablet. So, you do get a lot of extra functionality with the 2-in-1 9310 laptop over the standard 9310 but that comes at a very slight price increase which is about 100 dollars.


What we did notice, these both have sharp screens but they are very slightly different panel and this could just be the Dell panel or it could be that they use a particular panel on a particular laptop. What we’ve found with our testing is the normal one is very slightly brighter than the 2-in-1, it’s hardly noticeable, but it could just be different coatings because the 2-in-1 obviously has a glossy with a digitizer in it, but the XPS 9310 normal one does feel ever so slightly brighter than 9310 2-in-1 and the colors do seem a little bit deeper. So, if we put a white background on both, you’ve got a slightly warmer color on the XPS 9310 and we also made sure that both have the same color profile in settings but it isn’t just a color setting, this is just the differences in the panels between these two laptops. Although the standard XPS 9310 is a matte, they’ve used a very good matte coating on it, so it doesn’t make it look fuzzy in any way unless you would need that 2-in-1 functionality.

If you prefer the matte screen over the 2-in-1 functionality and glossy screen, then the standard XPS 9310 will be better for you because everything is the same in both the devices other than some minor things. The colors are really vibrant and the text looks really crisp with the 1200p on this screen.

dell xps 9310-2-in-1


These laptops have pretty much identical specs. We’ve got the Tiger Lake i7 in both of these laptops, only the Intel Core i7-1185G7 is not available in the 2-in-1 edition. They’re both 1200p panel, they are both 16 gigabytes with a 512 gigabyte SSD. The main difference is just the form factor and the display screen. They both have got the same ports, that are two Thunderbolt ports and the headphone and microphone combo port. As they both have the same specs, they perform very similarly.

The normal XPS 9310 is about 1500 dollars and the two-in-one is about 1600 dollars. So, there is about 100 dollars difference between the two models, so you should pay extra money for more functionality.

There are a few key differences internally and the first thing that I noticed when I open, the standard XPS 9310 has a 52-watt hour battery whereas the 2-in-1 has a 51-watt hour battery. Now, the next thing that you’ll notice on the 9310, we’ve got a nice copper plate that covers the removable M.2 PCIe SSD drive and if you look on the 2-in-1, there’s no removable M.2 PCIe drive, it’s soldered to the motherboard. So, there is a bit of a plus on the standard XPS 9310. It’s just the basic model that you can upgrade yourself, everything else on both these laptops is soldered on like Wi-Fi card, RAM, and processors.

The one plus here for the 2-in-1 laptop is if you look at the 9310, we’ve got the standard heatsink with just two pipes on either side to the fans, it works really well but on the 2-in-1, you’ll notice this big plate which may be the vapor chamber cooler for this laptop and this is all one big plate with the two fans taking that heat away from this laptop. What I’ve noticed from using both of these, especially using on the lap, the XPS 9310 2-in-1 has remained cooler on the bottom whereas the standard one does get quite a lot hotter on the bottom, and maybe that’s because it’s got that big plate that’s radiating that heat out easier. Also, it does maintain a very slightly higher wattage when you’re using a full performance, the 9310 2-in-1 is getting about 28 watts whereas the standard 9310 got about 25 watts, so maybe this vapor chamber is giving a little bit of a boost over this standard 9310, so that’s a nice little performance boost for the 9310 2-in-1.

Everything else is pretty much the same. There are the same speakers and everything is soldered on. You’ll notice, it’s very slightly longer on the 2-in-1 because of the hinge system that it needs to use.


Apparently, this is a maglev keyboard on the 2-in-1 9310 and the normal XPS 9310 has just your standard sort of Dell keyboard. Typing on both for a few days, they really improve the maglev which feels very similar, the sound is slightly different. The maglev from the 2-in-1 keyboard has a little bit more of a clack to it and the standard keyboard feels a little bit sort of more hollow but they both feel great to type on. In terms of the Maglev keyboard, I think Dell has done a really good job improving it to a point where you won’t really notice the difference between the two laptops.

There is one other difference between these two laptops. The actual layout of the keys is very subtle and minor but if you look at the standard XPS 9310, you’ll notice you have flat left and right cursor keys and then up and down half-height cursor keys with the page up and page down integrated. Now, if you look at the XPS 9310 2-in-1, you’ve got all half-height cursor keys with dedicated page up and page down buttons. Other than that, they both are exactly the same keyboards. They both have the same three-stage backlight.

dell xps 9310 vs xps 9310 2-in-1


The thing you get the difference between these two is we’re getting better battery life from 9310 with the matte screen and it was just over an hour difference between the two. Considering they are the same specs internally, the only difference being is the fact that there’s 2-in-1 with a different screen that’s quite a big difference. The standard XPS 9310 had the sort of win with the battery life.


In conclusion with these two laptops, both of these machines are fantastic laptops. You’ve really got to just decide, do you need the 2-in-1 form factor. If you don’t think you’re going to use it, get the standard 9310. The matte screen is better for productivity in my opinion and if you’re not gonna be drawn on the screen anyway, why have a glossy screen, this is just as punchy and as vibrant as the glossy one. If you need the pen support and you need the 2-in-1 functionality, this is still a fantastic laptop. The XPS 9310 standard edition has an upgradeable SSD, so you can buy it with a smaller SSD and pop your own M.2 in here whereas, with the 2-in-1, you need to buy exactly what you want to buy.

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