Microsoft Surface Go 2 Vs iPad Air 3

Microsoft Surface Go 2Apple iPad Air 3
Low Price Of $399
Solid Design
Increase In Screen Size
Kickstand On The Rear
New Signature Type Cover Colors
10 Hour Battery Life
Beautiful Design.
Beautiful Display
Powerful Cameras
Excellent battery life
Touch ID support
Base Version Lacks Bells And Whistles
Only One USB-C Port
No bundled headphones
No SD card slot


Surface Go 2Tab S6
Dimensions172.5 x 274.6 x 8.9240 x 196.5 x 6.1
MaterialsBack: Magnesium
ColorsBlack, WhiteBlack, Blue, Gold, White

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The first thing you will notice when you get the Surface Go 2 out of the box is that it is really well built and it feels solid. This was the problem for previous generation Surface devices. The screen of the device is very reflective but the design of the display is nice. The kickstand is very typical but it’s also very durable as well. This kickstand can bend a lot of angles and still it’s a very durable kickstand.

Overall, the design of the device is pretty good and the build quality of the device is quite nice as well. The kickstand is also very durable it’s useful in many cases like it can be used as a stand while watching movies or as a stand for the device while using it as a computer.

Apple iPad Air 3

The design of the iPad Air 3 is very similar to the iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) version. Also, the build quality of the device is the same as well. The grip of the device is very nice and it feels comfortable as well. It feels very lightweight and a little bit sleek as well while holding the device in hand. Also, the side bezels look quite thinner which is fine but I would have like to see just little thick bezels for better grip.

Overall, the design is the same and the build quality of the device is nice as well.


Surface Go 2Tab S6
Size10.6 inches9.7 inches
Resolution1080 x 1920 pixels1536 x 2048 pixels
TechnologyIPS LCD
Screen-to-body65.35 %61.78 %
TouchscreenCapacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touchCapacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a 10.5-inch pixel sense display with 1920 x 1280 pixel resolution. The bezels have been trimmed from the sides in comparison to its previous version. The display is good for movie lovers or someone who wants to use this device for entertainment purposes. The colors of the display are quite natural and also the contrast is nice as well.

The brightness of the device is good and you will not have any problem using this device outdoors. The aspect ratio of the device is 3:2 which is a lot of real estate for the screen and because of that, you will notice black spaces on the top and bottom of the device which is not that big of an issue.

Apple iPad Air 3

The display has a 10.5-inch screen size looks a little more beautiful on the iPad Air 3. The first thing I notice about this display is that the side bezels are thin and the top and bottom bezels are a little bit thick which is useful if you are drawing, writing, watching movies, or playing games in the landscape mode.

The screen is quite reflective but the colors look nice because it has got a P3 gamut and true tone technology which adjusts the color of the screen according to the environment around it. This makes the display much more beautiful and it feels like writing or drawing on paper. Also, this is a laminated screen which means that there is no air gap between the display and the panel which enhances the drawing experience as it feels like drawing on an actual piece of paper.

Hardware & Performance

Surface Go 2Tab S6
System chipNvidia Tegra 4Apple A9X
ProcessorQuad core, 1.7 GHz, Cortex A15Tri core, 1.5 GHz
GPUNVIDIA TegraEmbedded M12 coprocessor
RAM2 GB2 GB (base variant)
Internal storage3232 GB (base variant)
Storage expansion
Device typeTabletiPad

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The performance of the device is pretty basic with the base variant. If you want to do anything besides using chrome, writing, doing office work, or helping your child doing homework then it becomes an issue.

If you want to do some high-end work like photo or video editing then I would suggest you to go for Core M3 model as it has got more processing power. However, the basic model is good enough for students, for everyday usage and also for someone who just wants to own a tablet.

Apple iPad Air 3

The A12 processor on Air 3 is fast and almost all day-to-day tasks can be done without any problems. I think that a lot of stuff can be done with this device but I also think that it’s going to be a little bit limited to some point.

Now, if you are a student or someone like that and your work is mostly to take notes or writing then this device is perfectly fine for it. If you are someone who likes to draw or take notes with the stylus then this device is good for you. However, if you are thinking to do multitasking with this device like video, photo editing, and things like that then you might run into RAM management problems.

Playing games is not an issue on this device and many things can be done on this device. But if you like to open several apps at the same time and switch between them very often then you might notice some apps getting restart which becomes a little annoying.

Camera & Battery life

Surface Go 2Tab S6
Main camera5 MP8 MP (Autofocus)
Video recording1920×1080 fps1080p HD
Front3.5 MP7 MP
Battery Capacity30.2-watt hour
Battery TypeLithium Polymer

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The rear-facing camera on this device is almost garbage as the photos look very soft and unclear as well. And in the low lighting conditions photos look terrible. The front-facing camera is good and it can take nice selfies as well but I would recommend using it for video calling only as mobile phones takes much better photos. Also, the microphones used in this device are studio-level microphones and the audio quality is quite good as well which means the video calling is going to be great as well.

The battery life of the device is not that good and I got 7 hours of screen on time on an average without pushing it hard which is not that great in my opinion. However, with the general usage, you will definitely be able to last it the whole day.

Apple iPad Air 3

It has got the same camera as the iPad Air 2 and the resolution of this camera is 8-megapixel. The result is good and photos do look nice but I still think that photos from mobile are much better. The front camera is pretty good and it’s a nice camera for video calling and for document scanning as well.

The battery on this device is really good and quite big as well. Also, my experience is quite good with the Apple iPad’s battery life. Also, the standby time is quite good as well.

Which Should You Buy?

Now, If I want to go for one of these devices than I would definitely go for iPad Air 3 as this is a better device overall. The performance of the device is good, battery life is good, display is beautiful and also the design and the build quality of the device is quite nice as well. However, buying a device depends on the needs of a person like I do lot of video editing and thus I need a faster processor and because of that the iPad Air 3 is the best choice for me.

But let’s just say I want to watch videos, browse the web and scroll through social media than I would definitely go for the Microsoft Surface Go 2 because my needs are not too high. In short, buying one of these devices depends on your needs.