Warzone Tips and Tricks and Everything You Need to Know

Warzone is one of the most popular games currently and is available to players free of cost. Although it seems like a typical shooter game, it is not the same as PUBG or Fortnite. Hence, even a pro player might find Warzone a little out of their depth. 

Therefore, if you want to master this game’s art, you must be aware of a few essential tips and tricks. Warzone is more of a fleshed-out Battle Royal, and it being free is played by people all around the world. If you want to know more about Warzone cheats to win the game, you can visit https://rivalcheats.com/cod-warzone-cheats/.

Before diving into Warzone winning tips and tricks , there are a few other conditions you should be aware of. These are- 

  • Free Warzone section has two game modes- Battle Royal and Plunder 
  • Plunder is more about collecting in-game currencies. To earn these currencies you have to move around the map, kill enemies, and loot buildings. You will have access to in-game activities as well, which will reward you with more plunders. This game is about searching for more kills, and it is great for getting grips on new mechanics outside the tedious Battle Royal games 
  • Battle Royal is a standard game where 150 players drop into a map in trios. These players have to fight it out as the circle gets smaller and smaller. At last, the final surviving team comes out on top. 
  • However, Battle Royal contains some regular COD elements like killstreaks and perks, but you have to earn them. 

Popular tips and tricks of Warzone 

Focus on the Map

 In Warzone games the map plays a huge role. It accommodates 150 players. Therefore playing the game and dropping in would be difficult if you don’t know the map well. You can use the plunder mode to get acquainted with the surrounding fast. Take a few rounds to know the map to figure out everything better. 

Prepare your weapons and loadouts

 If you want to excel in the game, then make the most out of your pre-game lobby. As it is a killing game so maximizing the kill rate will eventually result in more unlocking new attachments, permanent XP for the weapons, and skins to use in future battles. 

Make strategies

The war zone has very little time to kill. It doesn’t really matter how many weapons you have. If your opponent has the right armor, he/she can kill you in a fraction of seconds. Therefore, always prioritize your safety by combating the right strategies. For example, if two opponents shoot at you simultaneously, you can only outplay the opposition using surprise elements and positioning. 

Choose the right perks

Spending time on perks is equally important as spending time on loadouts. High alerts are crucial perks as it gives you an early warning if an enemy is looking at you without your knowledge. Cold-blooded is another useful perk. It not only renders you undetectable in an enemy’s high alert perk but also does not let you get highlighted when seen through thermal scopes. 

Focus on killstreaks and equipment

Killstreaks and equipment can either make or break the deal for you. So, make sure to focus on the right killstreaks. These include: a mounted 50 cal with a shield, an airstrike to target with a scope, UAV to detect enemies that are not using ghosts, and a leaser-designated Custer strike. Ensure to make the best use of them. 

Use the vehicles

The Warzone has multiple vehicles in the game. If you want to survive and come out a winner, you need to know how to use the vehicles. There are vehicles like- Tactical Rover, ATV, SUV, Helicopter, and Cargo Truck. It is best to learn about these vehicles and use them wisely. 

Safety in numbers

It will be challenging to survive in the game without your team members. So don’t go too far from your team and allow your enemies to attack you. You can strategize your game plan well with your group, so make the best out of your team. 

Collect cash

It would help if you had cash or currency to invest in killstreaks and revive. If you have enough currency, it will help you invest in essential weapons in the long term. 


These are some of the best Warzone tips and tricks you shouldn’t be missing. Utilize these pro tips to excel in your Warzone game, and if you have any more queries, feel free to leave a comment. For more such updates, stay tuned.