Top 7 Best Truck Tonneau Covers of the Year

Accessorizing your truck can help you to have an even better ownership experience. One of the most popular upgrades on the market is adding a tonneau cover. However, it can be hard to know which tonneaus to consider. The following are seven of the best tonneau covers money can buy.

1) Retrax PowertraxPRO MX Retractable

This premium tonneau cover features an easy-to-use retracting mechanism. Since there is no lifting, this cover always keeps an optimal seal. It is made from a high-quality polycarbonate. So, despite the flexible construction, it is surprisingly strong and effective at protecting your bed.

2) BAK Industries BAKFlip MX4

If you like aluminum folding covers, this is the one to get. It is a quad-fold design with high-density foam cores. The BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover can be opened to offer 100% bed access and features a dual-action seal that makes operating the tailgate easy. When combined with BAK Industries’ build quality, these features make the MX4 a great option.

3) Retrax RetraxONE XR Retractable

This Retrax cover comes at a more readily accessible price than the pro model. However, it still features some great benefits. For example, it has rails that allow you to mount additional storage above the cover. This helps to make the RetraxONE XR a highly practical tonneau cover.

4) Undercover Ultra Flex

This is another folding design with a hard shell. It has an attractive matte finish and various great features for a reasonable price. The panels are carpeted underneath to minimize noise and avoid scratching. Plus. The cover has a dual-action seal like the MX4.

5) WeatherTech Roll Up

A lot of truck owners prefer the simplicity of roll-up covers. The WeatherTech Roll Up Truck Bed Cover is a great design. It is made from premium materials and provides a good seal to protect the bed from the weather. Additionally, the design is quite easy to operate, allowing opening and closing within a matter of seconds.

6) BAK Industries BAKFlip G2

Another great option from BAK Industries is the G2. This tri-fold design is the most popular folding cover from BAK. It is not quite as fancy as the MX4. However, it offers a lot of great benefits at a very affordable price. If you want something you can count on without breaking the bank, this should be on your list.

7) Roll N Lock E-Series

This retractable design is an excellent premium choice for many trucks. It has a powder-coating aluminum cover body. Additionally, the hinge is designed to keep thieves out. There is even a pressure-sensitive stop to prevent any motor damage if things get caught up. You can operate the cover with your key fob.

Get Your Tonneau Cover Today

Whether you are looking at a BAKFlip MX4 for sale or a Retrax cover, you should seriously consider getting a tonneau cover. This is a great way to upgrade any truck. It will help you get more from your already practical bed. Plus, it can add to the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the truck. Learn more today and find the right cover for you.