HP Pro C640 Chromebook vs Elite C1030 Chromebook: Which is Better Chromebook?

HP Pro C640 Chromebooks vs Elite C1030 Chromebook

This is the comparison of the HP Pro C640 versus the HP Elite C1030 laptops. Both these are Chromebooks that come under an affordable price range. So, let’s see which one is better considering the price range, features, and performance.

hp pro c640 chromebookHP elite c1030 chromebook
HP Pro C640 ChromebookHP Elite C1030 Chromebook
Military-grade durability.
Ample ports.
Decent battery life.
Great sound.
Dim, lackluster display.
Some bland design choices.


Type14″ diagonal, HD, anti-glare, 220 nits, 45% NTSC display
13.5″ diagonal, WUXGA+, touch, IPS, narrow bezel, BrightView, 400 nits, 72% NTSC
Resolution1366 x 7681920 x 1280
LCD Backlight Technology
Monitor Features45% NTSC, 220 nits72% NTSC, 400 nits
CPUIntel Pentium Gold 6405U,
Intel Core i3-10110U processor
Intel Core i3-10110U processor
Clock Speed (Turbo boost)2.4 GHz (base), 4.1 GHz4.1 GHz
Cache2 MB L3 Cache, 4 MB L3 Cache4 MB L3 Cache
Speed2666 MHz2666 MHz
Storage32 GB, 64 GB128 GB
Spindle SpeedFlash memoryPCIe NVMe SSD
Graphic ProcessorIntel UHD Graphics 620Intel UHD Graphics
SoundAudio by B&O, dual stereo speakersAudio by B&O, dual stereo speakers
Camera720p HD privacy camera720p HD privacy camera
TypeChrome OSChrome OS
Ports2 USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 (Power delivery, DisplayPort);
2 USB 3.1 Gen 1;
1 headphone / microphone combo;
1 HDMI 1.4
2 USB 3.1 Type-C (Charge and video support, data transfer, power delivery);
1 USB 3.1 Gen 1;
1 headphone / microphone combo
Memory card1 microSD; 1 multi-format digital media reader supports SD, SDHC, SDXC.1 microSD supports SD, SDHC, SDXC.
Wireless ProtocolIntel AX201 Wi-Fi 6 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5 combo, non-vProIntel AX201 Wi-Fi 6 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5 combo, non-vPro
Wired Protocol
Capacity60 WHr50 WHr
Width12.8 in11.6 in
Depth8.07 in8.5 in
Height0.65 in0.6 in
Weight3.35 lbs2.87 lbs
ColorPike silver aluminum
KeyboardFull-size island-style, backlit, spill and pick resistant keyboardFull-size island-style, backlit, spill and pick resistant keyboard


This is the comparison of two Chromebooks which are the HP Pro C640 and HP Elite C1030. The Pro C640 is a 14-inch affordable Chromebook that can be used for all casual works like web browsing and media consumption. On the other hand, we have the HP Elite C1030 Chromebook which is designed for enterprise. Let’s get into the detailed comparison. 

HP Pro C640 Chromebook


HP Pro C640 Chromebook

It’s a solid build. It’s slightly lighter than the x360 which is great news for those of you really concerned with the weight on your Chromebooks. It’s sleek and it looks very professional. It’s mil-spec tested meaning that it can take a few accidental drops, some light rain, humidity, extreme temperatures, and much more.

HP has given us another killer keyboard. It’s very similar in feel to me to the x360 keyboard. You’ve got that great key travel, nice spacing, good use of the overall real estate here. This keyboard is also spill-resistant as part of its mil-spec design. The backlighting on the keyboard isn’t great but it is there, I noticed that it tends to work a little bit better on the function keys and the number keys. A little more contrast could have been helpful in the design of the keys themselves to separate them. The trackpad is big, though I think it’s a little bit smaller than the one on the x360, still it has great input. It’s super responsive to the gesture commands.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

It’s beautiful, you got the very high-end version of the logo. It’s sleek, it’s well-rounded, it looks really premium even compared to the nice design of their fewer premium models. It’s really a gorgeous device, I think the screen bezels are really small so you get mostly display against this nice-looking backlit silver base. It feels pretty sturdy but the bottom of it feels a little plasticky.

The keyboard on this is great, though it kind of has that thing where it’s designed to look super professional and sleek which makes it not quite as great as the other HP keyboards. You still get good key travel but it all feels a little too smooth and soft. Regardless, I still think it’s one of the best keyboards that I’ve used. You all will love this, it’s backlit and the backlighting is the best I’ve seen in a long time if ever. It is lit incredibly evenly unlike how it looked on the previous HP C640. Even cooler on this one in addition to the regular screen brightness control which on some devices will also control the backlight. This has a dedicated keyboard backlight button and there’s also a dedicated screenshot key which I think should become standard on all devices. On the bottom right corner like HP has done on all their devices this year, we have our fingerprint scanner. On the trackpad, it works smooth, and it’s big. However, this is one of the first trackpads in a very long time where I had repeat issues with palm rejection.


HP Pro C640 Chromebook

We’ve got a 14-inch HD display and that’s 1366 by 768 and it’s pretty good. The colors look pretty solid, especially the more vibrant colors that seem to do best. Overall contrast is pretty good, though I do think some of the tones get washed out that I noticed that a lot in the earthy tones. Brightness is pretty good, sometimes kind of causing a bit of washout on some areas where there’s not as much contrast between colors. Overall, it doesn’t appear quite as powerful and bright as the x360s display. This model is actually less bright, although the gap is less small on the c640 model with a full HD 1080p display. This is a touch screen as well, so using gestures on the screen to navigate works really well, interactivity is what you would expect from a nice touch screen. The display itself is on a 180 style hinge, meaning it can lay flat.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

This is a 13.5 inch Full HD display with a matte finish. Now, there are multiple versions of the display, so there are three versions technically for this one. We’ve got the beautiful matte finish here, we’ve got a glossy finish version of the same display, and then there’s a high-end option with a digital privacy filter and it literally means there’s a button on the keyboard so that the display will hide what you’re doing from people looking at your screen from the side. It sounds awesome, especially for those of you who are using this solely in the enterprise world as security is so important. Regardless of the display I got, I was super impressed with it. The colors are really rich, the contrast is awesome, it gets really bright. The maximum brightness is 400 nits, it still looks awesome at lower light levels. I just can’t mention how happy I am to have a touchscreen with a matte finish that operates really well.

In terms of the display, it’s not quite as jaw-dropping as the Galaxy Chromebook screen but I also don’t think it’s particularly fair to compare a 4K AMOLED display to a Full HD IPS display. This is definitely my second favorite after that one in the Chromebook displays.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook


HP Pro C640 Chromebook

We’ve also got a webcam and the webcam is not great. It’s not particularly sharp or good-looking. If you have great lighting, you’ll find it turns out a little bit better but I truly doubt many people are going to be using these in studio lighting conditions. We’ve got a great fingerprint scanner to the bottom right of the keyboard which works incredibly well and I hope to find this on all new devices.

Just like on the x360 from HP, these are surprisingly nice laptop speakers of Bang & Olufsen. They get way louder than anticipated though with some little distortions in the high end, especially around the bass frequencies.

I love seeing many ports on the device. We’ve got a micro SD card slot, a headset/mic port, and two jaw-dropping USB Type-A ports, dual USB Type-C ports for charging, external displays, and file transfer, we’ve got the HDMI out so that you can also connect the display easily via HDMI, and lastly a little lock port for those Kensington style locks.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

We do have the Bang & Olufsen speakers and what’s funny is they’re not upward facing. So, you don’t get that stereo separation. What I thought was really weird is that I don’t think it actually sounds as good but it still gets loud. The sound quality of these speakers is not great. If I lift the Chromebook up, it actually sounded better which is typically not the case.

We’ve also got a really nice powered USB-C charging stylus. It’s an active stylus, it works awesome, it handles pressure sensitivity and speed. There’s a little slowness in between the device when you’re drawing on it but it works really well and I think the representation is great on screen. On one side, it is totally flat and the rest of it is rounded but it’s thick like an actual pencil. It fits nicely in your hand and it feels really good to hold.

The only real negative mark on this device, it’s the webcam. It’s too bad, it’s not even comparable to the camera on the normal phone. The good news is the use of HP’s privacy switch on the side of the keyboard is great. As a feature, it is super cool where you can actually just shut the camera off by switching this off so that you control your privacy.

We’ve got almost the exact same setup of ports as the HP x360. So that means, you’ve got dual USB Type-C ports for charging and for external displays as well as data transfer, you’ve got a micro SD card slot, one jaw-dropper USB Type-A port, a headphone/mic jack, and a Kensington lock spot. I personally would have loved to see the extra external HDMI port here. Overall, it’s a really great amount of ports.

HP Pro C640 Chromebook


HP Pro C640 Chromebook

We’re using the entry model running on the Intel Pentium Gold 6405U processor with 4 GB of RAM. My experience with it has been fairly good, it handles a few simultaneous videos playing and a good amount of tabs before it chugs too hard though. You really notice that four GB of RAM pretty quickly and the Pentium Gold is fine but maybe not as powerful if you were to pair that 4 GB with something like an i5 processor. I am noticing these performance dips much quicker than HP’s x360 model. This is designed for enterprise users.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

This machine comes in a bunch of different flavors but we are comparing and testing out the i3 model with eight gigabytes of RAM. HP does offer up to an i7, so there’s an i7, an i5 and they’ve got either 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM but I was super impressed with the performance of the setup. It handled tons of videos, applications, browser tabs open, I didn’t notice any sort of issues which is awesome for what is technically the entry-level model of this device.

I did some benchmarks. We weren’t able to get a successful full run of JetStream via browser bench on this unit. Every time I went to do JetStream, it would go through most of the test and it would just ultimately end up locking the chrome browser and ultimately the whole device requiring me to do a full power reset. On this device, this is the only error that I experienced and all the other benchmarking tools were just fine.


HP Pro C640 Chromebook

HP strikes gold in the battery. The loop tests on this machine gave me around 11 hours of battery life. So, this is perfect for the enterprise world with more than enough battery life to get you through a day. It also charges pretty quickly meaning we’re in great shape if you can just get a little electricity.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

I’ve had great luck with the last few HP devices and this one kills it too. HP is quoting us at 12 hours of battery life and I got somewhere around 11 hours and 30 minutes. I think it’s a pretty good estimate. I am more than happy with this result, especially for how nice this display looks. This device also supports HP’s fast charge technology which will charge the Chromebook to 90% in 90 minutes.

HP Elite C1030 Chromebook


The HP C640 is a solid Chromebook. I think, I personally was expecting a little more oomph out of this but it’s my personal expectations and not necessarily a knock on the device. It’s priced pretty well at the entry-level. However, if you’re just looking for a solid HP Chromebook that’s in this price range, I think it’s a great entry model as the processor worked better than I was anticipating. The HP Elite C1030 Chromebook is awesome. I’ve really enjoyed using it like I am using what amounts to the most basic version through the offer of the C1030 and I thought it was killer. It is fast, it looks good and the screen is great that they offered this in an anti-glare matte finish.

Here, the price is ultimately going to be the deciding factor because there have been a lot of great devices including these two Chromebooks. The Pro C640 is the best affordable option as it comes under less price range with a 14-inch screen but it lacks convertible feature and there are fewer storage and ram options. So, if you want a sturdy and stylish Chromebook with good RAM and storage options, then Elite 1030 will be better.