AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5970X Specs

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5970X processor features 32 cores, 64 threads, and a maximum frequency of 4.7GHz, making it ideal for very high-end desktop computers. The lithography, the number of transistors (if present), the offered cache memory, the maximum capacity of RAM memory that we can get, the type of compatible memory, the release date, the maximum number of PCIe lanes, and the values obtained in the Passmark platform, Cinebench R15, and Geekbench 4 are all shown in the table below.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen Threadripper 5970X
Market (main)Very high-end desktop computer
ISAx86-64 (64 bit)
MicroarchitectureZen 3
Core name
FamilyRyzen Threadripper 5000
Part number(s), S-SpecRyzen Threadripper 5970X
Release date2021 Q3
Lithography7 nm EUV
Base frequency3.8 GHz
Turbo frequency4.7 GHz
Cache memory128 MB
Max memory capacity512 GB
Memory typesDDR4-3200
Max # of memory channels4
Max PCIe lanes64
Suggested PSU800W ATX Power Supply
GPU integrated graphicsNone
Compatible motherboardSocket WRX80 Motherboard