Logitech G102 vs G203: Which to Buy?

Logitech G102 vs G203

Computer gaming is becoming increasingly popular among the general public. The need to make gaming more realistic has become an important part of gamers’ lives over time. To make it all realistic, many tech giants have introduced a new mode of innovation within development in their venture.

Logitech’s G series of mice has revolutionized the mouse industry. Logitech’s signature mouse, the G102 LIGHTSYNC, is known for its exceptional performance. But that’s not all Logitech has to offer. The G203 Prodigy RGB is the most recent advancement in bringing new technology to the market.

Let’s go over all of the distinguishing characteristics that exist between them. This is primarily for the purpose of introducing you to the new champion.

Logitech G102Logitech G203
DPI speed settings.
Optical sensor.
LIGHTSYNC mechanism.
Easy tracking.
Advanced DPI mechanism.
Optical controls.
Advanced button tensioning feature.
Simple design.
Compatibility issue.
No mice tilting feature.

G102 VS G203: SPECS

Logitech G102Logitech G203
Mouse typeWired Gaming MouseWired Gaming Mouse
Programmable Buttons66
DimensionsHeight: 116.6 mm
Width: 62.15 mm
Depth: 38.2 mm
Height: 116.6 mm
Width: 62.15 mm
Depth: 38.2 mm
RGB SupportLightSync RGB supportLightSync RGB support
Mouse SoftwareLogitech G HubLogitech G Hub


There is nothing particularly unique about any of the modes when it comes to design. Instead, in terms of physical appearance, both of them are quite similar. Even at first glance, they could be mistaken for a regular desktop mouse in use.

Both of these models are available in black. G203 differs from G102 in that it is an advanced level gaming mouse that begins to exhibit this property as soon as it comes close to your grip. Both of these have a palm grip as well as an LED indicator on the top front.


Both mice are compatible with Logitech’s gaming Hub software. The downside is that you can’t tilt the mouse and must instead rely on the scrolling wheel at the back. The LIGHTSYNC feature is common to both, but it is more efficient in the Logitech G203 due to the upgraded features. Aside from that, the G203 has a sophisticated button tensioning system. This reduces the amount of time it takes to click, which is compensated in G102 by the availability of DPI speed settings.


In addition to the maximum DPI speed, the G102 has an optical sensor. As a result, it is very effective in terms of controls. The tracking speed is also commendable, and the automated controls can be easily stimulated. The DPI sensor allows you to experience incredible speed. As a result, you can expect top-notch performance here. The optical sensor, in conjunction with the scrolling wheel, allows you to control everything automatically.

The Logitech G203 is all about progress. The overall goal of the cutting-edge 6000 DIP technology is to maintain high-speed tracking. It also has an optical sensor, which adds to the ultra-edge controls even more.


Well! Price is an unfamiliar entity that exists between both mice, despite the fact that they have similar features. G203 is also more expensive due to its advanced features. You’re supposed to pay an extra ten to twelve dollars over here. In terms of price, the G102 is in the middle of the pack in terms of features. You could say that the mouse is reasonably priced and a good value for money.


Because many of the features in both models are well-known. Yes! A few functions are much more advanced in G203, and this is what separates the price ranges. G102 is a great deal for you if you have a minimalistic approach to life and prefer things to be in simple order. G203, on the other hand, is for those who enjoy features that can captivate a large group of people. As a result, if you want to get your hands on it, you should be prepared to pay the extra money as well.

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