Logitech G102 vs G304: Which is Better?

Logitech G102 vs G304

Gaming is regarded as an art form, and gamers will go to great lengths to turn their gaming into a work of art. The most recent devices on the market strive to demonstrate gaming as a work of art with a realistic backdrop. The game’s controls are an important part of creating a fantastic gaming experience.

Logitech goes above and beyond to provide a great gaming experience by offering a diverse range of mice. The newcomers in town are the Logitech G102 and Logitech G304. Both are known for having exceptional controls with the most up-to-date features. Because they are both descended from the same parent, many of their characteristics are similar.

Let’s take a closer look at the features so you can choose the best of the two for yourself.

Logitech G102Logitech G304
DIP speed settings.
Highly responding buttons.
Scrolling wheel.
Smart controls.
Advanced tensioning button.
HERO sensor.
LIGHTSPEED wireless technology protocol.
Basic design.
Lack of advanced tensioning mechanism.
Small size.
Limited color range.


Logitech is well-known for its long-lasting products and ease of use. As a result, both of these models have a simple design but are extremely durable in their operation. This is something that both mice have in common, and we can see the black color leading up the path, which is unique. A scroll wheel is included in both of them, and it works well.

G304 has one exception, which is what separates the two in the first place. When compared to G102, the six buttons over here are quite flexible. G302 is also a little smaller than its competitor.


Logitech is a name that conjures up images of perfection, and this perfection can be applied to both models. The Logitech G102, with its signature DIP speed setting feature, has a way of enticing the tech town. The tracking feature is very convenient over here, but the mouse tilting feature appears to be missing.

The Logitech G304 has a plethora of unique features that define its uniqueness. The LIGHTSPEED wireless technology protocol, which exceeds the latency time, is the most striking feature of the G304. This distinguishes it from the competition.


As we all know, Logitech devices are known for their high performance. As a result, neither of these mice is an exception to the rule. With the help of its optical sensor and DIS speed settings, the G102 controls the most important gaming settings with utmost efficiency.

When it comes to the Logitech G304’s performance, you can expect palm tracking and high-speed motion. This feature distinguishes it as one of the most technologically advanced mice in town.


There is a significant price difference between the two mice. The primary reason for this is due to the contrasting yet distinguishing characteristics of both. Because of its minimalistic design, the Logitech G102 comes at a reasonable price.

With higher quality comes higher costs. This works in accordance with the device’s extremely advanced features. Because of the greater number of features that describe G304, it is significantly more expensive.


Because they are brothers and sisters, there aren’t many significant differences between them. However, there are a few differences that become the reason for the higher prices. The Logitech G102 is a reasonably priced device with intriguing features. As a result, it may be an excellent option.

If you want a cool upgrade with the best features, the G304 can be your treat, but you’ll have to pay a little more than its competitor, and the ball will be in your court.

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