There is no doubt that this is a really small design change, the only difference is iPhone 14 is 0.02 cm thick.

iPhone 14 Camera is Better, here's why

For better Low Light images iPhone 14 is enhanced with aperture of ƒ/1.9

New action mode allows you to record stable videos. 

4K Video at 24 FPS in Cinematic Mode.



A15 Bionic is used in both models. 

But the difference is found in the GPU cores, the iPhone 14 has 5 GPU cores compared to the 4 GPU cores in iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 Battery Life:

iPhone 13 Battery Life:

Video playback : up to 20 hours Audio playback : up to 80 hours

Video playback : up to 19 hours Audio playback : up to 75 hours


There is only $100 difference in Price which is not a big difference.

iPhone 14 starts from $799. iPhone 13 starts from $699.

Which to Buy

If you already own a iPhone 13 then it's not worth upgrading to iPhone 14 because the changes are very minimal. But if you are going to buy a new one, then go for iPhone 14.

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