The design at the back of both phones is nearly identical to their predecessors. However, the new iPhone's triple camera setup enhances its status and makes it more visually attractive in public.


From the front, the Samsung S23 Ultra's slim bezel and small punch hole design appear more contemporary compared to the iPhone's dynamic notch.


Even on submerging the two under water, the iPhone survives till 6 meters whereas S23, only survives till 1.5 meters.


You get extra features like S-pen, reverse wireless charging, multitasking only in S23 Ultra.



Whereas iPhone 14 Pro Max provides good stability with IOS. A great eco-system with Airpods and iPad.

Both phones have outstanding camera capabilities. The main camera on the S23 Ultra is 200MP, while the main camera on the 14 Pro Max is 48MP.


For Depth-Camera comparison, you can watch the below video by cllicking on it