Big News !

Apple has stopped selling their Series 9 and Ultra 2 watch models in the US.

Patent Violation

Why, you ask? It's due to a patent issue with a blood oxygen sensor, owned by Masimo, a medical tech company.

3-Year Legal Battle

This legal battle between Apple and Masimo has been brewing for over three years, leading to serious consequences.

Import Ban in Effect

The US International Trade Commission has banned the import of these Apple Watch models from China.

SE Model Still Available

Good news for some - the Apple Watch SE is still up for grabs in the US!

Limited Stock at Retailers

Hurry up! Retailers like Walmart and Best Buy still have some stock left, but they can't restock

Repair Issues for Older Models

Got a broken Apple Watch Series 6 or later? Apple's not doing repairs anymore, even if it's just a screen issue.

Possible Solutions?

What's next? Apple might change their tech or settle with Masimo. But it's a race against time!

Apple Stock Takes a Hit

This saga has already affected Apple's stock and could impact holiday sales big time!