125 High Tech Gadgets Can Make Your Life Better

Here are 125 gadgets that you should use to make your life even better.

1. Air Football

This is essentially an air football think those air hockey tables when you go to an arcade. This emulates that without the need for a table at all. Built inside is a pretty gigantic fan which rolls to life as soon as you turn it on. And I mean that in the literal sense of the word because this is a loud.

2. Writing Board with LCD

This is basically an ipad pro for twenty dollars, I’m kidding. But what it does do is replace the writing slate functionality. So bundled inside the box you get a stylus that’s very responsive and it feels very natural on the screens display. But the best bit here is giving that little button at the bottom one tap and it automatically removes all your text from the screen.

3. Automobile Anti-slip Mat

The next product might look a little bit familiar. This is an anti slip mat but the benefit here is that this is by far the cheapest one I’ve ever come across. What it does is attaches to just about any surface you can think of horizontal, vertical or anywhere in between. And it allows you to comfortably place objects at angles that you never would have thought possible.

4. Cable Organiser

So this tiny little one over here is a cable organizer but unlike any one we’ve ever seen. Whilst on the rear it has a piece of 3m tape so you can stick it to any object which is fairly normal. These little tabs you see on there are completely magnetic. So you can remove them you can add extra ones and you simply slide one of your cables through it. And clip the magnet back on this little thing makes so much sense.

5. Thinking Putty

This the next one, to be honest, I don’t have a clue why it’s called thinking putty what it does do is pretty cool. We have two sections to this packaging on one side we have a little tub of putty which is in fact magnetic on the other section. We have a tub to store in which also contains a magnet and it is the fusion and interaction of these two products that actually makes it interesting. So you could place the magnet on top of the putty and just see how it manipulates it. Or you could even stow it away in a box in a certain manner and then check on it in ten minutes.

6. 216 Luminous Buckyballs

Next up is a tiny little box which is packed to the brim with magnets but not necessarily magnets in a form you’re used to seeing them in. These are tiny little spheres the green mate finish makes a lot of sense. It makes them feel far more high-quality than these standard shiny metallic ones we used to seeing.

7. LED Flying Alarm Clock

The next product is flying alarm-clock made especially for people who just refuse to get up in the morning. So when the alarm turns on as well as creating siren sound that sounds like hell itself. It also fires copter shaped object all the way into the air. The idea being that in order to deactivate the alarm you’ve got to get out your bed pick it up and plug it back in.

8. LED Flashing Shoelaces for Night

Now this is one I was really looking forward to trying. These are led shoe laces they come with two hubs and then two cables which are made of something they call optical fiber. So the two hubs contain the light bulbs which are going to shine down the optical fibers. In order to light them all up along their entire length. So just get some shoes you want to try it on undo the normal laces and tie these through. The instruction manual then teaches you how to wire them up and my first impression was really quite good.

9. Heat Re-sealer

This one I was very skeptical about at such a low price it claims to be able to reseal already open bags that could be anthing to keep them fresh for longer. To be honest to me sounded incredible and I’m amazed because for the most part it does actually do what it says. All you got to do is grab a wrapper that’s been somewhat opened. And then get this device and pin surrounded as if you were using as a stapler.

10. Oil Diffuser

Something I’ve been quite curious about for a long period of time are these supposed oil diffusers. Here we have one of the most inexpensive ones. You can get it’s got a wooden enclosure so it does fit quite organically within any setup. And it’s got a soft glowing led just under the lid and the idea is you work the product open. And pour in however much water you want to. You can then add any essential oils like lavender could be a bit of chamomile. Within about a minute of doing that it’ll start to diffuse scent in the room.

11. ILEPO Earphones

This is the ilepo anc and yes, it’s a pair of earphones you’ve all seen and use them before. Anc stands for active noise cancellation so for those who don’t know. This means they have a built-in microphone which picks up the background noise and then the processor inside tries to remove it. It’s not going to be quite bose quietcomfort level of isolation but it’s better than a passive pair and for twenty dollars the audio isn’t half bad either.

12. Bondic

This is bondic and it’s a tiny little tool that allows you to repair everything from glasses to jewelry to earphones to cables. And it’s a little miracle I honestly think the person who came up with this is a genius. It actually works straight out the box and it’s super simple to use. For example you release some of the liquid inside of it. Then you turn it over and there’s a built-in uv light and the uv light causes it to harden. There’s no heat or cooling required it’s that simple it becomes as strong as a hard plastic.

13. Super Bass Speaker

So now we have one of the most interesting speakers I’ve ever tested not because of its cutting edge design or it’s insane sound quality. But because it costs seven dollars that’s not to say it sounds bad in fact quite the opposite considering its sizing, price. The sound will probably amaze you it’s got really powerful base as the name might suggest and it adds a lot of richness to your music.

14. Combaterwing Mouse

This is a mouse and not just any mouse this is the combaterwing mouse and its feature set and build quality far surpasses the asking price. It has a very similar feel and functionality to my wrapped 5 gaming mouse which is a established brand and costs over fifty dollars. We’ve got a metal construction and matte finish. A color-changing internal led, ten programmable keys and a sensitivity of 4800 dpi which again is slightly better than you’d expect for the price.

15. Mighty Mug

Next up is the stainless steel mighty mug nowadays you don’t know what mighty mug is. It’s a company that makes mugs that just don’t fall over. It’s so cool it’s almost frustrating it’s got a patented grip technology on the back. Even if you give this thing a really hard whack it just does not budge. But in any realistic scenario this could very well save your laptop. It has a lid that seals so that you don’t spill your drink.

16. Watch

I would call it a watch but it just doesn’t tell the time. It’s made of silicone with those really cool bands that snap around your hand. If you just put it on normally you shouldn’t have any problems. And for this rock-bottom price what this actually is an mp3 player. It’s got room for an 8 gigabyte sd card and the sound quality is not half bad either.

17. Earson ER151

This product at just over $20 is the earson er151 bluetooth speaker. And this could be at the price anyway one of the most feature-rich ones I’ve ever seen. It’s got a powerful 4 watt speaker which delivers sound quality that surpasses its size. It’s strong not just in terms of structure bit in terms of shape making it not only waterproof. But dustproof and scratch and shockproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercise.

18. Mavic Pro Platinum

This a a dji mavic pro platinum in a way this is the best portable drone the company has made. It keeps the same foldable form factor that the maverick pro has but with some noticeable improvements. First up is that battery life the efficiency of the components inside the maverick pro have been quite significantly improved here. Leading to a 30-minute flight time compared to about 22 to 24 on the original maverick pro.

19. Xbox One X

Then we have the new xbox one x. A controversial console one which a lot of people perhaps wouldn’t leap to be purchasing. But actually I think it makes quite a compelling argument even though it is smaller than the original xbox one it is many times more powerful. It is 40% more powerful than the closest competitor the playstation 4 pro. And that basically means games look amazing.

20. Soundboks 2

Now we’ve got these soundbox 2. A wireless bluetooth battery-powered speaker with a sound output of 122 decibels that makes it the loudest speaker in the world in this category. And in a lot of ways this is quite reminiscent of a lot of those rugged bluetooth speakers, you see. But this is on steroids the outer shell is considered apocalypse ready unfazed by snow, rain, sun humidity and extreme temperatures. But it’s 15 kilos we’ve got a gigantic removable battery capable of powering this for 40 hours of usage. And the sound quality is really good.

21. Nintendo Switch

All right you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the nintendo switch considered by some is a bit of a kids toy. But the fact of the matter is this offers so many experiences that you just cannot get anywhere else. So many fantastic exclusive titles we’ve got zelda breath of the wild – video game of the year. We’ve got mario odyssey not far behind and many more but perhaps even more exciting than the big exclusive titles. It’s getting probably once a month if not more are the increasing number of ports from home consoles.

22. Vega 64

The next product is the rx vega 64 liquid-cooled edition. So with a box as serious as this product means business and straight out the package. We have the graphics card attached to a water cooling radiator and we’ve talked about the xbox one x when it comes to high-end gaming experiences. But top-notch pc gaming is kind of another level if graphics are everything to you. If framerate resolution really matters to you. You can’t do much better than this.

23. Meem cable

This is a charging cable and there is something very different about it. Whilst on the surface it’s a pleasant enough looking charging cable with a striking green and black aesthetic almost mimicking what we’ve seen from razor of products. And this cable does everything your standard charging cable does. But at the same time automatically backs up all of your files every time you plug it in. So within about three seconds of plugging in the cable into your smartphone not only will it start charging. But the application will open up automatically it’ll then sift through all the files that have changed since the last time you plugged it in. And automatically download them onto the 64 gigabytes hard drive built into this little module.

24. Olixar 26 in 1 Wallet

Up next I’d say is something even better by the company olixar. We have a smart phone wallet with a bit of a twist so on the rear we have nice enough leatherette kind of finished with an elastic band. And that’s gonna help you grip the smartphone a little bit better. And on the back, we’ve got the sticky tape which you peel off to install it on your smartphone. Once you’ve stuck it on it is more or less permanently there.

25. Anker Wireless 5 Stand

The next item is something I’ve been using consistently for the last couple of days. And is really starting to grow on me it doesn’t feel like an expensive product and that’s because it isn’t all the way around the design aesthetic is pretty bland. It’s pretty plain but the point is it’s very functional. It supports fast wireless charging you can charge your smart phone whether it’s in portrait or landscape on the stand. And even has a dedicated coil just to prevent overheating.

26. Olixar Premium Stand

Here we have this one by olixar and I know this isn’t the kind of product I normally feature. But this guy over here takes every single box and more first things first it is completely adjustable with these two 270 degree hinges. You could achieve any angle you want there’s almost a little bit too much flexibility on offer here.

27. Elecjet

Coming up next is the elecjet. It is a small but dense little adapter that allows people to charge anyone of their devices with one charger alone. There are two different options here one with a standard magsafe connection. And the other one with this curious yellow port which allows you to plug in one of the included adapters and connect just about any laptop charger to it.

28. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless

The next product is the sennheiser momentum wireless edition an interesting product because since the day this arrived at my doorstep. I haven’t used a different set of earphones to look at these aren’t your typical set of buds. The design is dominated by this neck band over here which to start with for me felt like a bit of an odd decision. But before long became one of the biggest strong points of the earphones. It rests in such a way that you can almost completely forget about cable movement with your sitting standing walking or running.

29. Furibee F60

Next up product is the fuhrer bf 60 clearly a brand you’ve never heard of. But for $25 this claims to be a camera capable of 4k video recording. 4k video recording is not a resolution you would expect to see on any product below $100. And it also comes completely kitted out you get a waterproof case all the stands you’d need. And believe it or not this does actually shoot in 4k. Video being a slightly choppy at 4k 15 but lowering the resolution to 2k. And it manages to maintain the frame rate properly.

30. Sandisk SSD USB Stick

The next item is a product which really makes you think why haven’t I seen this before. This is a usb flash drive but based on solid-state drive technology. So it’s using extremely fast storage that can essentially get you 420 megabytes read speed and about 380 megabytes wright speed.

31. Zolo Liberty

The zolo liberty a pair of earphones that recreates that convenience but at a lower price point for every type of smartphone and also they sound a lot better. Now the case here is a little bit chunkier it’s a little bit thicker but at the same time it carries a larger battery capacity. It is able to fully charge these earphones about 5 to 6 times each. Now from my experience these earphones are a tiny bit bulkier but also quite a bit heavier than apple’s own. But when they’re in there in they don’t feel like they cannot move. Because of the type of earphones these are they not only result in higher levels of noise cancellation which tends to lead to more bass and potentially more detail heard in the song.

32. Xiaomi PLAY 2

Then we’ve got xiaomi play 2 which is a really good value via google cardboard headset. Now whilst it would be easy to mistake this for google’s own daydream headset. It doesn’t have the same functionality this is strictly a cardboard device. Having said that even though the quality of the experience of using something like google cardboard compared to samsung’s gear vr or google’s daydream is not as good. This is one of the best ways to experience google cardboard so if you need a cheap but also high-quality entry route into this platform. This is a great way to go.

33. IP Light Bulb

The next product is kind of a different one this actually integrates not only a smart bulb. But also an ip camera and it’s very much one of those kill two birds with one stone kind of products. It is not cheap when you consider the price of dedicated ip cameras and dedicated smart bulbs put together. You could very well be saving quite a lot of money here. The application allows you to view the surroundings in which the ball was placed to a pretty good level of detail.

34. Speaker Light Bulb

Now on a similar kind of topic, you could get a speaker bulb surprisingly inexpensive. So on the outside it kind of just looks like your standard smart bulb. But that center is filled with a speaker and it’s a pretty small driver that is present within this. It’s not exactly a boom box or a really powerful portable bluetooth speaker that it’s replacing. But if you want decent audio at least better than your the smartphone could produce. At the same time a smart bulb in a space-saving.

35. MP3 Player

The next item really does take value, I would say to another level if you really do need a dedicated product to play your music from. Perhaps your smartphone storage is full or you just don’t want the distraction of having it on the go. For $1 80 you can get this mp3 player it takes sd card so you could put in up to 32 gigs of storage in it and automatically shuffle your songs. It does feel somewhat must produced but of course, that’s because it is and for this price it is very tough to complain.

36. LED Keyboard

This is the wireless keyboard by gmyle. Now $40 is a lot to pay for keyboard but it’s built really well we’ve got an aluminum finish all the way around. It feels and looks just like an apple one and the best is we’ve got leds seven colours to be precise. The feel to actually type on is really tactile. It feels far better than the one on my macbook pro which is surprising considering it’s basically an imitation.

37. Sugru

Next up we have sugru and this one caught me by surprise. For $20 you get eight packs at this squidgy little substance. And what it does is it turns into rubber. So sugru is stored in little airtight bags and thirty minutes after taking it out it transforms from something more like a blue tack to something more like a pencil eraser. So you can use it to insulate wires,you can use it to repair ceramic. I thought it was really cool and it works just as described.

38. 3D Printing Pen

Next up is something really exciting. This is a 3d printing pen and this is as cheap as they’ve ever been. We found one here for $35 it works through the mains. As soon as you plug it in the temperature starts going up. When it hits 240 degrees you can feed in the plastic that comes with it and it just comes out the other side melted. It’s amazing to watch you can draw structures in the air because pretty much one second after leaving the end of the nozzle. The plastic is hard as new but with a bit of time you can make some awesome stuff.

39. SOMIC MH489

Next up we have the somic mh489 and this thing has two factors that differentiate it from pretty much every other headphone out there. The first one is these cushions on this headphone are immense. Putting them on just takes you to a happy place, it makes you feel like you are somewhere else. The other thing is the bass is powerful it’s something, it’s skull shaking.

40. OttLite Desk Lamp

The ottlite desk lamp. Now before this purchase I’d never heard of this company but I mean it works well so it doesn’t bother me now. It’s a desk lamp and fifty dollars is a lot to pay for something like this. But it works well it’s got three brightness settings. The build is fantastic but also it’s got this unusual little orb at the bottom. Which can output 16 million different colors so this thing also doubles as a mood light.

41. Speaker

So then add a sliver under $50 we’ve got this boom box style speaker. Now these guys are an amazon store and the quality of the build itself was really quite impressive. Considering it’s not exactly an established brand you also get a fancy suede strap which makes it feel like the real deal. In terms of the sound, it does have a decent amount of detail for the price you pay. But the bass is not huge on the bright side though it actually produces omnidirectional sound. So the sound not only comes out the front but also out the rear.

42. Solo One Speaker

So this piece of tech is fittingly called the solo one and it’s a desktop speaker. Plugs into the mains and it can connect wirelessly by a bluetooth or nfc with your phone. It’s also got a fancy touch panel on top which used to control volume and turn it on and off. Inside this beautiful wooden enclosure we’ve got 10 watts of power so you getting really good volume as well as powerful bass. Unfortunately, the detail is not the best at the price it’s not worse but you can do better. But to be honest with a body like this I’d almost buy it just for the looks.

43. Degauss Noir

This actually cost a little bit more than $100 but I had to put it in this list because it’s just amazing. So these are the noir by degauss and 129 dollars gets you an aluminium housing. Gets your remote that can be customized and has a really decent microphone. The sound is remarkably clean they need no external amplification and even have a kick in the bass department. So all-round a very impressive earphone.

44. Cinema Mount

Next up we have the cinema mount for your smartphone. This is kind of like a smartphone camera lens on steroids. It’s got a rosewood handle from thailand. It’s got a beautifully constructed machine built aluminium body, it can clip onto any tripod. It got a leveler which can tell you if for example your phone is tilted and you can clip on lenses. So in the box you’ve got a macro lens as well as a wide-angle lens. The macro lets you move in super close to objects probably two to three times closer than you normally would be able to. The wide-angle just captures more in your image.

45. Tronfy S1 Projector

We’ve got the s1 projector and with a native resolution of 800 by 480. For a projector it’s actually quite impressive it has a bright image with fairly high contrast. And some pretty vibrant colors which was unexpected for this price. And is bright enough so that the room doesn’t exactly need to be pitch-black when you’re using it you’ll still be able to see it.

46. Zuzi Smart Lamp

This is the zuzi smart wireless lamp and it’s a lifesaver. To start with it’s wireless so it looks super clean with nothing coming out of it. And also means you can take it outdoors if you wanted to it’s got up to 16 million different shades of color. And with 450 lumens of brightness it can actually light a whole room.

47. Splash Tunes Pro

This is the splash tunes pro and it’s a speaker it’s actually quite a good speaker but more importantly it’s a waterproof shower speaker. So it’s got a little suction cup on the end and you can just plunk it on your wall in your shower and forget about it all. The controls are built into the face and they’re marked well it’s easy to read. There’s nothing to complain about and the battery life is fantastic.

48. Hammo S

Next up is the hammo s and in my opinion, these are the best beats replacement headphones. Not to say they’re the best headphones outright but for someone who wants the look and feel of a beats headphone. You should get this instead not only is the sound quality miles more detailed but the feel is also more premium. It’s more sturdy I think the colors are cooler and the finish is nicer. It’s a matte finish, the cushions are also just as comfortable as you’d find on beats.

49. Utopia 360

Then we have an education kit something I don’t normally feature. But this one right here mixes virtual reality and augmented reality to create a really immersive experience. So each one of these card sets, it could be dinosaurs, it could be an animal zoo all come with a giant deck of cards. And each of these cards works with the application to create a 360 degree model of whatever it’s trying to show.

50. Casetify Wallet

Then we have the leather pocket by company casetify. This is a genuine leather really nice feeling high-quality and well presented little pouch. That you can stick permanently on to the back of your smartphone. And if you one of those people who use a wallet to only carry perhaps two or three cards that they use regularly. You could completely replace that with this.

51. Hear through Walls

This device lets you hear through walls and it’s as simple as plugging in your earphones and pushing it against the wall until the metal pin on one end has become triggered. And using this little device you can hear what’s happening on the other side of that wall at about five times the volume that you would otherwise be able to.

52. Unbreakcable

Then we’ve got unbreakcable which is exactly that it’s a cable that connects your smartphone to either charge or transfer data. But it’s more or less indestructible it’s made of a material that is apparently 40% stronger than that used in a military bulletproof vest. On top of that all these stress points for example the neck of the cable have been completely reinforced. You just won’t have any problems with durability.

53. OVC H15

Then we’ve got the ovc h15 and what’s so special about these is essentially they are trying to imitate something along the lines of the bose quietcomfort. They’re trying to offer active noise cancellation at a much more budget price point. And to some extent it’s a success the active noise cancellation isn’t that great. It doesn’t cancel that much noise but because the passive are you just putting them in your ears in the first place councils a lot. It kind of makes up for it in terms of sound they’ve got lots of bass and a fair bit of detail for the price.

54. Smart Button

Next up we’ve got a smartphone button, now this one here is by the company alexa but there are a few other brands that make exactly the same thing. So once you’ve plugged that into your headphone jack providing you have one. Download the click application and then you can map the presses on this button to whatever actions you want.

55. Truglide

Now the next one is a precision stylus this one here is known as the truglide. And what’s behind it is a fiber tip so instead of the standard really cheap one that have these little rubber tips. This one is a little bit more complicated and that essentially allows it to be a bit more careful with the pressure you exert. Whilst it is technically intended for tablets it does work pretty well if you have a larger phone.

56. Airlink

So next products on the list is the airlink, genuinely a revolutionary piece of kit it’s tiny it literally fits in the palm of your hand. But what it does is connects to your wired headphones and allows you to listen to them wirelessly. This little hub does all the bluetooth transmission for you and actually has a hi-fi dsp inside. So you don’t lose any sound quality whatsoever.

57. Abicor Earphones

So then we’ve got a pair of wireless workout earphones by company abicor and it genuinely is one of those items that ticks all the boxes. It got a pretty eye-catching design, the more importantly a strong build quality. And a high quality compact cable with ipx4 water-resistant which means don’t go diving with it but at the same time it will be more than enough to cover sweat and rain.

58. Scorpion Battery

So now we have quite possibly the strangest item on the list. This is the scorpion 8000x and it’s a very interesting 8,000 mah power bank. First of all you can charge it by micro usb or usb type-c which is a plus. It’s actually got a strangely nice aesthetic they’ve genuinely paid attention to the details here and it shows. But telling you just that wouldn’t be doing it justice because built into this we have four different cables. We have a micro usb a, lightning and the usb type-c to charge all your different kind of devices together.

59. Universal Holder

This is what is claiming to be the world’s first universal device stand. So essentially it’s a very simple item made for tablets up to about eight inches in size. And all you do is peel off the sticky tape and whack it on the back of the device. And what exactly does that do well it can be rotated all the way around which means you can have this being portrait or landscape using the same stand. So whilst it is, unfortunately, this means you can’t add an external case on now. Because this is permanently stuck on there it can be folded up and it’s not too intrusive.

60. Qacqoc USB-C Hub

So now we’ve got probably my favorite usb type-c hub for the new macbook pros. Now first of all presentation amazing it literally comes in beautiful little leather pouch I’ve never seen this before. Unfortunately they have skipped hdmi but it does have sd micro sd and two usb 3.0 ports. And you’ll notice the back of the hub actually takes up two usb type-c ports. Now what this is actually meant to do is to stay permanently locked into your macbook pro which makes a whole lot more sense. I mean it fits far more seamlessly with the device then previous dongle hubs have been trying to use. Because it takes up two sockets it’s a bit more securely in place.

61. ChargedPower 21000

The next item is by charged power it has a 21000 mah capacity but more importantly a jet-black finish. It’s beautiful it’s honestly surprising every single time you take it out the bag. It’s really nice to look at in terms of ports. We put two usb out and one micro usb in as well as a handy little torch there which is far brighter than I was expecting. We’ve also got support for qualcomm quick charge 3.0 and it’s got an lcd display on top which means that. Anytime you plug a device in it’ll just give you an idea of how much battery you are on.

62. Yi 4K+

Then we’ve got the yi 4k+, an absolutely tiny little action camera that is far more capable than I was expecting. It can shoot 4k video at 60 frames per second which actually rivals the top-of-the-line gopro hero 6. So that means that not only can you get your super high resolution 4k video. But you can also slow that down and get slow-motion at the same time or just have the silky smooth 60 frames per second effect. It’s also got voice control live streaming as well as raw image capture at a 12 megapixel resolution.

63. Gnarbox

Next up is the gnarbox which is a curious little gadget made for anyone who wants to take their photography or videography a little bit more seriously. The way it works is you take photos and videos using your professional dslr camera. And then you take out your sd card and insert it into this box. You can then wirelessly connect your phone to this box and automatically access the content from the camera. The gnarbox then almost acts like a bit of a cloud server containing all the files from your camera which you can then batch import into your smartphone.

64. Powerstrip Modular

The next product is a power strip which sounds incredibly boring but this one over here is modular. So this is literally called the power strip modular and essentially you have three sockets on there. And you can connect new attachments to it. So for example this one I’ve got here is a usb hub so you simply snap that into place on top of your standard extender.And you can add as many pieces as you want.

65. Bagsmart

The next product by the company bagsmart is literally just that it’s a bag. But for anyone like me who’s really into their tech and gadgets this thing makes so much sense. So as you can see externally it doesn’t take up too much room but as soon as you open it. You realize that right on top you’ve got room for all your different kinds of cables for all your different devices. And it keeps them in a way that stops them tangling inside. The same double-page spread as I guess you could call it because this thing has the format of a book. It has plenty more sockets for all your other tech needs.

66. Insta 360 One

The next product is the insta 360 one something which claims to be the most complete 360-degree camera experience money can buy. And that’s a bold claim but after having used it you can kind of see where they’re coming from. It clips into your smartphone currently ios only but android support coming soon. And allows you to take 24 megapixels 360 degree photos in raw file format as well as 4k ultra hd video. You can also directly livestream from the app.

67. Blue Satellite

Then we have the blue satellites a pair of headphones presented so well, you feel like you’ve just bought a brand new sports car. Now these headphones are on the list because whilst they are expensive they take a lot of boxes. And they satisfy a lot of different kinds of users. First of all as I guess you can expect at this price they are made of top-notch materials and whilst they don’t scream for attention. The color scheme is subtle enough to satisfy most users they’re also wireless headphones which can be used wide.These things have active noise cancellation built-in.

68. K95 Platinum

The next product is something I’ve been using for the last couple of months something I’ve really grown to love. This is the k95 platinum and to be honest there are so many good things to say about the keyboard. It’s very tough to fit it into a segment this short, it’s a very tactile typing experience, it’s very responsive. In terms of latency for gaming and also this thing has the most ridiculous color profiles. You can customize this in ways you could not even imagine.

69. Death Star

This is the death star light and it’s interesting because even though in of itself it’s rather inexpensive. Once installed it can become the centerpiece of your room so it’s built almost entirely out of a pretty cheap feeling plastic. But nonetheless it looks high quality from the outside so that’s what really matters. Once you have it installed it runs off three double a batteries which unfortunately aren’t included that. A good thing is everything else is included screws, mounting brackets, as well as it’s rather cool super large sticker that’s meant to go around the outside.

70. Toshiba Canvio 500GB

We then have the canvio for your smartphone this is a 500-gigabyte disk which when plugged into the mains and connected to your smartphone via a cable. Can not only charge your smartphone but also automatically back it up. You can use the application to either selectively backup files copy them directly to the disk and remove them from your device itself or back everything up entirely.

71. Acheer A320

Then we’ve got the acheer a320 a wireless bluetooth speaker that is fast becoming my all-time favorite. With 25 watts of power it can reach some pretty impressive volumes especially for its compact size. It’s loud, bassy, and detailed but even more impressive and just to achieve this whilst coming in at a fairly low price point.

72. SolarPuff

So then we’ve got the solar pulse and aside from a terrible name this is my favorite item on the list. Because it’s a fairly inexpensive, ridiculously portable solar lantern. During the day when is light around the thing will charge up and the best thing here is that. Because the leds are so efficient and therefore the battery is so small. This takes very little energy to do and considering how little power these light fuse brushes. While the brightness it produces a total output of 90 lumens which clearly in broad daylight isn’t a lot. When it comes to lower lighting conditions you really can tell the difference.

73. Oroshi USB Fan

Then you have one of my all-time favorite usb desk fan. There’s no leds, there’s no flashing lights, there’s nothing too fancy at all going on here. But at the same time this a beautiful minimalistic product that fits on just about any desk. It manages to propel a lot of air at a very low volume. What is even more impressive here is that it worked through touch induction. So tapping on fan frame actually starts the process. Tapping again will speed it up and tapping for the third time actually turns it off.

74. Dockcase

Next up we have the dockcase. Our dockcase is essentially trying to be the all-in-one complete solution to your new macbook pro. Which doesn’t have any usb slots. So it’s actually a sleeve which you can carry the macbook in. And then when you actually docked on a desk you take the macbook out to put it on top. Then plug it in via a cable. It feels really high-quality, made of nice materials almost as good as a case that you would buy even without the dock functionality.

75. Blitzwolf Cable Organiser

So this item on the list by the company blitzwolf is a cable organizer which is first of all extremely cheap working out to just under $1 per item. But also a completely priceless for your cable management. Each one has a nice to the touch matte finish and although inexpensive. It itself can fit quite nicely with other expensive gear. Now the way it works you simply peel off the sticker on the bottom. Then stick to just about any surface completely solidly. Then insert your cable through one of these.

76. Cloop Cable Ties

Then we have something called cloop cable tires and that just under four dollars. A pop this is not exactly the cheapest cable tie you can get. Having said that it’s one of the most practical and versatile that I’ve ever tried. So built into each head is a very strong magnet and the benefits of using this as opposed to a standard cable tie is they’re completely reusable. You can use them to clip your earphones to your shirt when you’re running.

77. Money Pill

Next up this tiny thing is right here known as the money pill. Long story short it is an aluminium enclosure that you can store your money in. So it’s not only solid but it’s waterproof but it’s extremely portable and has a keychain on it. So you could attach it to your keys, your bag. Simply getting a note folding it up and storing it inside this thing means that. If you’re ever in a dire situation you can get yourself out. It’s quite a nice thoughtful precautionary mechanism.

78. Magnetic Putty

This is magnetic putty but on the face of it you probably wouldn’t be able to tell it’s movable. It’s reworkable in the same way as normal putty but it just has magnetic properties. So inside the tin as well as the putty itself, you’ll get a little magnetic cube and using that to manipulate the putty. The very interesting thing to watch not only that but because the putty itself has the magnetic properties. You can even see how it interacts with other magnetic objects.

79. Multitool Pen

The multi-tool stylus pen is a pretty cool gift to get. It has a ballpoint nib which is surprisingly smooth to type. With the sides of the pen double as rulers measuring both centimeters and inches and also has a built in spirit level. Now whilst the stylus itself does feel like a bit of an afterthought it’s not the best one I’ve tried. The rest of it does seem to work pretty well it’s very much a jack-of-all-trades.

80. Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer

Next up we’ve got a toothpaste squeezer and I know it’s not tech in the traditional sense. But I wanted to show you something that you genuinely find useful and possibly quite interesting. So we all have that problem with our toothpaste when it nears the end and we can’t seem to get out those last bits. While putting it into this machine and turning that little lever all the sudden manages to squeeze every last bit out.

81. Phone Stent

This is called a smartphone stent. Now this has two-fold benefits the first of all and probably most importantly. Once you clip it onto the back of your smartphone or tablet it allows you to stand them up. In terms of material and finish this is a pretty inexpensive item and it kind of shows. But none-the-less functionally speaking it really does do the job.

82. Grippy

So next by the company thumbs up we’ve got an anti slip mat known as the grippy. Taking off the outer plastic casing the first thing you’re going to notice is just how sticky this thing is. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and the way it works is you just slap it on to a surface. That is either horizontal, vertical or somewhere in between. Then whenever you want to store an item this could be on your car, on your fridge or pretty much any other surface. You simply place it on and more or less without fail the objects will cling to it.

83. Phone-to-phone Charger

Then we have a very interesting gadget one that could potentially be absolutely life-saving but one which I’ve never really seen floating around the place. What it allows you to do is to charge one smartphone with another. Now that is originally intended for android to android charging but with a correct adapter you’ve got a pretty good chance of making it work with an iphone to.

84. Aomerly

Then we’ve got an insulated water bottle it combines an insulated cap with double-walled sides with a vacuum all the way in between. And a result of that is that you can keep a hot drink warm for about five to six hours or a nice drink cold for up to ten hours. From my testing there was absolutely no leakage. It’s got a pretty good capacity of 750 mils and it tells its design it’s made almost exclusively out of stainless steel so it’s pretty sturdy too.

85. Turbo Charger

So next up we have a product that is sometimes known as a turbocharger what it allows you to do is to increase the current output. When you’re charging a smartphone or tablet from a laptop or pc and as a result of that you can double your charging speed. Now the one I’ve got here is a little bit longer than it needs to be and it’s flexible. You can also get ones that are just completely straight and look a little bit like usb sticks.

86. Headphone Splitter

So next up we have a transformative little cable. This little guy allows you to essentially transform your phone’s audio output from not just connecting to an earphone with a built-in mic. But from allowing you to connect with dedicated headphones and a dedicated external microphone. Now why would you want to be able to do this? Well, an external microphone is kind of important if you want to get good audio out your smartphone. So when you’re taking video is one of the key ways to make your video more professional. This record high-quality audio.

87. Modmic

Then we’ve got modmic and for $50 you get basically the most versatile microphone I’ve ever seen or used. Essentially this can be added to a headset to turn it into a gaming headset. You can whack this on your camera to record really high-quality audio. It also comes with a whole bunch of accessories. So you can clip it onto your shirt, your belt or even your shoe. If you want to do just record high-quality audio in pretty much any scenario.

88. All-Terrain Sound

This is all-terrain sound and to be honest I was very skeptical too. But for $35 it claims to actually be able to withstand pretty much any shock drop, it’s water resistant and offer some of the best sound on the market. And with a claim like that I was obviously skeptical but after having used it pretty much obliterated my expectations. The sound is up there with any speaker at this price point. Really bassy, really punchy, and far louder than any phone can reach.

89. Photofast CR-8800

Now the next one on the face of it seems a little bit dull but actually it’s quite cool what it’s capable of. So $50 this is an ios card reader and it allows you to expand your iphone storage by up to another 128 gigabytes. It allows you to browse the folders inside of it. Watch movies directly from it and even listen to your whole playlist. And then you can use it to transfer between android, windows, mac, just directly it’s actually very hassle-free.

90. Laser Keyboard

Then we have the laser keyboard which for the uninitiated among you probably looks like I’ve just jumped into a sci-fi novel and brought it back with me. And it’s quite a cool little gadget for $45 you can basically carry a keyboard in your back pocket. You can then switch it on and it’ll project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It does take a bit of time to get used to typing on literally your table. But after a bit once you pick up speed, you can type pretty much as fast as you would on a keyboard.

91. Inateck Mercurybox

We’ve got the iinateck mercurybox which is to date the greatest $40 speaker I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only does it sound fantastic literally it well defies its own size. This can fill a small room with ease but the build quality is fantastic. Its rugged, waterproof and durable I would happily fling this across my garden. And not worry about it breaking it even comes with a leatherette case and some of the best cables I’ve ever seen on an audio product.

92. Soundmagic P30S

Next up we’ve got the soundmagic p30s and these are a bomb-ass pair of headphones costing anywhere between 45 and 55 dollars. They produce not only beautiful sound quality but surprisingly strong build quality. Now they do look pretty flimsy but they will surprise you in their quality and they’re exceptionally comfortable. An isolated good amount of noise and they sound absolutely fantastic.

93. Worldpenscan X

So next up we’ve got the worldpenscan x. Now this was originally priced at 150 but on some sales can be hard for 100. It’s a bit of a weird one but I have to say what it can do is pretty awesome. So basically this is a pen-style object which can scan written text whether it’s in a text book, a journal, and newspaper. You can use it to instantly transfer written text straight on to your phone into an editable format.

94. Plazmatic X

So then we have the plasmatic x which is probably the greatest sounding lighter I’ve ever heard in my life. Now these range from $50 to 75. You go for it uses dual beam technology to basically reach a rather warm 900 degrees fahrenheit. And it’s also flameless windproof and usb rechargeable. So it needs no fuel and that’s like a double-edged blade. Because it also means no harmful chemicals, no butane, or other things which you don’t really want to be inhaling.

95. WD My Book

This is a wd my book, no hard drives aren’t exactly the most interesting tap product out there. But these ones are insane value for money. So for $100 or just over if you want four terabytes you can get yourself a three terabyte wd my book. Now by no means is this going to give us ssd transfer speeds but it’s pretty fast. It’s very reliable it has some of the lowest failure rates and it’s got usb 3 and heaps of storage for the price you’re paying.

96. Jamesdonkey 007

This is the jamesdonkey 007 which is a god-awful name for a gaming mouse. But that’s what it is and contrary to how it sounds this thing performs fantastically. Its ergonomic for both left and right handed users it’s programmable. It’s got built-in leds but the best bit is that it’s interchangeable and it comes with a load of parts. It’s honestly a sight to behold and you’d be expecting that with a price like $65 and you’re getting this much stuff.

97. Pixter Lenses

This is the range of smart phone lenses now these are not your average smart phone lenses. There is a huge variety here and each one is built to perfection. They actually have a similar quality to that of a really expensive high-end dslr lens. Another couple of favorites the macro lens in particular allows you to focus on objects 4.5 times closer than originally possible. There are many more lenses to buy.

98. SIVGA Headphones

Then we have a transformative pair of headphones listening to these for the first time was one of the few moments in a long while that I’ve literally stopped and gone wow. Not only is the sound crystal-clear and instrumental separation good but also the bass is pounding. They’ve got a slightly open design which means that there’s a little bit of noise leakage but you get this awesome open airy sound.

99. Zendure Passport

It’s a travel adapter it’s one that allows you to have uk,america, australia, and europe all packed into one device. You simply move down the appropriate slider and a plug of your choice just appears as if by magic from the end. It’s got four usb ports built into it so once plugged in it also allows you to quickly connect up to four smartphones to charge them up.

100. Ravpower 26800

Then we have a pretty interesting power bank. Now a modern lives have a huge capacity of 26800 mah capacity. Enough to charge the galaxy s8 about six times over but it’s got a couple of other nifty tricks up its sleeve. First of all it supports 30 watts of output which means it’s actually powerful enough to charge your microphone as well as all your smart phones and tablets. It’s got four led indicators to give you an idea of its current battery level. And then it’s also as well as a standard the micro usb input has also got a type c input.

101. Insta 360 Air

So next we have the insta 360 air which is selling quite a nice little niche in the market. It is a 360 vr camera the plugs directly into the base of your smartphone. Now it is a little bit chunky so you can’t have this with a case at the same time. And it also strangely means you have to use the phone upside down. Nonetheless it offers a very competitive level of video and image quality. At a price that’s not really too intrusive. It shoots photos at a high 3k resolution and videos at a slightly lower 2560 by 1280.

102. Aglaia Lamp

So then we’ve got a pretty nifty desk lamp it’s actually not as expensive as I was expecting. And also it’s got this quite nice dragon egg looking effect. Up close it does feel high-quality and the entire outside is actually made of glass which is placed surprising pretty impressive. Now inside the lights they do go 60 million colors as I suppose have come to expect from these led products. And you also can control lots of different cycles between the different colors as well as pulsations of the single color. And one of the main benefits of this lump there is a built-in 4000 mah battery.

103. Oaxis Bento

The oaxis bento and as much as it might look like something you store your sandwiches in. It’s actually a speaker and a very cool one. It uses near-field communication which means that you can literally just place your phone on top and it will use induction to start playing music through it. There’s no wires not even any bluetooth pairing. It’s so hassle-free that once you start using it you won’t want to use anything else.

104. Xiaomi Yeelight

So next up is the xiaomi yeelight and I’ve been wanting to cover this for ages because it’s just my all-time favorite light and I suppose that $100 you’ve kind of expected to be. It’s built entirely out of plastic and glass and feels really strong in the hand. Now it actually has a touch-sensitive panel at top. So simply moving your finger around the rim you can change the brightness.

105. Cinema Glasses

Then we’ve got these cinema glasses so placing these on your head projects a 50 inch screen at about a two meter distance on your face. So when you buy the item you actually get a pretty substantial pouch with every accessory under the sky. But more importantly the blackout lenses and putting these on the glasses means that just about in any location no matter how bright you can enjoy your movie in peace.

106. Vibe Fli

So next up we’ve got the vibe fli a not only robust but also versatile pair of headphones. Now at the price they are detailed but they’re not the most detailed but they make up for that with a hell of a lot of bass. Bass that’s not only powerful but also controlled the cushions do a great job isolating noise. And also super comfortable on your ears. The headphone is made almost entirely of reinforced plastic and aluminium.

107. Leagoo M5

So next up we have the leagoo m5 smartphone now it’s a bit of a rarity that includes smartphones on a best tech video. But right now after a recent price drop this is one of the best smartphones money can buy. First of all it’s got powerful components powerful enough at least to play some pretty intensive games and it’s super rugged. The screen is almost unbreakable combine that with a premium all-around build quality. An awesome audio system and android 6.0 and I was pretty impressed when I tried it.

108. Maqe SoundJump

So the next item is maqe soundjump and yes it’s a speaker but there’s something very special about it. Because internally it’s got a 6000 mah removable battery. So not only does that mean that the speaker itself lasts a long time. But it also means if your phone is over low on battery you can just slide it out and use it to charge it.

109. Leophile Eel

This is the leophile eel a particularly impressive pair of sport earphones and the first thing you’re probably going to notice is this neck band. Now these are completely bluetooth earphones so this is the only real cable as such you’ll need to worry about. It sits on your neck it’s completely irritation free. And I was actually quite impressed at how it really manages to guide the earphones and keep them in while you’re moving around.

110. Soundbrake 2.0

Then we have the soundbreak 2.0. Genuinely an indispensable little gadget what you do is you plug this in between your smartphone and your headphones. When you’re listening to music and it can intercept your audio typically. If you have headphones on and a loud noise occurs say for example someone knocks at the door or there’s some sort of emergency. You’ll be completely oblivious but this product right here uses its external microphones to detect abnormally loud sounds. And then it channels those sounds through your headphones. So you can clearly hear them.

111. Wraith

So then we have the wraith headphones and the company that designed these called symphonized. To be honest for me the main reason these are in list is they’re beautiful beautiful styling. They are made with real wood on not only the headphones themselves but also the cable. Unfortunately the cable does have to connect with both sides of the headphones. This is not a huge bummer it doesn’t take away from the fact that these are one classy piece of tech.

112. Smart Glasses

So now we have a really weird one this is essentially an led pair of glasses. There is a companion app you can download. Through this you can access literally thousands of either company made or community made patterns. For advice it could be anything from a fairly accurate equaliser to a word to the time and so on and so forth.

113. Ultra Flair USB Stick

This is the sandisc ultra flare. For under $15 you can grab yourself a 32 gig usb stick which has usb 3.0 and supports up to 150 megabytes per second in terms of transfer speeds. So this is one of the fastest for the price.

114. Suaoki Solar Contraption

So then we have a product that is completely feature-packed. So the outside leaves as it were are completely covered installer panels. And these are some of the more efficient solar panels I’ve used. They can quite effectively charge the battery inside and that battery is then used to power the lights on the inside of the solar panels. And it works in a very clever way folding the panel’s up and turning the light on effectively makes this work as a torch or a flashlight.

115. Power Bank

So this is what is marketed as the world’s smallest 10,000 mah power bank and to be clear that’s no small feat. This tiny little thing which fits into the palm of your hand can fully charge an iphone 7 four times over and still have some to spare. It’s got four led indicators but unfortunately only one usb slot ie you only can be able to charge one usb device at anywhere in time.

116. WD Blue SSD

So the next one is a bit of a different one this is the wd blue ssd and for just under $100 you can get yourself 250 gigabytes of storage. Now these aren’t necessarily oriented at the people who want to extreme ultra high-end performance. But compared to a traditional hard drive it offers a noticeable upgrade in performance or replacing the pretty high-end hard drive.

117. 3D Pen

So on the subject of world’s smallest we’ve also got supposedly the world’s smallest 3d printing pen. This is by the company enervision not a particularly well-established brand. But I had no problems with them personally everything arrived on time and it’s a pretty well-built product. Now the usage of the product is pretty easy. You simply plug it in connect it to some sort of mains connection or a power bank. And what’s the temperature heater now it is going to get to about two hundred and eight degrees. Internally pretty hot to the touch as well but not enough to really burn you and you simply hold down a button to eject the plastic. And within seconds of touching the air it cools down enough to harden.

118. DZAT DF-10

So then we’ve got the dzat df-10 you’re probably thinking what on earth did he just say. Well this is a pair of earphones that is unusual for quite a lot of reasons. And the first one is you probably guessed is the packaging and presentation. Not only do you have these sort of standard accessories like a pouch and an instruction manual. But you’ve also got a notebook and a pen both in this sort of biodegradable bamboo style not only that. We’ve also got a bunch of ear tips even comply foam tips included which is very unusual for a net phone at this price.

119. Wireless Charger

Now this one’s pretty cool where the company choetech. This is a fast wireless charging stand and I guess one of the main selling points is just how discreet it is. It really sits quite nicely on a desk just in the background but does need a micro usb plugged in all times. It’s got a nice little blue indicator when it’s on standby which then turns to green when it’s actually charging something.

120. Arrowzoom Foam

Next we have some arrowzoom foam. If place carefully around your room it can very effectively reduce ambient noise. It can reduce echo and it can vastly improve the quality of your audio recordings and it also looks pretty badass too.

121. Savfy Earphones

Next up we’ve got one of the coolest pair of earphones I think I’ve ever tried. It’s presented in this palm sized metal box which actually doubles as a charging station. So you can charge with micro usb and if you press it up it reveals the earphones themselves. They are totally wireless they don’t even wired to each other. They’re built very well they look pretty nice. Once you’ve actually put them inside your ears you can barely tell they’re in. Now on top of that whilst these are exactly budget earphones for the price you pay. You’re getting amazing sound quality enveloping bass or some detail and more importantly crazy noise isolation.

122. Glocalme U2

Now the next one is a very innovative product by a pretty unknown company called glocalme. This is a 4g hotspot it’s got something called cloud sim technology which basically means you can pay local rates no matter where you go. You can actually use the app on your phone to buy the packages. You can do pay-as-you-go or contract and then no matter where you go. You’ll get pretty much a strong 4g signal.

123. Brainwavz Truss

So what’s the next item is quite a bit below $100 I just thought it’s a very useful thing to have by a company called brainwavz. This is the truss and essentially it’s an under-the-table a headphone holder. The build quality is pretty fantastic and the adhesive is super strong once you’ve got it on that. It is not going to budge even if you accidentally hit it and yeah it’s just quite a clean and innovative way to display your headphones.

124. Edifier M3200

Then we’ve got the edifier m 3200s and for those you out there who are sort of building a low to mid range setup right now. I can thoroughly recommend these whilst perhaps externally. The build quality isn’t the best they do kind of feel a little bit on the plasticky side. They look nice and you won’t be having too much hands-on time. Once you’ve set them up as long as you can deal with the extra five cables. You’re going to add to your setup with the speaker set I can thoroughly recommend it. It’s got a really fancy external glowing volume control key. And it’s also got a built in base dial and let me tell you that base gets loud, detail is good for the price too.

125. Matador Droplet

This one is the matador droplet is a tiny little plastic object. Essentially it’s got a little clip on the top so you can attach it to keychain or even the back of a rucksack. Now what it does is this turd waterproof pouch contains inside of it a complete full-size waterproof bag. The bag is large enough to fit shoes, clothes, all sorts of items that could be wet. And essentially it prevents those wet items from ruining anything else that you may be carrying.