In this article, I am comparing minecraft with fortnite. And I will help you which is game is better.


Minecraft and fortnite are obviously both very diverse games in terms of who they are targeting. Both games are played by just about everybody, there’s no denying that fortnite is targeting an audience that is largely kids and teenagers. However, Minecraft doesn’t really have a target audience because everybody can find their fun with this game by not specifically trying to appeal to a certain demographic.

Minecraft manages to remain a more open game for all and it keeps people of all ages playing the game. There’s a lot of kids that play Minecraft but there are also a lot of adults and obviously I know there are plenty of adults playing fortnite as well. But my point is once you get out of fortnite’s target demo, the numbers drop pretty quick.


Epic games is kind of in hot water right now. Well, they’re always in hot water for something with the community, ever since the push for the epic game store and all the extremely poorly received moves they’ve made their, the company has a hole has been kind of in shambles and it shows in their products. The epic game store is a mess, in fortnite is almost always in a bad state in terms of bugs, glitches, server stability, and so on. It is pretty much made a name for it by being unstable.

Now compare that to Minecraft in Microsoft. Now Microsoft Definitely isn’t a perfect company and they’ve made plenty of horrible decisions in the past. They’re also much more respectable and have a much longer legacy with it. They’re all so much quicker to fix their products and keep them technically stable.

So when you put epic games up against Microsoft in a battle of reputation, it’s pretty clear who the winner is regardless of how you feel about the business decisions of either company.


Well, there is a Minecraft Monday competitive thing but that’s more for fun. Now fortnite tries to sell itself as a casual game but it’s pretty clear to everyone on the planet that it’s not actually casual anymore at all.

If you were to just compare the creative aspects of fortnite and the creative aspects of minecraft. Minecraft would still be the clear winner because the game was designed with creativity in mind while fortnite was designed to be a battle royale game first in a creativity tool later down the line. They’re very different games but if you’re not a very competitive person fortnite isn’t going to be the game for you and that is a big sign of minecraft taking the lead.


Fortnite is almost always in a buggy state or there’s something wrong with the servers. But what about minecraft? Think back on all the years of Minecraft how long it’s been out and think to yourself. When was the last time you actually noticed a major bug, now I’m not saying it all that minecraft is flawless as a game in terms of technical performance. But what I am saying is that it’s a lot more stable than fortnite and that kind of stuff leaves an impression on people. If you’re looking for a fun creative game and you had one that felt very inconsistent and features kept getting turned on and off while the other one was always consistent You would more than likely gravitate towards the second one.


People know when they’re getting pandered and that’s something fortnite is extremely guilty of. You see fortnite stuff, fortnite toys clothes, dances, advertisements, and it’s all very self-indulgent. Fornite culture and promotional material is very aggressive to someone who doesn’t play the game and that’s what you don’t want when you’re trying to bring people in.

If someone didn’t know anything about Minecraft and they saw some of the promo material they would probably be somewhat interested. But if they didn’t know anything about fortnite and they saw the promo material in the fan base surrounding it. It would probably kind of back off of it. They wouldn’t want to try it out, That’s the double-edged sword a fortnite’s hike culture and it is a hype Culture on one hand. Most of your fans love it and it makes them want to be part of it. On the other hand, it makes the people who aren’t part of that community kind of feel alienated and uninterested.


Personally, I have no problem with fortnite Microtransactions and I think in the world of modern gaming most of us can agree that for fortnite’s business model is pretty solid. But it still doesn’t change the fact that the microtransactions are very prominent, you’ve got character skins, weapon skins, and so on. They’re all put on display during gameplay.

Let’s compare that to minecraft microtransactions while not everyone likes minecraft system. I think we can agree that they’re much less intrusive than fortnite’s. If you want to play Minecraft and not spend any money, there’s a good chance you’ll never even be presented with the option to spend money. But if you want to play fortnite and not spend any money, it’s pretty much impossible to not be advertised to constantly buy the game itself in people playing it.


You have way more options when creating things in Minecraft. Fortnite is a battle royale game with creative tools thrown in later while I definitely think that fortnite’s creative mode is pretty awesome. It’s certainly one of the best on the market right now, if not the best, it’s still nowhere near Minecrafts level of customization’s in options.

The things people making minecraft are incredible. If you want to game about shooting things you obviously won’t go to minecraft. But if you want a creativity tool, minecraft is still the best on the market.


Honestly mods have a pretty massive impact on a game’s lifespan. Just look at games like GTA 5, fallout 4, skyrim witcher 3, and many more. These are all games that have a pretty limited shelf life on paper. They’ve remained some of the most popular games on the platform to this day. Can be said about Minecraft which has a massive Modding community and there’s seemingly new content being added via modding every single day. The mods people are made for minecraft are pretty incredible and they’ve added a ton of shelf life to the game plus Since minecraft shelf life was already pretty infinite as it was. The continued growth of the modding community will only keep going. Fortnite would probably do themselves some justice by adding at mods.


This is obviously it’s to each his own. I mean if you like more laid-back- Minecraft. If you like the sweat fest – Fortnite.

Fortnite is increasingly getting more difficult to play casually. In fact, some would even say that casual fortnite is totally dead at this point. Personally, I’ve got mixed feelings on this. The point of me saying that there is a whole lot of people really like competitive multiplayer games but the majority of gamers they don’t. There may be millions of people playing fortnite but there are way more people playing other games, when you look at the best-selling games of all time. None of them are competitive multiplayer games and there is a reason for that despite how much competitive games are often promoted and advertised. They make up a relatively small portion of the market compared to the casual games. The single-player games and the creativity tools like minecraft and roblox. If you want to play a game competitively, well, there are absolutely games for that like fortnite. But if you want to play a game that’s more relaxing, Fortnite’s probably at the bottom of that list. Whereas minecraft is probably pretty close to the top for many people.


I mentioned this briefly earlier, but I’m gonna bring it up again because it’s very important. Fortnite’s promotion is very high energy, colorful, explosive, loud, and in-your-face to capitalize on the hype culture surrounding the game.

Minecrafts promotion on the other hand, very laid-back just like the game. Now if you’re an average person looking for a creative game Which of these two would you gravitate to just off the promotion? Minecraft, because one thing that gamers hate is when they’re being told that they should be excited about something. Minecraft takes the opposite approach and lets you make your own excitement.

Fortnite will continue to capitalize on its hype culture as long as it can. But you have to Wonder what will it do when the hype culture runs out. Does Epic Games have a back-up plan? What’s the roadmap look like? What would happen to fortnite if the high culture Disappeared and that is where Minecraft Shines and longevity is remained on top of the world without any massive hype culture without telling players to get super excited about updates. They just host the game get the word out about it and let the players have fun and do the talking themselves.


I think Minecraft may be overtaking Fortnite. Fortnite obviously is dominated last year but over the last couple months minecraft has made the push to get back on top. So I’ll leave it to you guys – Do you like Minecraft more or Fortnite?

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