Apple iPad Pro 11 Vs 10.5: Which One is Better?

iPad Pro 11 Vs 10.5
iPad Pro 11 (2018)iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)
Pencil clips on.
Insane amount of power for a tablet.
Superb speakers.
Amazing audio.
Smooth and crisp screen.
Insanely powerful.
No headphone adaptor in the box.
Pencil and keyboard are expensive extras.
Industrial design won’t appeal to all.
High price.
Keyboard is necessary but extra.
Still not quite a laptop replacement.


iPad Pro 11iPad Pro 10.5
Dimensions9.74 x 7.02 x 0.23 inches (247.4 x 178.3 x 5.8 mm)9.87 x 6.85 x 0.24 inches (250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1 mm)
Weight468.0 g477.0 g
MaterialsBack: AluminumBack: Aluminum
Biometrics3D Face unlockFingerprint (touch)
ColorsGray, SilverGold, Gray, Silver, Pink

iPad Pro 11:

The design looks really good. It has a delicate feel that makes me feel like it can be bended easily. What you’ll love about this iPad is an all-screen design. But if there was a notch on this then it would look much more elegant and modern.

On the back side, there is a camera bump and it has got a overall circle type design which reminds me of the older iPhone’s. So if you love the design of those devices than you will also this one.

iPad Pro 10.5:

Personally, I love the new design. The iPad Pro 10.5 has got a home button, so the bezel’s on this device are little thick. This iPad’s front is in white, and looks a little outdated. We got 3.5 mm jack here that the new iPad doesn’t have. And it’s still way more durable than the new iPad Pro 11.


iPad Pro 11iPad Pro 10.5
Size11.0 inches10.5 inches
Resolution2388 x 1668 pixels, 265 PPI2224 x 1668 pixels, 4:3 ratio, 265 PPI
Screen-to-body83.08 %78.27 %
FeaturesPressure-sensitive, Oleophobic coating, Ambient light sensorPressure-sensitive, Oleophobic coating, Ambient light sensor

iPad Pro 11:

This is a really good display and it can go upto 120 Hz for a buttery smooth animation and navigations. Even, it can go up to 240 fps to match the content that you are seeing. I really love that how the display get extremely bright. It also has Pro motion allowing the apple pencil as the actual pencil on a piece of paper. Even the bezels are very small which is like a trend now a days.

iPad Pro 10.5:

The screen is good enough on this device but not good as the new iPad Pro 11. It also has no Face ID, and this device can be used either in portrait or landscape mode. There are not too many differences to talk about.


iPad Pro 11iPad Pro 10.5
System chipApple A12X Bionic APL1083Apple A10X Fusion APL1071
ProcessorOcta-core, 2490 MHz, Vortex and Tempest, 64-bit, 7 nmHexa-core, 2380 MHz, Hurricane and Zephyr, 64-bit, 10 nm
GPUApple 7-core GPUApple 12-core GPU
Internal storage1000GB512GB
OSiPadOS (13.x, 12.x)iOS (13.x, 12.x, 11.x, 10.x)
Wi-Fi802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, dual-band; MIMO802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, dual-band; MIMO

iPad Pro 11 & iPad Pro 10.5:

The iPad Pro 11 is truly a great performance device. .I was exporting a 4K video that was two times faster than iPad Pro 10.5. I ‘d like to say that the the iPad Pro 11 has a desktop level performance. It runs smoothly during games and editing software such as Photoshop or Adobe. The only difference I notice when editing photos with Lightroom.

Now, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is fantastic too and it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have to do hard work like editing images, playing games with high graphics, etc.

The iPad 10.5 was already powerful but the new iPad Pro 11 is double in terms of power. We exported 50 edited JPEG images from Adobe Lightroom and it took about 30 seconds to complete the task. Overall, iPad pro 10.5 isn’t as powerful as iPad Pro 11 but it doesn’t make a big difference between them.


iPad Pro 11iPad Pro 10.5
RearSingle cameraSingle camera
Main camera12 MP (Sapphire crystal lens cover, Autofocus, BSI sensor)12 MP (Sapphire crystal lens cover, OIS, Autofocus, BSI sensor)
Video recording3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (120 fps), 1280×720 (HD) (240 fps)3840×2160 (4K UHD) (30 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (120 fps), 1280×720 (HD) (240 fps)
Front7 MP (HDR)7 MP (HDR)
Battery Capacity7812 mAh8134 mAh
TypeLi – Polymer, Not user replaceableLi – Ion, Not user replaceable

iPad Pro 11:

It comes with 12MP camera on the back. What’s disappointing is that it doesn’t have dual cameras. For some of you, it might be good but I personally thought that I might have dual cameras.

Other than that it has got video recording options till 4K 60 fps and smart HDR as well. It also has some modes like portrait mode, panorama mode, and square mode.

Talking about the battery life, the iPads are always the best and this one is no different as well. This device gets me about 10 to 11 hours of battery life without any rough usage and if you don’t do heavy usage than this is a really great device for you. It has got the 18-watt charger which would charge the device faster.

iPad Pro 10.5:

Now, obviously the new iPad would take better pictures and that’s exactly what happened. The quality and the dynamic range has been improved.

Front camera is better than other tablet’s in the market but definitely not good as the iPad Pro 11. It can’t take selfies in portrait mode and it also does not have Face ID as well.

The battery life of this device is decent enough.. You might get to see a battery life of 6-7 hours with a single charge. But the disappointing thing is that it doesn’t have the 18-watt charger like the iPad Pro 11. It only has the 12-watt charger and thus it will take a little longer to charge the device.


So the question is which one is the perfect tablet for you. Well, I would say that it all comes to personal preferences. For me the Apple iPad Pro 11 is definitely the one to buy because it is the upgraded version of iPad Pro 10.5 and it’s better in almost every way. If you are not in Apple echo system and you just want to try then you should buy iPad Pro 10.5.

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