Know The Top 6 Tips To Reduce Bill Of Your Air Conditioning

Every passing day the climatic condition of our planet is deteriorating. We are experiencing the extremes of weather conditions every season. The ice caps on the Polar Regions are melting, the list of endangered species of animals is increasing, and the heatwave is surging. 

Though people are trying their best to counteract the adverse climatic conditions through various methods, we are still a long way to go. The temperatures worldwide are rising at an alarming rate, and the air conditioning system has become an inevitable part of our life. 

Air Conditioners- From luxury to necessary

Gone are the days when we used to consider air conditioners, aka AC’s as an appliance of luxury, and only economically sound households could afford them. Due to adverse climatic conditions worldwide, the average temperatures surged exponentially, and AC’s became an inevitable part of our regular life. 

Slowly the tempting type of machinery became a household requirement, and we started seeing them in every room in our locality. Almost every electronic market started offering air conditioners of different brands to its consumers. Also, online platforms like Discount Codes & Discount Code began to provide it within a highly lucrative rate through various discounts and schemes. Slowly it became one of the essential and regular home appliances in every household.

The reputation of being a power guzzler 

Since the initial days, air conditioners always had the reputation of consuming an eye-popping amount of electricity. With the advancement of technologies, air conditioning mechanisms also upgraded a lot. The old school window units were replaced by sleek slit air conditioner units. 

Later even the split units updated its technology and came up with a more energy-efficient format known as inverter ACs. But still, air conditioners have the reputation of consuming a lot of electricity and are the reasons behind the big fat bills every household receives during the summer months. 

Let’s look into 6 ways to save on air conditioners power consumption

1. Turning it off when not required

You can save a load of money on your electricity bills every month by making sure your ac is not working when you don’t require it. Especially during nights when everyone is fast asleep, you should turn off your air conditioning units to save unnecessary hefty electricity bills. 

Mostly the temperatures are on the lower side during the nights, and everyone is generally busy sleeping. It is ideal to give your air conditioning units a much-needed break and save on your bills.

2. Setting an ideal temperature of the thermostat

The lower you set the temperature of your ac unit, the harder your machine will work to achieve the desired temperature as required and will consume extra electricity. Hence, experts recommend setting the temperature of your AC somewhere between 24-26 degrees centigrade. Making sure your machine is not overworking to achieve something unnecessary and expensive.

3. Using the timer button

Advancement of technologies in this field helped us with one of the most economically friendly technologies in the air conditioners “Timer Off” setup. Using it helps us to set the exact amount of time we want our air conditioners to be working for and automatically turns off the machine after the set time frame. 

It also has an equivalent feature known as “Timer On” which allows your machine to turn on automatically after the set time frame. This feature helps a lot in saving the consumption of electricity vicariously. 

4. Proper usage of shades and blinds

If your room is exposed to extreme sunlight and external heat, your air conditioner needs to work more extensively to cool your room down to the desired level and make the consumption of extra electricity in return. Hence, use proper curtains and blinds to cover your windows and other mediums of external sunlight and heat into your room.

5. Choose an energy-efficient model

There are a lot of energy-efficient models of air conditioners available for sale at online platforms like HotOzCoupons for you to choose from. So be careful which selecting your ac and adequately check the consumption table of the machine before purchasing.

6. Regular cleaning and maintenance

It would be best if you made sure the air conditioners are regularly cleaned and the filters replaced for the proper functioning of the units and in a more energy-efficient manner.


Air conditioners are a marvelous piece of machinery, but you need to be wise and careful to use them efficiently.