Top 5 Best Forex Brokers 2022

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The most crucial feature for successful trading in the Forex market s to select one of the best Forex brokers. Professionals and traders face a challenge while choosing the right brokerage firms with inspiring trading conditions. Before choosing the right Forex broker for your trade business, It is necessary to know about the details concerning the trading instruments and analyze multiple types of Forex trading accounts.

List of the best Forex brokers:

While completing the Forex brokers list, the traders union experts regularly notice the activities of brokers in distinct countries as per many criteria. Following are the criteria that experts focused on while preparing the rating;

  1. Focused on the size of the spreads.
  2. The sets of supported trading tools.
  3. The quality of the support service.
  4. And several other essential factors.

These are the points that “Trader Union” focused on when they compiled the list of the best Forex brokers in 2021.


It is also noticed that the rating of the best broker also depends upon the” Union trade characteristics”. This is the accurate way to get the best rating list in the Forex market, and others can’t analyze the actual data.

Ways to select the best Forex broker:

If you are confused about selecting the best Forex broker, here are some essential points.

Be sure the broker you have selected is relevant to your goal as there are different Forex brokers for different tasks. For example, the Forex trader will be different for trading and investment.

Be very careful while choosing the broker, and always choose the one who has the appropriate rating.

You can have your brokerage account and invest in it.

The broker you will select should have been licensed in your state.

You should thoroughly read the trading condition before choosing the Forex trader.

5 Best Forex Brokers 2021:

1. RoboForex

RoboForex is at the top of the list of best Forex traders 2021. This company was established in 2009. RoboForex offers its service to financial markets in 169 countries. The leading software developers of the Forex industry is represented by their clients and customers (3.5 million). RoboForex has a good reputation as a financial market expert. RoboForex is a trustworthy company and got multiple prestigious awards.

Pros of RoboForex

  • RoboForex offers your favourable trading term at a minimum budget.
  • It has a unique idea of investment (CopyFx)
  • The best thing about RoboForex is that the highest affiliate payments start from $5 per lot.
  • RoboForex gives ease to their customers with an easy, fun withdrawal system.

Cons of RoboForex

  • It allows a minimum deposit of $10.
  • RoboForex lacks cryptocurrency tools, for example, when customers trade on the R Trader platform.

2. Forex4you

This company holds the second position in the list of best Forex traders. Forex4you was founded in 2007. The best thing about this company is that it provides both active and passive trading activities in the Forex market. Forex4you has received multiple nominations for awards, for example; ‘Forex Broker of the Year’ and ‘Best Service Quality’ nomination.

Pros of Forex4you:

  • Forex4you offers one of the best trading features for novice traders.
  • There is not any restriction on algorithmic trading.
  • Forex4you allows passive income by social trading platforms.
  • They offer a minimal withdrawal of 2 cents.

Cons of Forex4you:

  • The disadvantage of Forex4you is that there is not any МТ5 platform.
  • Forex4you has a poor customer support system.

3. Exness

Exness company is at number three on the Forex trading list. It was established in 2008. Broker’s activity is under the Nymstar limited. In Forex trading, the broker has the main hold. The total monthly revenue of this company is USD 325.8 billion. Exness offers multiple options of opening accounts as per the need of the traders.

Pros of Exness:

  • Exness allows free VPS hosting.
  • They offer instant transaction
  • Exness allows multiple accounts
  • Unlike Forex4you, this company allows MT4 and MT5

Cons of Exness:

  • Exness have a poor customer support system.
  • The Exness Training section is only limited to the English language.

4. Admiral Markets

The Admiral Markets broker company has got the fourth position in the list of best Forex trading list. This company was founded in 2001. This company is working in more than 40 countries with a budget of USD 40 billion. Admiral Market offers a lifetime license that the Federal Financial Markets Service issues.

Pros of Admiral Markets:

  • This company provides Professional legal protection to their customers.
  • Unlike Exness, this company offer a wide range of training material.
  • Like other companies, Admiral Market also offers a quick withdrawal system.

Cons of Admiral Markets:

  • Admiral Market lacks the relevant news material.
  • This company do not offer multiple trading sessions.
  • Unlike other companies, this company charge high commissions while trading.

5. FxPro

FxPro held the fifth position in the list of best Forex trading. This company was registered in 2006.FxPro activities are licensed by financial regulators: CySEC (Cyprus), Bahamian SCB, FCA (UK), and South African FSB.

FxPro is working in more than 170 countries. This company have won more than 70 awards, for example; “Best Forex Trading Platform”, and “Best Trading Platform”.

Pros of FxPro:

  • FxPro offers a high-security system to protect accounts.
  • This company offers funds like; investor compensation fund, and clients’ funds.
  • One of the best features of this company is that they offer trusted advisors in trading.
  • FxPro offers high authority customer support.

Cons of FxPro:

  • The negative point of FxPro is that they offer a minimum deposit is $100, which is relatively high for novice traders.
  • They do not offer the best registration method for the affiliate program.

Final Thought

In this blog, we have talked about the best Forex trading list of 2021. At first, RoboForx is best, at second Forex4you, at third Exness group, at fourth Admiral Markets UK and number five FxPro.

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