Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Which to Buy in 2022?

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X

Gamers consider headsets to be their primary weapon. When in a battle zone, no one can deny the importance of a good headset. The most important factor in selecting a good headset is its efficiency as the most comfortable of all. Many gamer dudes are always on the lookout for the “fairest of all,” so that the battle in the virtual world can become a reality with the help of a single device.

When it comes to the “hottest” headsets, Logitech is a household name. Logitech G Pro X and G Pro are new additions to Logitech’s ever-growing charisma. Both of these incredible headsets have already been welcomed as new masters among their competitors in gaming arenas.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the two of them. You can find out all the hottest features that set in between Logitech G Pro X vs. Logitech G Pro. Take a piece of paper and an uncapped pen, and begin taking notes for your fair decision.

Logitech G Pro XLogitech G Pro
Minimal design.
Blue Voice Mic technology.
Giant 50 mm Pro G drivers.
Positional sound.
Pro tuned EQ files.
Leather based ear pads.
Personalized EQ files.
Bass control.
Use of USB sound card for sound control.
Thin padding.
No USB dongle.
Microphone without blue voice technology.


Both headsets have the same outward appearance, with premium aluminum forks and steel headbands, which increases durability. Both headsets come with adjustable headbands that cover all of the major angles. Along with the original MPC braided cable, it comes with a splitter cable.

Although the Logitech G Pro looks similar to the latest beast, it lacks many of the advanced features found in its competitor. This has a single braided cable instead of the extra splinter cable. Even though the controls are located on the cable, the drivers are not as good as those found on the Logitech G Pro X. Rest of the design is similar to the most recent in terms of providing two types of pads for convenience.


The Logitech G Pro X has a simple but effective design. Head-pads that are extremely supportive can be found here. When it comes to adjustability, the G Pro X’s ear cups are designed in a unique way that allows them to rotate around the set position but not revolutionize. This new feature appears appealing enough because, thanks to the simple rotation procedure, you can quickly become accustomed to it. The headband and ear pads are designed in such a way that they exert no pressure, thanks to the minimalistic design.

The Logitech G Pro, on the other hand, has leather ear pads with an extra pair that makes it easy to adjust on the ears. The headset, once again, is designed to put no pressure on the ears. Because there is no rotation here, the “rotating area” appears to be missing. The presence of large ear cups contributes to its functionality by making it simple to fit it on ears in no time.


When it comes to performance, the Logitech G Pro X is the talk of the town in the tech world. The “Blue Voice Mic Technology” is a standout feature of the Logitech G Pro X. This feature is at the heart of G Pro X, providing you with crystal clear sound. Not only is it clearer, but it also has an adorable feature called advanced noise reduction. The pro X series’ noise reduction guarantees a “studio-like sound system.” As a result, you can consider transforming your gaming arena into a professional battleground with pro X. When compared to the Logitech G Pro, the Logitech G Pro X has a noise compression feature that is unique to this sound beast.


The Logitech G Pro X comes with the G hub software, which includes a variety of features ranging from sound adjustments to quality checks. The AM radio feature gives you a radio sound effect with crisp audio. A microphone test button has been added to the list of features. You can put the microphone to the test right here.

The microphone on the Logitech G Pro is detachable, but it detects numerous bass tones. When compared to the Pro X, the sound quality here is a little lower. These headsets become massive roaring beasts with the help of an amp.


If you’re curious about the new tech behemoth, read on. The competition between the Logitech G Pro X and the Logitech G Pro is straightforward. The Logitech G Pro X, as the most recent entry in the race for the best, completely dominates it with its super compatible design.

Apart from the design, it features cutting-edge technology that complements its operation. It is at the top of the headset race due to its simple yet easier modes of operation. The Logitech G Pro is loaded with features. It has a grand design as well as a grand way of putting it into action. If you’re a minimalist who prefers to keep things simple yet elegant, the Logitech G Pro X is the headset for you. Otherwise, the Logitech G Pro is always there to spice up your daily routine.

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