Logitech G403 Hero Vs G502 Hero: Which to Buy?

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Gaming peripheries are considered vital for the existence of a full-fledged gaming arena. It is believed that a fine source can provide you much benefit. The same principle works for the mice. They are the central part of gamer all basic weapons. The choice of an amazing mouse contributes to the overall adventure during gaming.

Logitech has stepped forward and brought two new models within the competing tech market. These two models are G403 and G502 respectively.

The innovation which was incorporated within these two models gets explained by the number of features they carry and the pattern in which they have been designed. Let’s have a look at their features.

Logitech G403 HeroLogitech G502 Hero
Minimalistic design.
RGB controls.
HERO 16K sensor.
Advanced DPI speed settings.
Trendy design.
USB support.
Advanced tracking speed.
Advanced DPI settings.
RGB 16.8 million combinations.
Not ambidextrous.
No slide wheel.
Not ambidextrous.


Both of the devices are designed in a very different manner. This becomes apparent just upon a single glance. G502 is pretty much bulky and trendy whereas G403 is minimalistic.

This difference becomes apparent in terms of the buttons that are located on the mouse. G502 has 11 buttons located on it whereas 6 buttons are located on it.

Both of the models are available in black color. The mice are not ambidextrous but can be operated right-handedly.


Logitech G502 supports GHUB which is the latest software brought into function by Logitech, hence several advanced controls are automatically unlocked over here.

G403 has Logitech Gaming Software which is an earlier but a fine version of software developed by Logitech Corporation. Both of these devices are supported by a USB connection which is quite favorable. Besides, G502 has advanced RGB controls with almost 16 million combinations.


Advanced DPI speed settings over here are the same for both of the devices since the sensor model is HERO 16K which means the fastest reporting and tracking speed. The tracking is quite smooth in G502 as compared to the rival.

The RGB controls provide innumerable color combinations within G502. The brightness adjustments over here are quite catchy and can be customized based on the 16.8 million available combinations of brightness. Though G403 is provided by advanced RGB features the combinations over there lag behind its rival. Apart from that, the acceleration rate is quite similar so there are a little or no differences in terms of tracking.


Logitech G403 has a quite suitable price originating somewhere between $30-$40. With several unique features and stable controls, the price seems quite convincing.

On the other hand, Logitech G502 with its advanced features has a much-elevated price lying at a premium range. But, the premium feature it offers justifies its premium cost.


With several appealing features and trendy designs, G502 stands tall as the winner of this battle. Many of its advanced controls are considered exceptional in terms of the performance it offers. However, the difference in price arises as a major hurdle for most of the gamers but the features it has are compensation on their own. Those who wonder at the budget stiffness can go for G403, for it offers amazing features at an amazing price.

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