Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? [8 Reasons]

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive

Gaming laptops are one of the most popular types of laptops on the market, and for good reason. They offer great performance for gaming, as well as other tasks like working on a project or doing schoolwork. However, not all gaming laptops are created equal. Some are more expensive than others, and there can be a lot of factors that contribute to why they’re so pricey.

If you are into gaming, you should probably know that gaming laptops come at a very high price. You will find gaming laptops ranging from around $1,000 to a whopping $4,000 or even more. Their high price is because of the custom design of their high-performance, lightweight hardware, which comes with solid fitness that can endure any stress.

Yet this high price might amaze you and leave you to keep wondering. So here we bring you the reasons why gaming laptops come at such a high price.

8 Reasons Why Gaming Laptops are Expensive

Gaming laptops are one of the most popular types of laptops on the market. They are typically very high-end, and can cost thousands of dollars. There are a few reasons why gaming laptops are so expensive.

1. Stronger Battery

Battery health is one of the major priorities for a full-time gamer. An average gaming laptop requires more power backup than general laptops. It suggests that gaming laptops need a better capacity of the battery to run for hours playing games.

And that is why the manufacturers of gaming laptops prioritize incorporating an excellent battery with the laptop. They ensure a battery with longer life and can sustain hours of gaming.

Thus comes an additional cost of producing larger batteries, which adds to the overall price of gaming laptops. It is essential to choose gaming laptops with strong battery.

2. The Expense of Custom Parts

One of the greatest challenges every gaming laptop manufacturer faces is the rarity of the components for gaming laptops that are interchangeable and compatible. As a result, they are pushed to manufacture chassis, motherboards, thermal solutions, and other parts with their own required custom designs that fit their product models.

And the requirement for redesigning these parts to accommodate the new models is also very high, with the arrival of new models in the market. In the case of laptops, a single size doesn’t fit all the models. And this whole process of adapting to the new technology in case of every new model is costly.

Compared to this, desktops can be upgraded with way less expense as producing standardized parts is easier. And the parts of the desktop do not need to be fitted with intricate precision inside the casing.

It allows the parts to go into bulk production without worrying about precision. Different parts from different manufacturers can be purchased, yet you can build a great desktop that you can’t do in the case of laptops.

3. Higher Specifications

As gaming laptops are manufactured dedicated to gaming only, these laptops stand out from any simple laptop. While operating a gaming laptop, you will find the specifications to be way more upgraded than the normal laptops.

And among these, some specifications can’t be left out for a better gaming experience. These higher specifications need additional cost, which is added to the overall pricing of the gaming laptops naturally.

4. Assembling and Testing

As the laptops are moved frequently, ensuring their solidness is something that the manufacturers strictly maintain. They test the ruggedness of the gaming laptops, unlike the desktops that do not require these to stay fixed in the same position.

Testing the performance, thermal solutions, and power efficiency are also very much needed for a greater gaming experience.

Also, the skilled technicians manually assemble various parts of the laptops as every part must be fitted with precision in the small chassis. Again, during the introduction of new models, these technicians need to learn the techniques for fitting the entirely new parts together to streamline the assembly process.

For all these things, so many technicians must be working at once. Hiring these technicians and training them is pretty expensive, which can be reflected in the price of your gaming laptops.

5. Expensive Cooling Solutions

Plenty of heat is emitted during gameplay by the computer’s CPU and GPU. If the heat is not properly regulated, the PC’s performance can be decreased due to thermal throttling. However, unlike desktops, where installing large heatsinks and fans, and liquid cooling are available options, laptops do not offer you anything like this.

As a result, the components have to fit precisely in the small chassis. This is why gaming laptop manufacturers come forward with expensive solutions for cooling. In the case of gaming laptops like Razer Blade 15, vapor cooling chambers are used.

You will find an aerodynamic system in Asus Zephyrus that opens the bottom portion of the laptop and gives 20% space more for airflow, which can significantly improve the airflow system.

6. Customized Accessories

Though customized accessories are not essential for a gaming laptop, they have been popularized in the realm of gaming these days. Also, the additional features that the customized accessories offer, can be comfortable for the gamers to use, and the gamers might find these pleasant overall.

These customized accessories make a laptop premium, both in use and look. Most gaming laptops come with customized accessories nowadays, and purchasing gaming laptops featuring these accessories, has become a trend among gamers.

Integrating Mechanical keyboards and RGB keyboards or customized keyboards for motherboard-specific uses makes the gaming experience way richer. And for these additional features, gaming laptops also stand out in terms of pricing.

7. Warranty and Support

Buying a gaming laptop is not just about the laptop alone, rather the money that you are paying is for the laptop’s warranty too. High-performing laptops generally come with a warranty of 3-years, which is covered in the cost.

As a result, the gamers are confident with their purchase as they can reach out to the manufacturers if anything happens to the laptop during this time and get it fixed or even replaced.

On the other hand, desktops are custom built, and different parts come from different manufacturers. As a result, the additional pricing for a warranty of the entire system is not needed, unlike laptops.

8. Advanced Technology

In the case of desktops, you have the flexibility to use cheaper components and upgrade them steadily over time. But if you want to upgrade your laptops, you are mostly limited to only the storage and RAM.

As a result, while purchasing their new gaming laptops, every game will look for the most upgraded technology in the device.

You can play the latest game without any obstacles if you have the most advanced technology on your gaming laptop. Also, the laptop will serve longer if you have the most advanced tech for it. And the expense for new technology exceeds the ones for older technology on any given day,due to its greater features.


Gaming laptops are one of the most advanced versions of laptops, specially built for full-time gaming. Their custom parts, requirement for skilled manual testing, assembly, and many other things make their expense very high compared to normal desktops and laptops.

But, if you are a full-time gamer and passionate about gaming, then going for an advanced gaming laptop is always worth the expense.