iPad 10 vs Galaxy Tab S8: Which is Better?

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With an updated design and a significant increase in price, Apple’s entry level iPad has always been an excellent value. But is it comparable to Samsung’s Tab S8?

iPad (10th Gen)

iPad 10 was launched in October 2022, and I think it is great but does not fall under the mid-range segment.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung’s smallest flagship tablet is fine, but it doesn’t live up to the premium experience of the larger models.


iPad 10 Design

There are many similarities between the two tablets, but they also have some important differences. The corners of both tablets are rounded, and the edges are squared off. There is a USB-C port on the iPad 10 and the Tab S8. However, the iPad 10 has a 2.0 port, while the Tab S8 has a 3.2 port, which supports faster speeds of data transfer.

There are four speaker grilles on both tablet devices, but the Tab S8 actually has four speakers, whereas the iPad 10 only has two. If you listen to both audio systems side by side, you will notice that the Tab S8 has a better audio system, the AKG tuned speakers produce sound that is fuller, warmer and has more presence.

Both tablets now utilize a fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication, and in both cases, the fingerprint sensor is integrated into the power button on the tablet. And it’s worked really well for me.

There is a Micro SD card slot on the Tab S8, so you can expand the internal storage by up to 1TB if you wish.


Galaxy Tab S8 Display

The two displays are very similar in size, with 11-inches on the Tab S8 and 10.9-inches on the iPad 10. The iPad 10 has a 60Hz display versus the Tab S8’s 120Hz display. The Tab S8 is going to offer a smoother experience when it comes to animations, scrolling, and navigating around the homepage and settings as well.

In addition, the Tab S8 has a slightly higher resolution of 1600×2560 versus 1640×2360, as well as a slightly higher pixel density of 274 versus 264. In general, I think the Tab S8 display has better image quality.

It is also worth noting that we are getting different aspect ratios on both tablets, which is going to be a matter of what you value the most. As a result, the iPad 10 has a 3:2 aspect ratio, whereas the Tab S8 has a 16:10 aspect ratio. Watching movies or videos on the Tab S8 will fill more of the display and give you a larger image, with smaller black bars at the top and bottom.

The way the displays are constructed is another important difference. As a result, the Tab S8 has a fully laminated display, which means that the display, the touch layer, and the cover glass are all fused together. The iPad 10 has an air gap between the display and the combination of cover glass and touch layer. The majority of the time, you won’t notice it unless you specifically look for it, such as when you watch movies, browse the web, or play games.

Stylus & Keyboard Cases

iPad 10 vs Galaxy Tab S8: Stylus & Keyboard Cases

The Tab S8 comes with a SPen, and the iPad 10 supports the first-generation Apple Pencil for an additional $100. The Apple Pencil has a firmer tip, and it feels like you’re drawing or writing on a single sheet of paper placed on a hard surface when it hits the glass. With a softer tip, the SPen feels like you’re writing on a pad of paper where the pages compress as you press. Overall, both work well, so it really comes down to which one feels better to you.

Beyond that, the overall user experience definitely favors the S Pen, and here’s why. In terms of pairing and charging, the SPen supports both wirelessly. Since it’s magnetically stored on the Tab S8, you’ll always have it with you. Apple upgraded the iPad 10’s port to USB-C, but the first generation Apple Pencil uses a Lightning connector. In order to pair and charge the Apple Pencil, you need a Lightning to USB-C adapter and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Again, it’s a clear win for the SPen when it comes to additional functionality. The Apple Pencil lacks a dedicated function button, hover indicator, and a variety of Bluetooth features.

In terms of keyboard cases with trackpads, the Tab S8 uses the Book Cover Keyboard and the iPad 10 uses the Magic Keyboard Folio. Both have a similar design with a detachable keyboard and an adjustable back. It also has a bump out for the SPen, so it’s always protected.

In addition, the Magic Keyboard Folio is more solidly built and has larger, better keys and a bigger, more responsive and more accurate trackpad. In addition, the Magic Keyboard Folio’s keyboard can be detached, flipped, and reattached. In this way, the keys are not exposed when you fold it back.


iPad 10 Camera

When we look at the camera systems, the Tab S8 has a 13-MP rear facing camera versus 12-MP on the iPad. Both tablets have a 12-MP ultra-wide camera, which is located in the center of the long edge. The Tab S8 supports 4K/60FPS versus 1080p/60FPS on the iPad.


Apple A14 Bionic vs Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

The iPad 10 is powered by the A14 Bionic vs Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 on Galaxy Tab S8.. In benchmark tests, the iPad 10 outperforms the Tab S8 for single-core, multi-core, and GPU performance.

In real life, both tablets use very powerful mobile chipsets, so they’re able to run any app I tried. The iPad 10 has 4GB of RAM compared to the Tab S8’s 8GB.

With the iPad, you can run two apps in split view, plus additional apps in a slide over window. Tab S8 can run three tiled apps with more flexibility when it comes to real estate allocation.

If you’re looking for a laptop replacement, the Tab S8 has a feature called DEX. The tablet is essentially rebooted with an OS that looks very similar to a laptop. When it comes to replacing a laptop, the Tab S8 is an easy choice.

Pricing & Conclusion

Galaxy Tab S8 Better Value For Money

The configuration options and pricing show some extremely important differences. Because Apple and Samsung store prices are more standardized, I’m using them, but Amazon usually has better prices.

The iPad 10 starts at $449 with 64GB of internal storage, while the Tab S8 sells for $599 with 128GB. In other words, if you get both base models, you’re paying $150 more for double the storage. You’re getting a free SPen with a Tab S8, but you’re paying $100 for the first-generation Apple Pencil.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Latest Price
iPad 10 Latest Price

I would also seriously consider whether 64GB is enough for a device that could last you 5-7 years. If you’re only streaming content or surfing the web and using a few smaller apps, then no problem. However, I was already unable to update iPad OS due to PUBG, Genshin Impact, and a few other apps. When we look at the 256GB versions, the iPad 10 now costs $599 versus $649 on the Tab S8, so the gap is really shrinking.

With Tab S8, you can easily add up to 1TB internal storage for under $100, and you have so much more flexibility when itcomes to larger apps, games, and file storage. I was really hoping that the iPad 10 would start with 128GB and then go up to 256GB/512GB.

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