The 20 Best Space Games on PC

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Space games have been a mainstay of the gaming industry for a long time, keeping players interested with their big, immersive worlds and exciting gameplay. There is a space game for everyone, from fast-paced first-person shooters to strategic space simulations. Technology advancements have made these games even more lifelike and visually stunning. There are many fantastic space games available to choose from, whether you prefer playing on a PC, PS, or Xbox.

1. Star Citizen

This game will be the best space simulator in history, if, of course, it is finally released. Since 2011, Cloud Imperium Games has promised a huge open world in which you can both take part in epic space battles and complete individual missions on the surface of planets. During the crowdfunding campaign, developers have already raised hundreds of millions of dollars, but none of the promises as of 2020 have yet been fully fulfilled.

2. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program – the most detailed simulator of construction, launch (and, usually, a grandiose disaster) of a spacecraft. It features great realism and detail, thanks to which NASA uses it for educational school programs.

3. Space Engineers

In this simulator, we have to create various spaceships and entire stations in order to extract the resources necessary for survival and development with their help. At the same time, we are allowed to manage a single engineer, who must build and maintain all these structures.

4. Universe Sandbox

A small, but very detailed simulator of the behavior of various space objects, allowing you to throw your own system of stars, planets, asteroids, etc. and see how this system will behave taking into account the laws of physics. Great for weak PCs.

5. X Rebirth

A series of economic simulation games released since 1999 by the German studio Egosoft. The plot is present in the games of the series, but it takes little time compared to trading, upgrading a ship (or buying a new one) and fighting piracy (although you can trample on yourself).

6. FTL: Faster Than Light

In this game, we are given a ship that must overcome several sectors of the galaxy. To solve the problems that arise during the trip, you have to control various systems of the ship and give orders to the crew members. The “trick” of the game is simplified graphics in the style of a roguelike. The plot is played quickly, but each achievement unlocks new ships.

7. PULSAR: Lost Colony

PULSAR: Lost Colony is another long-term kickstarter that has been reduced to at least Early Access since 2013. The game will explore procedurally generated galaxies, trade and fight in space.

8. Breathedge

Breathedge is an open space survival sim full of humor, references and easter eggs. After being wrecked in an asteroid field, the main character must collect resources, make tools, build a space base, as well as find out the causes of the disaster and deal with the offenders. A bit of a routine, but still addictive and incredibly funny game.

9. Empyrion – Galactic Survival

An open-world MMO simulator in which gamers can travel to planets, build bases and starships, fight in space and trade, master the laws of a hostile galaxy and try to take their place under the distant sun. The game boasts a wealth of gameplay mechanics and beautiful views of uncharted space.

10. Hardspace: Shipbreaker

A space scavenger simulator that travels through landfills and cuts spaceships to pieces. Hardspace: Shipbreaker features a realistic approach to gameplay, a large selection of contracts, flexible gear customization, advanced physics, and amazing replayability.

11. Mars Horizon

An educational strategy in which you lead one of the leading space agencies and take on the conquest of the solar system. The project is based on modern scientific research, and in a playful way offers to get acquainted with the realities of space exploration. This is a challenging yet addicting strategy manager in which you can try on the role of an agency director and lead the construction of the base, the dispatcher of the MCC and direct the spacecraft, and so on.

12. Interstellar Rift

Space in an open world with an emphasis on ship building and teamwork. Create your own starship and go to explore the galaxy, recruit friends and cope with the challenges of deep space together – you will troubleshoot, extract resources, as well as fight pirates and hostile alien life forms. Apart from the modest graphics, in other aspects Interstellar Rift is more than addictive game.

13. Rebel Galaxy

Here you’ll find folks who are dishonest, liars, thuggish, and thieves. This is a galaxy you can’t rely on. Take cautious when making transactions, since danger lurks in every star system. In Rebel Galaxy, you play a single-player space RPG that’s full of action and adventure. You assume control of the “Rasputin”, a spacecraft that isn’t in the best form it once was.

So you travel to this massive universe that has various stations you can dock to where you can buy parts. Go to the bar if you want to meet some shady people. Make deals with them if you think they’re good, or do the many missions that are put up on the mission board, such as escorting or defending a valuable object or ship.

14. Elite: Dangerous

With a little starship, you can go wherever you want and do anything you want in the Milky Way. Do you wish to explore this 400-billion-star system by yourself? Or will you join forces with your buddies to face off against a variety of threats?

Elite: Dangerous is a realistic space simulation. Because of this, there isn’t a story to follow. A modest spacecraft and a few credits are all you have to get started. Your next move will depend on what your priorities are: battle, trading, exploration or some sort of illicit business?

15. Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the end, what will you do? Vocations you make will either bring Light or Darkness into your life. Who are you? In this interactive Star Wars MMORPG, it’s all up to you. Every BioWare game immerses you in a world where decisions must be taken. They have an impact on your story. Decide which side you’ll take through your actions. You have eight classes you can choose from, four classes from the Republic and four from the Empire. Once you do that and finish creating your character, you set out on a story-driven world which you can even play as a single-player game.

16. Star Trek Online

A new approach to immerse yourself in the Star Trek universe Become a captain and customize your ship and crew. Investigate star systems, embark on missions, and discover new life forms. It’s up to you, captain, to decide.

You can control your spacecraft and crew in Star Trek: Online, a free-to-play online role-playing game (MMORPG). 3 fighting factions and a variety of races, each with their own traits, are available for you to choose from! The United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Republic are the three factions.

17. Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

A malfunctioning hyperdrive sends you 35 years into the future, to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, where you find yourself. As a well-known interstellar hero, you must battle an alien armada that is causing havoc among several races. Single player space RPG Galaxy on Fire 2 allows exploration of over 20 solar systems with 100 space stations and more than 30 customizable vessels.

The main story is not that long but there are a lot of side quests you can do which can be found at space stations. Trading is pretty good and complex. It has over 170 commodities. Graphics are good and the soundtrack is nice to listen to.

18. Starsector

Stuck 6000 light years from Earth, you must set out and begin a new space life. What choices will you make to survive in this procedurally generated sector? Will you live as a bounty hunter, a trader, or a smuggler? The choice is yours.

Starsector is an open-world, single-player, top-down space RPG currently in-development. Choose from one of the roles available and begin your journey as a trader, a smuggler or a bounty hunter. Customize your ship and set up your own fleet to use in your many 2D space battles. Combat is a fascinating subject.

As a result, you need to be strategic, as each mistake you make could lead to your demise. Using the Blink ability, you can move behind an enemy who is holding up his shield, doing critical damage. Using a proper blend of missiles and lasers is also helpful in this regard.

19. EVE Online

New Eden is a gigantic galaxy where you’ll find yourself on one of the most remarkable journeys you’ll ever have! The galaxy is your oyster. Fight, trade, mine, and explore as you choose! Every decision you make has an impact on the entire cosmos.

Science-fiction MMORPG EVE Online takes place in a cosmos with more than 7000 star systems and thousands of players. Spend some time customizing your spaceship before venturing into this unpredictable environment and taking part in the massive space conflicts that occur periodically. Playing this game will require lots of dedication. But it is so amazing. If you join the alliances and work together with other players it becomes an incredible experience.

20. No Man’s Sky

Exploration and survival are the focus of No Man’s Sky, a sci-fi game about a dynamically created cosmos. Be the first to discover and settle on new worlds that no one has ever seen before! A sense of scale is what this game is trying to convey.

Even though it’s a single-player game, the cloud connection allows other players to see the planets you’ve named in the cloud. Everyone will be randomly spawned on one of the many beautiful procedurally generated planets, thus it will be extremely difficult to meet anyone in the game.

This is not about a multiplayer experience, an experience to fly together with your friends. It’s an experience that is supposed to make you feel how big everything is, and how far you are from your friends. You will have the many things other space MMOs have, such as the ability to be a trader, an explorer or a fighter. The game lets you be what you want. But it is ultimately a single-player game, and a huge one at that.

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