Redmi K20 Vs Realme X: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Both phone is different than each other. while both are the first choice in their respective price tags. let compare this phone side by side. and see who is better.


The build the redmi k 20 has that glass build with a holographic back. It looks different, it looks unique. The realme x looks good too, with that gradient and all that but this back is plastic.

The redmi also got that p2i coating. So when it comes to build. I’m gonna have to go with the redmi.


Moving on to the display the redmi has a 6.53 inch display a little larger than the one found on the redmi. Both these panels are AMOLED and neither has a notch so there’s nothing between them. Consuming media on either device should be good. So from a display standpoint, the real me x has an edge because it’s larger.

While it’s true that the real me x does have a larger panel. From an overall media consumption standpoint, the k 20 edges are head. It’s got louder speakers and the headphone output is also good

Pop up camera

Both phones support motorized cameras to make their all-screen designs work. It’s a 16-megapixel sony IMX 471 with an f/2 lens on the real me x. Compared to a 20 megapixel f/2.2 on the redmi k20. Both cameras do well enough but the skin tones and the detail levels are a little better with the real me x. Whether it’s with regular images or portraits.


Both phones also have support for face unlock. And again the real me x happens to be much faster the k20. While we’re on the topic of security given the AMOLED panel. We’ve got in-display fingerprint scanners on both phones. Again the one on the real me access margin is faster. But guys these aren’t things you’re really gonna notice in day to day usage.


Underneath the hood and here’s where the k20 has an advantage that’s because it’s got the snapdragon 730 chip. Compared to snapdragon 710 on the realme x. There’s no competition here the k20 has the better soc, CPU, GPU, everything. It’s the newer and faster chip and this is reflected in both the synthetic benchmarks and intense use scenarios like gaming.

Well the real me x can run most games, the k 20 has better more stable frame rates in some scenarios given the beefier internals.


On to battery here we have a 4000 mah battery in k20. Compared to a 3765 mah battery on the realme x. Both phones do easily get you through a day on a single charge even with heavy use. But the k20 should last you about 10 percent longer. The real me x should charge faster though because it’s got support for vooc 3.0 that’s a charger that’s included in the box.

That is about 20 watts that’s compared to a 18 watt charger for the k 20.


The real me x is running on color os 6, while the k 20 is running on miui 10. Both built on top of Android 9. Both user interfaces are quite far from stock and come with their own customization options. They both happen to be snappy and given the strong hardware underneath both. These should make for a good experience.


As for cameras, both phones have similar primary sensors the 48 megapixels Sony IMX 586, is what’s on the real me x. It’s paired with the f 1.7 lenses. Whereas it’s the sony IMX 582, that’s on the k 20 that’s paired to the f 1.8 lenses.

Now the 582 and 586, there’s not a lot of difference between these two sensors. The detail levels are pretty similar but the image is shot with the realme x appear a little brighter at times. The realme x does come across as having punchier colors which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Now as far as detail in dynamic range go, they are more or less similar and a low-light both phones have dedicated night mode options. Realme implementation seems to do a little better here. The wider aperture also seems to help out the end result. Images shot with the realme are a little brighter. While having similar levels of detail.

The redmi k20 has two other sensors though, an ultra wide and a telephoto. This kind of gets you different perspectives the realme x cannot match these. These give the k 20 an advantage.

Both phones can do up to 4k at 30fps. Realme x again produces the brighter image. Detail wise they are evenly matched.


So overall if the $100 price diffrence, were realme priced at lower price and redmi on higher price and if its  something that you don’t mind paying. Then the k 20 makes sense it’s got the new chip, it’s got the better build, it’s got extra camera sensors.

But if you want to save some money the realme x offers a similar display with the pop-up camera. Better performance from the primary sensor and selfie cameras. 128 gigs of storage and book 3.0, the chip inside might not be as fast or as new but it should get most things done.

So there are the differences between the real me x and the redmi k20. So which of these two phones would you prefer?

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