Samsung S10e Vs iPhone XR: Which One is Better Flagship at $750?

I made this comparison thinking that I should compare the galaxy s10e to the iPhone 10xr. The reason why this should be a comparison against the iPhone XR. If your budget is $750 which entry-level flagship gives you most for your money.


This particular comparison is all about devices that aren’t at the top of the food chain. All you need to do is stack the galaxy s 10e against the iPhone XR for you to see a completely different approach.

While Apple believes that budget-minded consumers prefer larger phones. Samsung addresses the desire of many and offering a powerful flagship that can fit in your hand. The iPhone XR is 9 millimeters taller, 6 millimeters wider,4 millimeters thicker and a whopping 44 grams heavier. Both made of aluminum and glass.


When you compare displays the galaxy s 10e can cram a large 5.8-inch display into its footprint. While the added size of the iPhone doesn’t see its screen go beyond 6.1 inches. This is mainly due to the more advanced dynamic AMOLED panel on the s10e. When compared to the IPS LCD on the XR. The s10e also has more resolution at 1080p plus vs. A weird 828 p on the XR. 10e has an always-on display versus none. And don’t even get me started about the XR notch

Samsung’s infinity o display isn’t just far less intrusive but also has developed quite the cult following given its awesome wallpapers.


Both devices have dual firing speakers which are plenty loud I can’t say either one wins over the other. But the s10e includes a headphone jack. So I will give it the content consumption crown.


And if we jump into internals, this is another galaxy territory. While both do have their powerful 7-nanometer processors. But the galaxy s10e has doubled the ram, double the storage that’s also expandable. It has a better IP rating, has a slightly larger battery includes faster charging in the box. Supports the latest wi-fi standards has more LTE bands etc etc etc. Even if we were to measure authentication. Sure, the iPhone XR includes apple’s famous face id which is far more secure than Samsung’s face on lock. But those of you looking for a more conventional fingerprint scanner. The side-mounted option on the s10 is quite awesome.

When it comes to hardware, sure, the iPhone 10 r is no slouch but there is not one category where it defeats the galaxy s10e.


Now software is a different story that’s less quantifiable and more of a subjective matter of taste. Ios 12 may not be everyone’s cup of tea but buying an iPhone offers the significant value of not letting customers wait for software updates. It’s also easier to use for most consumers with a simple app launching paradigm. And one of the most complete ecosystems known in the tech industry.

On the other hand,  Samsung’s new One UI on top of Android 9 pie. If I had to pick between them I prefer androids a more flexible approach. With a launcher, you can fill with either apps or widgets or fully change altogether. I also have to praise Samsung’s new approach where buttons are now moved to the bottom for better one-handed use. I even love the fact that the edge menus are now supported on the s10e even without a curved display.

The only problem here is that Samsung has one of the worst track records when it comes to software updates.

I find one UI to be more logical from a user’s perspective but there are some things where ios shine. Like in not showing your notifications until your face is detected and where the galaxy still doesn’t offer this now.


Where the iPhone XR beats the pants out of the galaxy s10e is in battery life. See the s10e is good, you will get through the day. But then the XR has no problem in handling heavy use and giving you enough juice to start the next day if you have to.


But then we make the jump into the cameras and we once again returned into galaxy territory. And it’s not because it takes better photos than the XR. But instead, because it’s a more versatile camera. Colors are good on both with each device having its kick of hdr boosting the highlights and shadows and with some great results.

Where the s10e wins is in that added wide-angle lens giving you more epic shots whenever you need them. It also enables more accurate portraits with the advantage of either fully removing the background blurring or adding extra effects. And where the XR has some good results but you have to either pick portraits or not.


This also gives the s10e added benefit when doing video. Both devices are capable of 4k video at 60fps and other tricks and stabilization are great on either. The s10e just has the option of helping you switch to a wider lens when you need to. Which also enables a super steady video option at 1080p.

I also have to praise the s10e for its selfie video. Given its better crop and the option to record 4k video. Where the XR is still stuck at 1080p.

Even selfies, in general, are more pleasing on the s10e given the added resolution. The XR has the benefit of more accurate portraits but that’s really about it.


I think you can tell where the theme of this review is heading to.

The iPhone XR is not a bad phone. If you’re looking for a less expensive iPhone xs. This device hits a lot of buttons right for those of you looking for a smaller price tag. The problem is once you stack the XR against almost any android flagship even at lower-tier prices. The galaxy s10e is easier to handle has a far better display, better specifications. And it includes features in the camera that the XR can’t beat.

If your budget is around 750 dollars, this is honestly the better buy. Samsung is not just out to compete. But also when redefining how much you get for what you pay for.

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