Realme 5 Pro Vs Mi A3: Best Indian Mid Ranger to Consider?

The Realme 5 and the mi a3, both occupy a similar segment. So if you want to choose between these two which one’s better? What are the pros and cons of each phone? Well, that’s what we aim to find out in today’s review.

Build and Design

Let’s start with the build and design. The mi a3 feels better build. Now that’s thanks in large to the materials used. The a3 has a glass build while Realme 5 pro still sticks to plastic. That said both look nice the a3 has the shiny s-curve going for it. It looks attractive especially the way it reflects light. On the other hand, the diamond-cut design that realme is known for that’s what we find here with a realme 5 pro.

It’s attracted to as far as the form factors go the a3 is shorter narrower and slimmer than the real me five pro. It’s also the light of the tooth in hand, it’s more ergonomic feels more premium thanks to that gorilla glass 5. It is also less prone to scratches since again gorilla glass 5 right. So when it comes to building design I’m gonna have to give it to the mi a3.


Now if turn these phones around and you’d know why the a3 has the smaller form factor. That’s because it’s got a smaller display as well. Now both these phones have good displays each with their own set of pros and cons. What the a3 has going for it is the technology used. It’s super AMOLED so there are inky deep blacks and excellent contrast levels here. It’s also covered by corning’s gorilla glass 5 again compared to real me five pro gorilla glass 3 used. But there are a few areas where the a3 falls short, the a3 is displayed it only has an HD plus resolution while the realme 5 pro does full HD plus. The a3 display is also only 6 inches compared to the real me 5 through 6.3 inches. The notch on the 5 throws is also a tad bit small.

So if you want the punchy AMOLED with the newer gorilla glass 5. And are willing to go with our lower resolution and a smaller panel. Then the a3 might work for you but if not if you want a larger and sharper higher resolution screen. That is ips LCD and has the older gorilla glass 3 then the real me five pro would work for you. So I’m leaving this one to you guys here.


Both phones are powered by Qualcomm chipsets the a3 has a snapdragon 665 chip one that’s built on the 11-nanometer manufacturing process. While the realme 5 pro has the much more powerful 10 nanometers snapdragon 712 are. The a3 is available in 4/64 and 6/128 ram/storage options, well the realme 5 pro is available in 4/64,6/64,6/128 ram storage options. The snapdragon 712 is a class ahead as well when it comes to intense tasks like gaming the real me 5 pro will perform a little better. So it regards to raw performance it’s going to be the realme 5 pro all the way.


Next, let’s talk battery so both phones sport another capacity battery is 4030 mah. Now theoretically we’d expect the mi a3 to fare better, it’s got this smaller lower resolution AMOLED panel. It’s got a weaker chip but that might just not be the case here as we’ve seen in the review of the a3. Stock Android on it, it is in great at power optimization so the a3 does not perform as well as we expect it to.

Now I’ve not used the realme 5 pro long enough to judge its battery life but going by initial impressions it seems like the real me 5 pro should last at least 10 to 15 percent longer. And that’s thanks in large to how color os 6.0 handles the battery. Additionally, the five pro also gets points for supporting group 3.0 vooc charge that’s 20-watt fast charging proprietary.

Yes, but that also means the circuitry is moved to the charger and the phone doesn’t get hot while charging. You can also game and charge at the same time and the phone will still charge fast. And most importantly this move charger is included in the box, on the other hand, the a3 does support quick charge 3. So technically it can charge at up to 18 watts but it only shipped through the 10-watt charger in the box. So all this taken into account this round battery I’m going to give it to the Realme 5 pro.


Now next let’s move on to the software both phones run on android 9 pie. Well, the a3 runs on a stock version of it, realme five pro runs on a custom skin a little spilled on top of the android pie. Now color os has an app drawer it gets easy access to notification toggles. It’s got a lot of functionality baked in like pings and game space which helps enhance the gaming experience. On the other hand, the a3 runs on clean untouched android pie as I said now. That’s because it’s part of the android one program. And it is for this reason that it comes with no bloat and no ads despite being a xiaomi phone. This has FM radio support as well

There is face unlock to now I’m tempted to give this to the a3. But the real me five pro is overall the faster phone. Even with regular day-to-day stuff opening apps side by side and so on the realme 5 pro is faster to launch the apps. It’s smoother with regards to multitasking when you jump between two apps. So on now it’s not very much but it does seem to have a little bit of an edge so I’m gonna leave this to your personal preference.


The a3 sports a triple camera setup to the back while the real me 5 pro sports a quad-camera set up. Both share the same primary sensor a forty-eight-megapixel sony IMX-586. It’s paired with the f/1.7 lens on the five pro, f/1.79 lens on the a3 and the good lighting conditions bote cameras perform well. The real me is a little better with colors. The a3 has a green tinge to the side but the a3 is also not quite as saturated. It’s more realistic when you zoom in we notice two things one the real me has a bit more detail. And two software sharpening at play with the five pro but overall and a good light they are more or less on par.

There is a chroma boost option with realme that lets you crank up the saturation even more if you want to. Now under low-light, both phones have dedicated night modes remember despite the android one it is the miui camera app here on the a3. Now they both have different ways of processing the realme 5 pro goes for lower noise but smooth ends the image. The a3 sharpen gets higher detail but also higher noise sometimes, the noise gets really bad. But overall there are merits to both ways of going about it. It again boils down to personal preference here.

Wide Angle

Now then we have a wide-angle option as the secondary on both phones. The realme five pro has an 8 megapixel f/2.25 with a 119-degree field of view. The a3 has an 8 megapixel f/2.2 with a 118-degree field of view. The real nice camera here how does the a3 is the dynamic range is much better and so is the detail. Both phones have 2-megapixel depth sensors for portraits. And they seem to do a similarly good job more or less.

Not a lot between them here the realme 5 pro also has an additional ultra macro option. That the a3 lacks with this the 5 pr can get close to the subject. Now it’s only a 2-megapixel sensor so it doesn’t capture a lot of detail. But it does produce images that you can’t otherwise. Replicate with the primary sensor since cameras do not usually focus on that close.


Videos both phones can shoot at up to 4k 30fps but the a3 colors seem a bit washed out. The phone has stabilization at this resolution at 1080p. Both phones have electronic stabilization the 5 pro seems to do a better job with colors with detail and stability. The video both phones can capture 1080p video via the selfie camera.


Let’s break it down what does the real me 5 pro have going for it. Well, it has the superior hardware, a higher resolution display, where a battery life faster charging dedicated MicroSD support. The faster the user interfaces more and better-implemented cameras along with that voice charger in the box. When the a3, on the other hand, has that glass built is more compact has an AMOLED panel and in the display. A fingerprint scanner sports stock android has an IR blaster and is the cheaper option.

So what’s my word date well if stock android is super important to you then the a3 might make sense. But remember you are taking head-on specs charging resolution in mode. But if you are ok with color os then the realme 5 pro is the better option here. It is the better all along device. Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive and doesn’t have an IR blaster, that in-display fingerprint scanner or a class belt. But realme more than made up for it with everything else that they’ve offered. Like, put the vooc charger in a box, the quad cameras, the snapdragon 712, the high-resolution display, the battery life, etc. So there you have it my take on the realme 5 pro versus the mi a3.