Samsung Galaxy A50 vs A70: Which is a Better Choice?

A70 vs A50

Today, I am comparing – Samsung Galaxy A50 vs A70. This article will help you decide which one is best to buy.

Samsung Galaxy A50


Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 9610 Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
64 GB Storage 128 GB
25MP + 5MP + 8MP Camera 32MP + 8MP + 5MP
4000 mAh Battery 4500 mAh
6.4″ (16.26 cm) Display 6.7″ (17.02 cm)
4 GB Ram 6 GB
Android v9.0 (Pie) Operating System Android v9.0 (Pie)
Mali-G72 MP3 Graphics Adreno 612
6.4 inches (16.26 cm) Screen Size 6.7 inches (17.02 cm)

Galaxy A50 vs A70


Samsung Galaxy A50:

At the outside, the Galaxy A50 is a gorgeous looking device. If you flip it over to the back, you’ve got this really nice metallic finish. I have a blue color. It’s also available in white that almost looks identical to galaxy S10 plus.

The galaxy A50 is built rather well, it’s only 7.7 millimeters in terms of thickness and the back of the phone is a glass back which curves into the edges of the device, which give a really good fit in the hand and the phone feels it rather comfortable while holding it.

The front is mostly displayed and the camera is housed in an infinity U notch. The front has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and a version of hardened glass is used on the back of the phone as well.

Overall, the phone looks good and is built very well with no shake or rattle and not easy to bend at all.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

The galaxy A70 is not a small phone. However, it’s surprisingly thin for how large it is. The bezels are thin all around. Although the bottom one is thicker than the rest. The notch is small and in contrast with the large screen, you barely notice it.

The plastic back which Samsung called Glastic has a rainbow gradient when it catches the light. It looks a little like the colors you’ll see from oil spilled on what asphalt. There’s also the main triple camera setup.

The buttons are nice and clicky and they’re placed in a more intuitive position than the S10 series. However, the phone is still pretty wide and One UI helps a lot, it’s not the easiest to use one-handed.

The Galaxy A70 collects fingerprints pretty easily but while they’re noticeable the phone doesn’t turn into an oil slick. It tends to be a little slippery but it’s not like a bar of soap, unlike some phones.


Samsung Galaxy A50:

The front is entirely a display and you get a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display with the 19.5:9 aspect ratio. This display is really gorgeous, it’s bright and vivid, it’s easy to view indoors as well as outdoors and you have great viewing angles. There’s a good amount of color and deep levels of black and if you don’t like the color profile set by Samsung you can also jump into the settings and adjust the screen mode and adjust the color temperatures as per your requirement.

This display is great for watching content, viewing videos or even gaming. You can’t ask for a better display at this price with the 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution. The only next update would be a 2k display which we don’t see happening in the near future, especially at this price.

The display also houses an in-display fingerprint sensor. This is not the same fingerprint sensor that you see on the Galaxy S10 or S10 plus, it’s not an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, it’s one of those that you see more on the Oneplus 6T and on this device it works well sometimes it does take a little bit of a time to recognize your finger and unlock it but the setup is quite easy. The overall process of the phone unlocking with the fingerprint sensor on the display is good. For those who want slightly less security, you can also use the face unlock which is included using the front-facing camera it’s not the safest and I would recommend that you stick to the fingerprint sensor or use a highly secure pin or pattern unlock.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

The 6.7 inch AMOLED is the biggest selling point of the Galaxy A70. This is the biggest OLED screen you’ll find in the mid-range galaxy lineup and even one of the biggest in Samsung’s lineup aside from the s10 plus 5g. Yeah it’s not quite HD like the s10 but it’s a really good display. It’s decently color accurate and vivid mode and it’s pretty much spot-on in normal mode.

There’s a face unlock option and an optical fingerprint reader. If you get used to where it is you can even unlock your phone without needing to turn on the display. This fingerprint felt a lot more responsive and accurate than the A50.

Brightness gets up to 407 nits, if you bring it up manually and if you’re in auto mode it gets up to 607. So sunlight legibility is great too.

Galaxy A50 vs A70


Samsung Galaxy A50:

The galaxy A50 gets the Exynos 9610 octa-core chipset with 4 cores at 2.3 gigahertz and 4 cores at 1.6 gigahertz. You also get the Mali-g72 mp3 GPU. All of this translates to really good day to day performance, multitasking jumping between apps, and using basic applications is really good.

If you’re planning on gaming on this device, you will be thoroughly surprised by the performance of the phone, not only is the display great for gaming but also the phone performs really well. Games like PUBG will run on high graphics with really good frame rates and you can also turn on HDR if that’s something that you want in your gaming experience.

I am testing out the 4GB + 64GB variant which performs really well as far as day-to-day usage and gaming is concerned. You can also get a 6GB variant if that’s something that you need but the additional RAM will only improve day to day multitasking and long-term usage and not as much improve your gaming experience or general app usage.

From a benchmark standpoint in comparison to devices like the Poco f1, the galaxy A50 does underperform but the optimization is done to the Exynos chip by Samsung and the usage of the new user interface is rather good and the performance from the device is also rather impressive. I found that the phone does not lag or stutter and the overall day-to-day performance remains consistent which then leads to satisfactory experience from the device.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

The galaxy A70 performed well. It was about 25% faster in tasks that required the CPU than the A50. However, the A50 was about 10 percent faster with graphics performance. This is pretty insignificant in day-to-day usage.


Samsung Galaxy A50:

The phone gets Android 9 out of the box along with the One UI 1.1. This is a really good user interface by Samsung and it’s clean, minimal, and some of the new designs including the Settings panel which now offers a dark mode is really clean and looks good on the AMOLED display.

You continue to get things like the Always-on display which replaces the need for a notification panel you can also customize this as per your requirements. You will also get Bixby by sliding towards the left of the home screen. Along with your usual set of Samsung applications, you also get Microsoft apps and a few apps including Daily hunt and Amazon which can be uninstalled if you don’t need them.

Samsung also offers the game launcher which allows you to individually customize games for performance and you can also focus on performance while you are using a game. You can also dismiss notifications or turn notifications off so that you don’t get interference while you’re playing games. This feature is really handy and works really well on the Samsung Galaxy A50 and again if you’re somebody who plays a lot of games on his phone to thoroughly enjoy this experience.

The phone also gets Samsung pay mini, it is missing a full-fledged Samsung pay app which I would have liked to see on the phone. You do get a whole host of Samsung applications and you also have a radio app for those who still listen to the radio on their phones you will need a headset to run this.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

This is probably the best One UI has felt on a non-flagship Samsung phone. Everything was quick the apps opened up fast, there were no stutters when switching to the multitasking menu and even opening up to outside by side didn’t cause any issues. Overall it was a very smooth experience, thanks enlarge to the snapdragon 675 chip.

It is still built on Android 9 and Samsung has basically refined the user experience a lot here. What’s worth mentioning is that Samsung has included Samsung pay, it lets us make digital payments via UPI and also lets us replace physical debit or credit cards.

It also has Samsung’s always-on display, so that’s a nice touch, of course, the other one UI staples like gestures and game launcher are also present.

Galaxy A50 vs A70


Samsung Galaxy A50:

The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers up a really good set of cameras. the front-facing camera is a 25-megapixel selfie camera. It’s got a good viewing angle and an f/2 aperture which means it will perform well in low-light environments. You also get a whole host of Beauty mods and a live focus feature that works really good on the galaxy.

Images come out consistently sharp and in-focus and the blurring of the background in the live focus mode is actually really good. You also get 1080p video which is only at 30 frames per second but the quality of the video and the overall color from the video looks really nice.

The main cameras utilized three sensors –

1. Standard – 25 MP – f/1.7

The first is a 25-megapixel sensor that offers up of F/1.7 aperture which means that low-light images should come out really sharp on this and which is what we saw consistently with the Galaxy A50.

The main camera also has face detect autofocus and this is what you will be primarily using if you use the auto mode on the phone. The phone also has a scene optimizer that automatically selects the best settings depending on what you are clicking a picture of. It works really well and gets the light color mostly all the time and we found it to perform consistently and deliver good results.

Images, in general, are really sharp and full of dynamic range and the focus is almost always on point when using the camera app in the auto mode. The phone also has a pro mode which allows you to customize only the ISO, white balance, and the exposure value compensation.

These are features that we’ve seen on higher-end devices, now coming to the A-series and working really well on this device.

The phone only captures 1080p video and in the settings panel despite there being an announcement for 2160 or 4k video, this phone does not offer that. The rear camera will only offer a full resolution of 2336 X 1080 pixels which is a beard size and I wouldn’t recommend using that.

2. Wideangle -8 MP – f/2.2

The standard sensor you get an 8 megapixel F 2.2 ultra-wide sensor. This performs great it has a 120 degree plus viewing angle which is almost identical to the human eye. So exactly what you see with your eyes is the exact frame that you can get on the phone. This works in the video as well as photographs and with an F/2.2 aperture, you won’t get the best low-light performance but it’s designed more for capturing landscapes or a group photo.

3. Depth – 5MP

This comes in handy for looking live focus pictures and that is basically the only function that this sensor has. It also helps the main sensor get things in focus when you are capturing photos in the auto mode. The phone also offers up slow-mo video and hyper-lapse which work great and look good on the device.

Overall, the camera performance of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is really impressive and you will really enjoy capturing images with this phone and they look amazing on the Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

The A70 triple camera setup features – 32-megapixel main sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a depth sensor. None of them have OIS.

By default, the phone shoots in 12 megapixels but you can go to settings and change it to 32 instead. However, in high-resolution mode, there’s no HDR and unfortunately, take a second or two longer to get your shot. The high-resolution mode, daylight shots aren’t bad.

In the default mode images are good but detail and sharpness aren’t the most impressive, we’ve seen on a mid-ranger. Colors and contrasts are quite good and that dynamic range is simply excellent.

The ultra-wide lens produces heavily distorted images still it fits a lot in the frame so it’s a small price to pay. Colors and contrasts are excellent and the dynamic range is improved by the auto HDR.

In low-light, the 32 megapixel photos are pretty bad. However, in default mode, it still has poor levels of detail without HDR the low-light photos tend to be overexposed. HDR fixes that but introduces a few issues of its own among which is uneven sharpness or extra softness.

Good light portraits are impressive with no abrupt transitions in the background separation. They’re not always perfect but even flagships make blender sometimes.

The front camera is also a 32-megapixel one and it too shoots 12-megapixel photos by default. Images are very detailed and have excellent colors.

The Galaxy A70 can record 4k videos at 30fps. They’re nicely detailed and have excellent contrast and dynamic range. Colors are accurate too but sadly there is no electronic stabilization. In Full HD, footage is great too clips are highly detailed sharp and with little noise. Naturally colors and dynamic range are as good as in 4k.

Overall Build

Samsung Galaxy A50:

The phone offers dual SIM card slots now these are dedicated slots and both of them offer VoLTE. There’s also a micro SD card expansion slot which can offer up to 512GB of expansion using micro SD cards. So in total, you can get upwards of 600GB on your phone while you are using the device which is great if you pick the 128GB storage option.

Phone calls are great and audio quality from the earpiece as well as the microphone going through the other side is also excellent. Noise cancellation works really well on this device and the overall audio experience during phone calls is impressive.

The phone does not heat up in tests that we conducted while gaming or while being on the phone for long periods of time. You can also intelligently switch data while you’re on a call so it will automatically transfer data settings to the other SIM card while you are receiving the call so that your messages and notifications continue to come through.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

My device is paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage and if you feel that’s not enough we also have a dedicated micro SD card slot for added expandability.

There’s a headphone jack on the bottom and sound isn’t bad but it’s not earning any bonus points either. In some markets, there’s also NFC for easier Bluetooth connectivity if your headphones aren’t wired and for things like Samsung pay.

There’s a tiny earpiece above the notch but it’s not used for anything except for calls or there’s no stereo speaker setup instead there’s a single downward-firing speaker. It has above-average loudness but isn’t particularly rich in terms of sound quality.

Galaxy A50 vs A70


Samsung Galaxy A50:

The phone uses a type-c connector and offers 15-watt fast charging for the 4000 milliamp-hour battery now this takes upwards of 1.5 hours to fully charge up the device. It doesn’t support wireless charging so you don’t get that feature which should be included now because Samsung has been including it in their flagships. With the 4000 milliamp-hour battery you can get a screen on time of upwards of six and a half to seven hours which is impressive.

Samsung Galaxy A70:

The A70 is packing a 4,500 mAh battery, unsurprisingly it got an impressive 103 hours on our battery life tests. It also includes a fast charger of 25 watts. It is faster than the S10 and you can get from 0 to 42% in 30 minutes of charging.

Speed Test

Here is the video of the speed test between – Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Samsung Galaxy A70. After watching this video, you will get to know which mobile is fast. It will also help you decide which one you should choose.

Video Courtesy By – Ramesh Bakotra

Which One You Should Buy?

Overall if you don’t want to upgrade just for the processor you can easily stick to the Samsung A50 and be done with it. But if you want a better processor with a marginally better camera then you can definitely go for the Samsung A70. Of course, other factors like bigger screen more megapixels on the main rear camera, bigger battery are other factors that add to the cost. But if the camera is the only concern then you won’t be missing much from the A70, if you decide to save some money and get the A50.

Samsung Galaxy A50


  • Solid build and stunning paintjob
  • Excellent 6.4″ AMOLED
  • Gaming-friendly Exynos 9610 chip
  • Versatile camera that does the job well during the day
  • Great portraits, nice selfies, excellent 1080p videos with stabilization
  • Dependable battery life


  • Lacks water-resistance
  • The speaker quality is poor
  • Unsatisfactory low-light camera performance
  • The detail in the daylight photos could have been higher
  • You need a third-party app for 4K video capturing

Samsung Galaxy A70


  • Bright, vivid, and large Super AMOLED
  • Triple card slot, audio jack, FM radio
  • Excellent battery life, USB-PD fast charging
  • Dependable performance
  • Consistently good camera experience in daylight
  • Very nice selfies
  • One UI is great


  • No ingress protection
  • Unimpressive low-light camera performance, no Night mode
  • No electronic video stabilization

samsung galaxy A50 vs A70