The Best Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Are you a Real Estate broker and/or agent? If so, you require a completely different set of marketing and advertising techniques to get business. As in these capacities, you will be dealing with properties that are not under your direct ownership, and you basically play the role of an intermediary, connecting the property owners and prospective clients. Obviously, your marketing strategies should be different from real estate companies. The right strategy in this regard will make it easier for real estate marketing products, and you can certainly expect higher revenues. Here come the tricks and tips that you need to consider to determine your marketing strategies.

The best ideas for Content and Video Marketing

Today, the online platform is the most effective medium to promote a product and/or a service. This is true for real estate marketing as well. The fact is, in today’s time, just like deals of any other services, real estate agents and brokers emphasize on promoting the properties online. Here, the best tricks to embrace are content marketing and video marketing techniques. Following the points that you need to consider:

  1. First and foremost, ensure that your marketing and content and video provide some valuable information to the target audience. For instance, come up with videos and content that guide the prospective tenants or the buyers about the rental or the purchase decision. Ensure that these contents and videos trigger visual interest among your target customers and drive them to respond to your call to action statement.
  2. Emphasize SEO: include the most relevant keywords, tags, and anchor texts that can produce better SEO rankings for your pages. Likewise, give your page a better mobile-responsive design that optimizes the ranking of your website on the search engines. The results will be the most fascinating ones.
  3. Post your marketing videos on Social Media: you must have embraced social media promotion. Now, you need to add more power to it with the marketing videos. These resources can attract the attention of the widest base of customers within the minimum time and enables you to secure a better engagement with the target audience. As for the content, you can come up with videos of the property, or your videos can feature the customer testimonials. Alternatively, you can use videos that promote the areas in and around your property. Besides, it will be really a great idea to Repurpose your marketing and advertising content. In doing so, you need to reduce the content size and reuse the relevant content in the most impacting manner. This can be done through resources like Webinars, Blog posts, eBooks, and Podcasts, to name a few. You can even customize the best video templates for promotion to come up with unique marketing content for your campaigns.

Optimize your business website for the best results

Optimize your business website and incorporate modern tools that generate and manages leads for your business. Come up with a separate mobile version of your website, and focus on giving the web traffic the finest user-experience on your site. As for the content, keep posting relevant and the latest real estate news as well as local news that the customers are likely to find relevant and important. Likewise, you should incorporate web tools that will enable you to produce more leads and handle the leads better. Take care that your website loads instantly, and the web traffic never faces any issues in navigating across your website.

Get the properties listed in the online classified advertising sites.

Online classified listing sites are the destinations that property seekers explore, while they seek for a property. As such, as a real estate agent or a broker, go about listing the properties in your portfolio, in these sites. This comes highly effective as well as an economical way to advertise the properties that you have to offer. This will keep generating leads for the properties, helping you to reach out to the widest base of customers within the minimum time. NO matter you are dealing with properties on rent or properties for upright sale, listing the properties over these sites certainly makes good sense. As a trick in this regard, while listing the properties, try to give as many descriptions possible and include photos and videos to display the property.

Email and SMS Marketing techniques are time tested classic

Though these marketing techniques have been in the market for a significant span of years, it still has retained its relevance. As such, you must come up with SMS and Email marketing campaigns to market and promote the properties in your portfolio. These campaigns can be made highly targeted, and the best thing is that your recipients will have the maximum chances to open your email and/or SMS. This way, you can expect to get the best response to your campaigns. Most importantly, these are effective yet economical marketing techniques.

Marketing through direct mails

A recently conducted research accounted for the fact that, on average, Direct Mail campaigns can produce a business of 2100 USD with an investment of 170 USD. This implies Direct mail campaigns come highly effective in promoting a product and/or a service, and still, the initial investment being reasonable, the return on investment is towards the optimum sides. Further, the following points account for the worthiness of this trick:

  • 40% of the recipient will feel like trying your products and services after they receive a mail from your side.
  • Around 60% of customers appreciate receiving direct mails from the brands that love and find relevant.
  • 56% of real estate brokers and agents review that direct mailing is the most suitable and effective form of marketing for their business.
  • Head to head comparison between email and direct mail campaigns suggests that direct mail campaigns get a 70% better response.

Combine all these tricks to come up with a compelling and impacting strategy that will enable you to market your business better.