NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Vs GTX 1660 Ti: Which One is Better?

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Vs GTX 1660 Ti
RTX 2080 TiGTX 1660 Ti
High fps 4K gaming on one card.
Leads ray tracing revolution in gaming.
USB-C connectivity.
Cuts the cruft.
Efficient and overclockable.
Good overall balance.
Extremely expensive.
Few initial ray tracing-supported games.
Only ties the GTX 1070.
RTX 2060 doesn’t cost much more.
What, only 12nm?


The presence of RTX 2080 Ti is intimation that GTX 1660 Ti will be facing a tough competition in the world of gaming. Yes, with the changing time and evolving technology we now withstand in the era where performance matters a lot. So, RTX 2080 Ti is clearly fulfilling the demands set up by people of 21st century.

Moreover, RTX 2080 Ti has proved itself as an alarming contender for GTX 1660 Ti and we will tell you in the upcoming words how both the GPUs are competing with each other.


Both of the graphic cards have almost 5 months gap between their official releases. NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti was released in September 2018, however, GTX 1660 Ti was made available to public in February 2019.

Well, if we talk about the price of two products then GTX 1660 Ti is priced at $279. However, RTX 2080 Ti is comparatively higher in price – you can avail this product for $1187.

This price may seem high at first glance but after comparing the specs and features of this wonderful technology with new rival – GTX 1660 Ti, you will certainly be able to comment a wise statement.


While talking about the performance then RTX 2080 Ti is faster by 75% for 1440p gaming. However, if you are into 1080p games then GTX 1660 Ti may suit you more. The reason for that is you are getting a GPU with ability to produce 60 frames per second.

Moreover, as per a general opinion by the gamers from all over the world, this price bracket suits them the most, instead of opting for the expensive RTX 2080 Ti.

So, after keeping all these points in view, a benchmark was attempted on both of these GPUs and the FPS results were pretty amazing. Here is the summary of benchmark outcomes:

Well, it is obvious from the above benchmark results of some flagship games that RTX 2080 Ti is beating GTX 1660 Ti with very commendable lead.

The main objective of the benchmark is to test both the GPUs at Ultra quality settings. In addition, RTX 2080 Ti has an edge of producing more FPS, both at 1080p and 1440p.

Moreover, RTX 2080 Ti performs 43% to 45% better than GTX 1660 Ti in the Ultrawide and 4k performances respectively.

Apart from gaming test result and benchmark, you can also compare the parameter of both the GPUs in terms of general performance. These parameters may include:

  • GPU core clock
  • Number of shaders
  • Semiconductor size
  • Texturing
  • Calculation speed

For example, the standard texture fill rate of RTX 2080 Ti varies around 420, while for GTX 1660 Ti it counts at 170. Furthermore, transistor count in the RTX 2080 Ti is about 18,600 million and 6,600 million in GTX 1660 Ti.

However, with the GPU core clock speed of 1350MHz, RTX 2080 Ti lags at behind the GTX 1660 Ti that stands at 1500MHz. Conversely, there is a difference of 250MHz in the GPU memory speed of both rivals – RTX 2080 Ti surpasses here.

Therefore, you can get an indirect performance overview from these parameters. But they may not give you accurate and precise results, so benchmarks are preferred in most of the cases.

You can now check the benchmarks for different rigs with the official App released by NVIDIA.


You can now check the benchmarks for different rigs with the official App released by NVIDIA.

RTX 2080 TIGTX 1660 TI
MEMORY BUS WIDTH352 bit192 bit

We can see here that RTX 2080 Ti has advantage over GTX 1660 Ti in majority of the specs. For instance, a lead of 17% in terms of effective memory speed is a huge win.

Moreover, you get a percentage increase of 113% max memory bandwidth in RTX 2080 Ti and that is just amazing.

While coming to RAM, RTX 2020 Ti wins again with 11GB memory, but GTX 1660 Ti only has 6GB of memory. So, more chances of running games smoothly with any kind of lag or memory shortage.

However, you may find some specs to be identical – As both the GPUs have HDMI output and are available at version 6 of GDDR memory.

We have also gathered some miscellanies features along with the main specs of the GPUs. The summary of those features is as follow:

RTX 2080 TIGTX 1660 TI
DirectX Version1212
OpenGL Version4.54.5
OpenCL Version21.2
Idle GPU Temp.31°C30°C
Load GPU Temp.77°C65°C
USB Type-CYesNo


After discussing all the benchmarks and specifications, we now withstand on two points before making a final word and those are:

  • Performance
  • Price

As far as performance is concerned then RTX 2020 Ti conquers every aspect of benchmarks and gives tremendous gaming results for both 4K and HD.

However, if your gaming demand is not more than 1080p then GTX 1660 Ti is more than enough for you and upgrading to RTX 2080 Ti may not be a better option.

Likewise, price of RTX 2020 Ti is considerably more but it will no doubt give you a stunning 4K experience with lots of interesting feature. Nevertheless, you always have an option of selecting the shaky GTX 1660 Ti if your pocket only allows you to encounter the HD result, while compromising the 4K dreams.