Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors

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Many people spend a considerable amount of time indoors breathing air pollutants, which the EPA has categorized as a severe health risk. To deal with this issue and improve your overall well-being, you need a good air quality monitor. In this article, we will look at the best air quality monitors in the market.  

1. Kaiterra Laser Egg +Chemical

Kaiterra Laser Egg +Chemical

Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Minimalist Design -Easily fits on the palm of your hand
  • Sleep settings
  • Specifications

The Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical measures and analyses temperature, humidity, fine dust, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). This unique device uses a laser particle detector to measure the particulates in the air. It calculates the air’s overall quality and displays it on the front screen while providing accurate data powered by its highly sensitive sensors. 

This air quality monitor comes in a 2.5 inch LCD that enables you to view the readings. Additionally, you can choose to view your readings on the display screen or your mobile device. The Kaiterra Laser Egg + Chemical works with other appliances like the Apple HomeKit to view your home and local air quality readings. It also supports Android smartphones and tablets. This device also comes with a weather forecast feature, which is a great addition.

2. Awair Glow C

Awair Glow C

Key Features

  • Customizable night light
  • Comes with a smart plug
  • Air quality status light
  • Smart Home integration
  • Feedback and tips to improve air quality

Awair has gained a reputation in air quality monitors by integrating smart technology, interior design, and functionality. The Awair Glow C tracks VOCs, humidity, and temperature. Once the air quality in your space becomes toxic, it triggers other devices to power on. You can easily integrate it to work with your iPhone or Android smart device to view your readings from anywhere. 

3. Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • LED lights to display the environmental conditions in your home
  • Easy to set up and install

The Footbot is an easy to use device that shows your room temperature, humidity, the precise number of toxins, VOCs, and fine particulates in the air. The Foobot is a sensitive monitor that easily connects directly with your mobile phone or any other smart device. One unique quality with the Foobot monitor is that you can tag events that led to abnormal spikes, and this device will send you tips on how to ensure that you breathe better quality air. This device also allows you to compare the air quality indoors and outdoors. Like the Awair, The Foobot has an app where you can view your readings from anywhere.

4. Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Key Features

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Feedback and tips for better air quality
  • Smart assistant integrations
  • Centralized controls – Works with both iOS and Android smart devices

The Awair Element is a favorite for its sleek modern design, which blends in seamlessly into any space. This air quality monitor measures the crucial elements in air quality: CO2, VOCs, PM2.5, temperature, and humidity. It provides these measurements in real-time, which you can access via the Awair app. You will also receive feedback, tracking, and tips to improve the quality of air indoor space. The monitor is compatible with Alexa and Google Assitant, giving you the flexibility to control your home’s air quality via voice command.  

5. Airthings Wave Plus

Airthings Wave Plus

Key Features

  • Radon Detection
  • Quick and clear results
  • Smart Home integration – Easy Integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • Intuitive app platform

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this award-winning smart air quality monitor. It is a unique design that detects radon, one of the most harmful indoor air pollutants. It provides incredibly accurate and reliable data on the presence of radon in a room. It also tracks the levels of carbon dioxide and VOCs. Another unique feature is the quick results you get when you automatically wave your hand in front of the unit. The device responds by providing a color-coded indication of the overall air quality. The only downside is that it only connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi.  

6. Atmotube Pro Air Quality Monitor

Atmotube Pro Air Quality Monitor

Key Features

  • Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Real-time air pollution measurement
  • Sleek design
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-in weather station
  • A user-friendly mobile app is available for both iOS and smart Android devices

This portable air quality monitor comes in a neat, sleek design and features highly advanced sensors to keep air quality in your home in check. This feature allows it to detect different air particulates from ultrafine particles (PM1) to medium particles (PM 2.5) and PM10 like dust, pollen, and mold spores. VOCs and harmful gases are also easily detected by this monitor. The best thing about this monitor is that it is wearable for easy movement. Simply hook it securely to your bag or belt, and you can move around with it to monitor the air in or outside your home or office. It has a dedicated app that sends you notifications when the air around you becomes unsafe. This app also includes a Global Air Quality Map, which we found as a unique addition.

7. EG Air Quality Monitor

EG Air Quality Monitor

Key Features

  • Real-time measurements
  • LED Display

If you are budget-conscious, this may be the ideal option for you. The EG is a professional grade portable monitor that accurately provides data at a glance. It assesses natural and synthetic VOCs and fine dust particulate in the air. You can also connect it to your phone, allowing you to save your air quality data. This feature will help you track the changes in the air quality over time. It comes with an inbuilt fan that quickly draws in ambient air for real-time measurements. This device, however, does not connect to other smart home devices like its other counterparts.  


It’s important to measure the air quality in your home because without this, you may be breathing in pollutants without knowing. Check if your eyes, nose, and throat get irritation and headaches, dizziness, and general fatigue. According to, while having one of the devices in this list will help, working with a professional testing service will be a better option as you also get to know where the problem originated, and how to best treat and prevent it.

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