How to easily Create Branded Videos

You will be amazed to know that eight out of ten people decide about their purchase post watching a video. As per VideoStream, more than 45% of people spend a minimum of one hour on Facebook or other social media channels.

We all will agree that video is one of the most critical parts of a marketing channel. Video is one of the most potent tools which evoke emotion, information, and much more. Video content popularity has skyrocketed in recent times. Do you know that as per an estimate by the Cisco Visual Networking Index, a human being will take a minimum of five million years to watch all the videos generated by 2021?

Thus, let’s have a look at how to create easily branded videos –

  • Re-Think your Objective – The first step in creating branded videos is zeroing on your objective. It would help if you decided what your video is aimed to convey. Are you making a video to create awareness, share your new launch, or just create an entertainment piece? Having a clear objective will help you immensely whenever you are facing any confusion in your video. While the objective is being decided, it is equally important to think about your video’s purpose. A video is always well received when it has generated curiosity in the mind of the audience. Thus, make sure that you can create some interest with your video, then only your video will be well received and even recognized.
  • Identify your audience – This is also quite important and practical at the same time. Identifying your audience will help you in creating a targeted video. With a specific audience in your mind, you will deliver a crisp message to the target group.

  • Use only Branded assets – Once you are clear about what you are aiming to put in your video, this is the time to decide your video’s inputs. Use only branded pictures and clippings for your video. Try to add a logo to give your video instant recognition. Click to read more.
  • While Outsourcing – In case you are planning on outsourcing your video, then you must go for a trusted video maker. Rather than his presentation, have a look at their past portfolio. This will help you to understand the kind of work which they deliver. Also, talk to them and convey to them clearly what you are looking for. In case you have any confusion, then inform them. Ask for their suggestion because they are pro in this field.
  • Pre Production – Most of the video makers tend to ignore the pre-production part. But that is also equally important. You won’t believe it, but if proper attention is paid to the pre-production part, post-production would never be that difficult. Instead, it will be relatively smooth and fast.
  • Editing – Editing is one of the essential parts of your video. Editing is not only targeted towards your video. Instead, try to edit the audio or text part of the video as well. Some of the well-remembered videos are those that are crisp and short. A video must be self-explanatory with minimum text and audio. Also, make sure that anything beyond 15 seconds is not appreciated. Thus, editing has a huge role to play in delivering a well done branded video.
  • Make the video realistic – In today’s world, realistic things have a huge impact. Thus, make your video as real and grounded as possible. There are no points in providing content that is superficial and not meant for the targeted audience. Ensure that the words or text used in the video are clear and understandable for the targeted people.
  • Personal Touch – A video is well conveyed or well-received when an element of personal touch is added to the video. Try to add some human elements. Videos with testimonials are well appreciated. Try some aspects of personal touch, it is a must to be included in your videos. While you are looking to add text to a video online make sure that the same is done with a high level of precision and accuracy. And try to add any creative text handwriting here. Use the one which will be relevant to your audience. Click here now.
  • Engagement Factor – It is imperative to keep the audience engaged in your video. And for this, a video must be either informative or entertaining. Adding humor to your video will make it much more attractive. But make sure that the humor is well-timed, and it does not go over the top.

  • The ending is essential – If you remember some of the classic videos, you will realize that the video’s end is quite important. When conveyed in the end, the message or the information of the video delivers a powerful message. So, it’s of prime importance that the video’s ending needs to be crisp yet self-explanatory. You can also add your company name or logo at the end of the video. This is one of the most important steps in creating brand recognition. Have a look at some superb endings of a branded video to get an idea of the same.

Above given are some of the super easy ways to create a branded video. But before all this, having a fixed timeline is also equally important. A timeline will help you to stay targeted and avoid any deviations.

All of these might sound relatively easy, but in reality, they make a massive difference. Let us know in the comments down below if you agree with the steps for creating branded videos. Also, don’t forget to share your inputs on the same. We love to hear back from you.