How Electric Bikes Are Providing More Sustainable Transportation

Today’s commuters are getting ever more conscious about the ecological footprint attached to their transportation choices, and that’s evident in cities all across the country as investments are made in bike lanes and expanded mass transit. If you’re looking to keep control over your schedule without driving every day, electric bikes are a great way to invest in a more sustainable form of transportation that doesn’t require you to power through a fitness routine on your way to work.

Commuter Bikes and Sustainable Transportation

Choosing to cycle instead of drive has been a growing movement for decades, with roots back to the 1990s. For a long time, it had limited appeal because the intensity of a long-distance bike ride first thing in the morning was a hard sell for many workers, especially those whose jobs didn’t lend themselves to a change of clothes before the start of each shift. Since maintaining a commuting speed on a traditional bike required a lot of muscle power, activewear was almost a necessity for the journey in many locations. Still, cycling is a zero emissions form of transportation, and the material footprint of a bike is also a lot lower than that of a car, for a device whose lifespan is easily as long. Luckily, once there were widely available ebikes for commuting, the movement took off.

Electric Motor Assist Explained

So how does an electric beach cruiser or any other electric bike manage to propel you with a motor if it doesn’t produce emissions? Through the use of an electric motor. While it’s true that the electric motor needs a rechargeable battery to power it, dedicated eco-commuters can easily invest in a solar charger for the bike’s battery to ensure their cycle never needs to be powered up with electricity generated from fossil fuels. When you turn on the motor on a class 1 or 2 e-bike, it provides propulsion assistance while you pedal, up to that motor’s speed restriction. On larger e-bikes, you may not even need to pedal, but you might need a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. The regulations there vary a lot from state to statae.

Finding Your Commuter E-Bike

Electric bikes come in a range of body models, gear speeds, and sizes, so it’s not hard to find one that suits your needs. Many even have accessibly priced add-on accessories made by the bike’s designer and manufacturer. If you don’t know where to look locally, you can always check out e-bike companies online. Some companies even optimize their sales model for online orders. When you buy Sixthreezero electric bikes, for example, you get the chance to feel out the bike build and take it for a test ride before fully committing to the purchase. For more information about where you can buy one of their bikes under that program, all you need to do is check out the company’s website. It’s an easy way to make sure you’ve got everything right when committing to a new daily ride, and that makes deciding to go with an electric bike a very easy choice.