What Are The Top OKR Platforms To Use Today?

OKRs are a method to help businesses organize their goals and allow teams to create usable strategies to achieve the business’ overarching goals. OKRs are used to provide a reference point to help you evaluate your success versus what you set out to do in the first place. 

When discussing OKRs, this method is usually comprised of two key sections:

  • Objectives – A statement of what your business is trying to achieve
  • Key results – Quantitative and measurable outcome, usually with data or a numerical quantity that shows whether or not your business met the desired mark

Using OKRs in business can help companies effectively set goals, increase engagement and empowerment, measure team performance, improve transparency between those higher up the ladder and the employees, and create a sense of togetherness and accountability for the company’s wins and failures. 

Let’s see the best OKR platforms to use as a business and why they stand out against the rest. By choosing the best OKR platform for your unique company, you can help identify long-term goals, productive team members, effective marketing strategies, and the most efficient communication methods. 

Best OKR platforms to use 

Best for identifying goals – CultureAmp

This OKR platform helps your business connect the dots between performance and engagement, breaking down the high-performing individuals’ actions and seeing how they relate with insights through an employee’s time with the business. By seeing the relationship between how the top workers operate, you can set up common goals for your entire team.

Best for communication – Weekdone

Weekdone simplifies OKR goals, helping keep everyone on track, increase communication, and break down the OKR process to the basics. This OKR platform reduces the need for weekly meetings, providing the basis for online check-ins to get everyone on the same page. 

Best for measuring team performance – Timely

Timely helps you determine how long each task takes for your team to complete. Seeing what tasks require the most hours and manpower can help you create new temporary goals, like limiting your time responding to daily emails. This OKR platform also lets you measure performance against pre-set metrics to evaluate employee performance.

Best for feedback – SimpleOCR

SimpleOKR lets you inspire your team to help provide their unique skills to achieve one goal. This OKR platform lets you set OKR targets and provide performance reviews for each team member. 

Best OKR platform overall – Profit.co

Profit.co is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to help create and implement OKRs for your entire business. With an extremely easy and quick onboard process, Profit.co uses over 300 metrics to let you easily measure performance – it also lets you create your metrics for your unique business! Visit Profit.co to see just how easy it is to use and start your OKR process. 

When you visit Profit.co, you can use the Aligned OKRs to help get everyone in your business on the same page. This Aligned feature allows you to get in touch with every contributor to ensure all employees have the same goal in mind. 

Next time you visit Profit.co, check out the one-on-one meeting feature. This helpful additive lets you focus on outcomes, results, and measurable data when providing performance feedback. 

What is Profit.co?

When looking at the best OKR platforms to use, you may find that Profit.co is exactly what your company needs! Visit Profit.co to see why this company stands out against the rest, the products they offer, the pricing structure, and integrations on their website. 

Profit.co has a goal to help businesses create and measure metric-driven, objective-focused, attainable, and smart goals for their specific organization. By taking out the guesswork and the non-quantitative objectives for the future, Profit.co can help companies stay focused and driven.

When you visit Profit.co, you will see their ethos focuses on helping businesses stay focused, measure goals frequently, and celebrate achievement when goals are reached. 

One of the first questions when setting up an OKR for your business is the question of what the company wants to accomplish. What goals do you want to achieve? How soon do you want to achieve these goals? Profit.co can help you create these questions, helping with the first step to starting your OKR process. 

Profit.Co Product Overview

Some of the products offered when you visit Profit.co include OKR management, task management, employee engagement, and performance management.

OKR Management

The main tools of OKR management from Profit.co include strategic alignment, OKRs throughout the whole company from an individual to a corporate level, help with OKR creation, and watched OKRs. The main steps of OKR creation involve:

    1. Create an Objective – use default templates with pre-defined objectives
  • Set a Target Date
  1. Set Visibility – this feature lets you customize who can see your OKR in your company
  2. Alignment – Align your OKR with corporate, management, department, or shared OKRs

Task Management

When you visit Profit.co, you will see the task management section focuses on creating and prioritizing tasks, associating tasks with results, monitoring tasks, assigning tasks to employees, and visualizing the steps of achieving tasks. Profit.co lets you organize and schedule your tasks, prioritizing various tasks, and set deadlines to get your tasks accomplished.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement includes newsfeed, mentions, reactions, rewards, and awards dashboard. Rewarding employees who have accomplished their OKRs increases retention and improves satisfaction in the workplace. 

Performance Management

Next time you visit Profit.co for your business, check out the performance management section. This is where you will find the HR dashboard, self-review section, periodic reviews, and your company’s profit score. 


As you can see, Profit.co has numerous features that can help with your business’ OKRs in terms of goal setting, efficiency, employee satisfaction, company communication, and attainability. OKRs are an important part of engagement, achieving goals, and accountability when delegating and finishing tasks. 

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